Hexagram Twenty Two

P’i (Pro: Bee) – Symmetry

The fire at the foot of the mountain cannot be seen far off. Rowing the boat against the tide, one can make progress, but success comes slowly.

It is not that events are against the enquiry. Rather it is like a candle in a basket. Only a little light escapes. Therefore it is wise to work at small advances.

Becoming aware of the pattern of events is wisdom in the present season. Sew seeds in the spring, rest in the winter. Try to move with the needs of the time.

Observe the customs of seniors and defer radical action. Beauty and vision reside within, but are not yet widely known in the world. Opportunity will arise.

A certain amount of change is involved here, mostly in regard to how we see things. There is a brightness of attention in connection with some aspect of self or life that has never been so clearly seen before.

Meanwhile bring some refinement and skill to the situation. Be aware of the importance of presentation and small matters such as appearance.

Key words: Do not lose yourself in the IDEA of beauty. Nevertheless, let your light shine.

The Moving Lines.

1.Don’t let the favours offered you by others deflect you from your own best direction. Make you own way to your goal.

2.Don’t try to gild the lily. When meeting people, it is your quality as a person which will be remembered, not the trim of your beard or eyelashes.

3.Resplendent and sociable, the gaze of all are attracted. This is the path leading to success with no interventions if there is no loss of purpose.

4.Shining like snow to attract attention. Is it beauty or simplicity you follow? All things pass away except the truth that transcends time and change.

5.Despite appearance not being at its best, no harm comes. It is not appearance but what you are that counts in being accepted. Good fortune follows.

6. Implicit quality makes all connected with it share its grace. We do not need to ornament a rose. This has power to fulfil what is expected.


-Claude Stephen Boyer 2014-08-21 23:32:41

I really love your i-ching interpretations.

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