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Meeting (As in a group) Activities, decisions, directions that are not simply your own. Your involvement with other people. But also, at a more symbolic level, the bringing together of more aspects of yourself. Therefore a large group suggests a […] More Meditation – Goals of The goals of meditation are as varied a people themselves. The goal might be to find a way out of feeling awful, or to have a sense of being spiritual, or even to experience enlightenment. […] More Medicine Man Shaman Dreaming of a shaman or medicine man shows you have pierced the bubble of the rational world we often live or are trapped by and have entered a more basic and extended world of ancient […] More Make Making This has so many possibilities because we can make sense, make money – in fact see the Idioms below to see how much we use the word. If one of the idioms describe what you […] More Make Making     Idioms: absence makes the heart grow fonder; all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy; don’t make a mountain out of a molehill; don’t make me laugh; don’t make no nevermind; […] More Muerta Muerte Muertos See Dead Person; Dead; Dead – Communicating With; Quick And The Dead; Death; Dreaming of Death; Near Death Experiences; Rudolph Steiner’s Philosophy of Life and Death; Life After Death? See https://translate.google.com/ More
Mantle Piece (fireplace) Homeliness and often the place of comfort or family gatherings. Sometimes indicates the comfort of the womb. A mantle  piece in a home is often like small shrine to family memories or people. If not […] More Mammal Brain See mammal brain and realise the important part it plays in your own life. More Magnifying Glass Making something conscious; becoming aware of something; making something bigger than it is and therefore making it more evident. Also it brings more details into our view. A quote from Wilda B Tanner book Magical […] More Magician Sometimes the Self – the magical abilities the unconscious has that are seldom tapped; ones potential. Black magician: The negative or selfish ways we might use our power or internal insights and wisdom; the shadow […] More Motherhood Motherhood on our planet is as old as life. So it holds in it all that experience, all those patterns of behaviour, whether of the mother wolf with her cubs, or the eagle rearing its […] More Mother Church The Mother Church is the human experience of meeting the divine principle within them, free of all dogmatism or sectarianism, free of all groups, and is something new for each person. It is the source, […] More
Medallion A medallion is often a realisation of something important in the life of the dreamer. Sometimes it refers to a heritage from the past that is being realised now. If it is being awarded to […] More Manuscript Could be about acceptance or rejection of a project you have worked on. Handing it over is like exposing yourself in some way and is a sort of courage because of peoples response. Does it contain other […] More Mind Watching and Dreams Because of the many nature films shown on television we are used to the idea of mature and intelligent adults spending days or years watching the behaviour of animals such as hyenas or chimpanzees. In […] More Mall A mall can be a place or a dream situation in which you are looking for something or wanting to purchase something, whether that something is an object, entertainment or food. But some people find the […] More Meteor Ancient peoples believed that seeing a meteor in the sky, or finding a part of a meteor suggested that a gift had been give by heaven. That is where the idea of wishing upon a […] More Movements In general the quality of your movements in dreams depicts your feeling or mental state, your confidence or lack of it, your ability to make changes – move easily – or difficulty in facing change […] More
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