Love is never far away.
Sometimes it just seems to be
Like one of those beautiful creatures
That blends into the background.
Have you ever seen that?
Looking at trees and grass
And there is nothing there.
Then an ear flicks and
Suddenly there is a whole animal,
Sleek with the lines of its natural life,
Three dimensional.

Where did it come from?
Where was it hiding?

Love is just such a lovely animal,
Only apparent when it is moved,
And you move it against
The background of my life.
As still as it might have been
Now you can see it.

Be quiet and
Let it come to you slowly
As you hold out your hand.

For it is shy.
Like all wild things
It is urged by the tides of its nature.
Let your tide flow to it.
Speak softly to it,
For the sound of your voice,
The webs your words form
Call to that nature in it,
And it loves you.

Copyright ©2008 Tony Crisp

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