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Mood Moods It can be a frightening realisation to realise that nobody else creates the hell or heaven, the destructive moods we experience in life. Nobody else creates our love or smouldering vengefulness. We are alone in […] More Month Months Nearly all dreams mention month as a way of measuring or defining time. But occasionally it is a way of pointing to an actual memory of something that happened at that month even years previously.  […] More Mum See mother; Archetype of the Mother   More Model We can have a thought, plan, model or imagination of how we would like our life to be; we can be or have a role model; father and mother are our main model for our […] More Missing Dreaming of missing someone may be that you have not satisfied yourself in the relationship in some way. Maybe you haven’t told them your real feelings; that you haven’t done or given what you really […] More Miss In a dream it might mean that despite your marital status you are inwardly single. But it does suggest either a young female or an unmarried one. See girl; adolescent; female; unmarried woman More
Master See guru More MirrorFunction of dreams See Magic Mirror of Dreams More Minister Dreaming of a minister you respect usually represent your own link with your core self and the helpful advice or help given. If you have negative feelings about the minister it suggests a conflict with […] More Million Beyond the personal; often associated with riches of some sort. The struggle to get there – to be a millionaire. It may refer to past ages – millions of year ago – and so reflect […] More Military Dreaming about the military suggests either that you have at sometime served in the armed forces and therefore it is about your associations with your experience, or that it is connected with some form of […] More Migraine To dream of a migraine is often a sign of tension. If you are aware of the tension it might help to allow it to develop rather than suppress it. See Life’s Little Secrets; migraine-self […] More
Mom See mother; Archetype of the Mother More Middle It suggests you are involved in something. It might be you are in the middle of a war, an argument, making love, creating something, or an ocean. So then look up the thing you were […] More Mexico Mexican If you were born in Mexico it represents the whole background of your experience.Also it can be an expression of what your feelings about Mexico are and how you would describe it to another person. […] More Men See man; Archetype of the Father More Member Most dreams usually are about family members, a crew member, members of our community, member of the tribe, or member of a sports team, or a member of the police or armed forces. But member […] More Meeting (As in a group) Activities, decisions, directions that are not simply your own. Your involvement with other people. But also, at a more symbolic level, the bringing together of more aspects of yourself. Therefore a large group suggests a […] More
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