Mind and Movement

This is an extension and exploration of Carl Jung’s statement that an easy way to start a process of overcoming personal difficulties was to realise that the way forward is, “individually different… oftentimes the hands alone can fantasy; they model or draw figures that are quite foreign to the conscious mind”.

Jung carries on by saying, ““What then did these people do in order to achieve the progress which freed them? As far as I could see they did nothing but let things happen… The art of letting things happen, action in non action, letting go of oneself, as taught by Master Eckhart, became a key for me… The key is this: we must be able to let things happen in the psyche.”

Jung said we all have, as a natural part of a our resources – a spontaneous and self-regulatory source of healing – but he never explained clearly to the public how they could access it themselves. His method has remained largely clinical and in the hands of professional ‘Jungians’.

But those words lit a fuse in me that exploded into actually exploring and experiencing something completely “individually different” which completely transformed my life.

Of course I wanted to share what I found with others – but there was a problem – but people wanted to learn how to do it like someone teaching them Tai Chi moves, or dancing the waltz. But it is “individually different” – you cannot copy what someone else does for it arises spontaneously from within you.


Most people cannot believe that anything other than their own conscious decisions can cause movement and feeling – yet when we let go in sleep a deeper process takes over and produces deeply felt experience, movements and a real virtual reality. We call them dreams, and sometimes they break through into waking life – and what Jung was hinting at was the ability to allow the power that moves people in their dream to break through into consciousness.

Marie von Franz says regarding the dream process, “Gradually a wider and more mature personality emerges, and by degrees becomes effective and even visible to others. Since this psychic growth cannot be brought about by a conscious effort of will power, but happens involuntarily and naturally, it is in dreams frequently symbolised by the tree, whose slow, powerful, involuntary growth fulfils a definite pattern.”



I have tried to give a method and instructions regarding this way of working in my book Mind an Movement and also in Liberating the Body. But online I tried a different approach in LifeStream and also someone else’s experience in Water Wonderland and – People’s Experience of LifeStream. Finally I wrote how it happened to me in Life’s Little Secrets – I can’t help wanting to communicate.




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I think these are worthy endeavors. I appreciate you wanting to and being willing to share your exploration.

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