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Sometimes said to represent a possessive mother, and the feelings this has aroused. But in many cases the bear will represent a meeting with dangerous emotions such as fear, anger or being easily aroused. There might also be associations with independence, or strength. See: Dreams are Like a Computer Game; Animal.

Through television and the many ‘nature’ films which are now a part of our wider education, we can see that the bear is largely a solitary creature, capable of living alone and surviving. This, and its human way of standing and holding its arms out in a hugging posture, may be the major factors from which a ‘bear’ dream arises. In many dreams the bear is not at all harmful, and can be treated as a friend.

Through these we can also see the bear as a wonderful mother and protector.

We may therefore associate the bear with feelings about living alone or surviving by our own strength; it can refer to the confrontation with feelings we have about independence, or the meeting with strength and independence in someone else. It can confront us with massive or dangerous rage, such as ‘the bear with a sore head’. The bear can also depict your massive or dangerous rage, such as ‘the bear with a sore head’. In this case it might represent your relationship with someone who is touchy or grouchy, powerful, possessiveness or smothering, as a parent or lover might be.

In this case it might represent your relationship with someone who is touchy or grouchy; powerful, possessiveness or a smothering relationship, as or by a parent or lover; it could suggest a desire to withdraw or hibernate; the ‘animal’ side of our relationship with our parents; a play on words, such as ‘bare’, bare facts, bearing with something or someone, ‘bearing’ ones soul, bearing in mind, a ‘bearer’ of tidings, come to bear, overbearing, getting ones bearings, bear fruit or bear-hug.

But the bear can also be like the Beauty and the Beast, in which the dangerous beast is tame with the influence of kindness. So the bear relate to person who can be tamed by kindness, but could also be a dangerous when roused.

It could suggest a desire to withdraw or hibernate. Because of traditional cultural associations, and its ability to hibernate, the bear can represent the ability to die and be reborn.

In some dreams it is powerful, possessiveness or represents a smothering relationship, as or by a parent or lover. So it could suggest a desire to withdraw or hibernate. As such it is often a mother figure, and can be the ‘animal’ side of our relationship with our parents.

There can be a play on words, such as ‘bare’, bare facts, bearing with something or someone, ‘bearing’ ones soul, bearing in mind, a ‘bearer’ of tidings, come to bear, overbearing, getting ones bearings, bear fruit or bear-hug. Because of traditional cultural associations, and its ability to hibernate, the bear can represent the ability to die and be reborn.

Bear attacking: It could mean that you are feeling or dealing with anger in yourself or another.

But many people dream of being chased by a bear and maybe run in fear or terror from the bear. Not only in your own dreams, but other people’s, it is obvious that we take into our sleep and dreams all the fears, terrors we carry within us. The huge bear, tiger or frightening person they are terrified of is actually fears either inherited or are frightening experiences from the past. They are purely mental things that you haven’t faced, and are therefore the victims of – victims of your own fears. But in dreams in you cannot die – or drown, or burn or any other threatening thing. We make the mistake of taking our very real values from our outer life into our inner life of dreams. If a bear or critter is chasing you, it is only a dream image and so what are you running from? If you drop the image if the bear/critter what you have is a feeling or emotion such as fear. And why are you running like crazy from an emotion? Remember that nothing can hurt you in your dreams, but you can feel fear. See The animal in my dream

And do not think, “That monster is bigger and stronger than I am, and it is frightening!!” It is our thoughts and fears that create the monsters inside us. So of course you are stronger unless you cower in fear.

But that only refers to outer bears, not dream bears. In some northern towns a bear or polar bear can be a real danger, so in your dreams it may be about a threat you need to keep watch for – although it is a bear in your dream, it could be any threat.

It can also, like the following dream, show a fight against disease.

 Example: I dreamt that I was my older brother. As him, and yet at the same time myself, I was trying to fight off an attacking bear. I was doing all I could to defeat it but there was no let up.

Two days later my brother suddenly died from a vicious virus he had contracted while doing his job as a taxi driver. I feel as if I were fighting the disease with him in the dream, but we both lost the battle.

Baby or toy bear: Often represents a child or a young dreamer.

Tame or loving bear: Many people have no fear of animals in their dreams but are like the examples below. Fear is caused because we mix  up our dream life with our outer life.

Example:  In my dream I was actually happy to see bears lying down at the entrance of my parent’s old house. They were all lying down there as it waiting for me. When they felt my presence they woke up. They were happy and groaning amicably when they saw me approaching them. And there were babies too! I never felt fear or any threat but happiness to see them … and I knew it was mutual.

Example: My dream was not frightful. My Bear dream and I were walking, he put his nose in my hand and nuzzled, we walked home, I went up to my door and Bear went next door and rolled around in the neighbors driveway and rested.

But as people are educated in the modern paradigm, many of us are totally out of touch with the animal that we are, and have never been able to raise it to love and protect us, and instead are often frightened of it when it appears on their dreams. As a child we are often told not to do things – such as do not get angry, or told to be nice to everyone, but the intuitive animal side of us feels and act on its superior insight – that would allow them to mature with our animal self intact so we grow up repressing it, and often miss the natural curiosity of our inner mammal.

So if you have a loving animal dream you have a very good and healthy relationship with your inner animal. See Levels of the Brain and Summing Up

Three bears as with father bear, mother bear etc.: Family situation or parental relationship.

If hint of money in the dream: might refer to ‘bear market’.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What were your feelings and interactions with the bear? (For instance were you avoiding, running from cooperating with, watching from a distance – and where does ‘avoiding’, ‘running from’, ‘cooperating’, or ‘observing’ enter your life at the moment?)

If you imagine yourself as the bear in your dream, what do you feel and experience?

See Stand in RoleProcessing DreamsSumming Up




-Lindsay Martin 2015-08-20 20:09:09

The night before last I had the worst dream. I don’t remember how it started but I remember seeing a young bear, just a little baby. I tried to pet it and it bit me. It didn’t just bite my hand a little, it literally engulfed my hand and arm, mid-way to my elbow. I remember the terror I felt. I used one hand to pry the top of the Bears mouth open and for some reason I didn’t stop there. I remember thinking I should just run and leave it. But I got angry and I hurt the bear.. I pulled its jaw apart with my hands and at first I was satisfied, happy even. Then I felt pain, emotional pain. My heart began to ache as I realized what an awful thing I had done. The bear was probably defending himself and I could have just ran and left it. I don’t know by I felt the need to hurt the bear so badly. As I contemplated why I had done something so horrible, I heard large running footsteps. Not like a human. I turned and it was the mother. I don’t know how but I just knew. And I knew that she knew I had hurt her baby. I ran. I ran as fast as I could and she chased me. I remember being so scared and hurting so much for what I had done. I woke up before the bear caught me and I was crying. I immediately felt wrong. I just didn’t feel right. Like something was wrong and I didn’t know what. I felt like that all day and didn’t want to get out of bed or even eat. I had the dream once more before I got up for the rest of the day. By then it was nearly 8:00 p.m. and I still didn’t want to leave my bed. I went to my mother and she comforted me but the feeling still wouldn’t go. Today I woke up and still had the same feeling as yesterday, just not as strong. My mother went sent me this link but I still don’t understand. If anyone can interpret this dream and help me I’d greatly appreciate it.


    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-08-26 13:17:10

    Dear Lindsay – Thank you for sharing your dream and what your reaction was when you woke up.
    You wrote “I immediately felt wrong. I just didn’t feel right. Like something was wrong and I didn’t know what”.
    I believe it is okay to learn to become aware of what does not feel good inside yourself AND to learn to be gentle with yourself while you are exploring a way to approach your fears/terror, which is what you did in your dream when the baby bear took your arm in its mouth.
    When you can learn to give yourself that much inner space and freedom to explore, then I believe that you do not have to deal with this inner conflict anymore where you are chased by what I see as feelings of guilt; symbolised by the mother bear coming after you in your dream.
    As far as the baby bear is concerned and your relationship with it, I feel it will be more helpful to you if you try to explore that for yourself.
    A way to do that is to imagine yourself back in the dream while you are awake and to explore both the young bear and your own dream figure as she appears in the dream by using “Being the person or thing” and/or “Talking as the dream character”.
    See and
    The baby bear is probably a symbol of inner (sexual?) drives that still need to grow and develop and exploring this part of your dream can help you to move beyond your fears and will enable you to develop a working relationship with this part of your unconscious mind (too).
    Try to think of your unconscious mind as an area of yourself that for one reason or another you cannot yet see.
    Another helpful approach to explore your dream and to play with it, without taking it all too seriously, is to use Power Dreaming.
    Your dreams are a unique area of self-expression and a safe area to experiment and experience things in ANY way you wish.
    While doing so try to observe your feelings without judging them as “wrong” or “right”. Learning to recognise and stay with your feelings can be a valuable experience. You can learn that you do not have to act on something just because you feel it. Or that you can be angry and choose how to respond, rather than let the anger control you.
    Does that give you a start?
    Anna :-)


-Jamie 2015-08-27 17:10:32

I had this dream of a bear and a baby bear both were brownish/black bears . In my dream we heard someone knocking on the dooropen the door it was a bear and it was snowing . The was knocking hard enough the screen door opened .so my mother in law went out to close the door . I went to close the sliding glass door and a baby bear was there eating cat food . I looked out and all the roads were full of snow . I was thinking to my self in my head man mom is stuck at work cause of the snow . My mother in law was saying the bear is gunna get in . I said no it wont its just cold and wants to be warm and feed .The big made its way to the back of the house and was knocking on the glass sliding door. It stopped snowing and i opened the door and all the bears and the baby ones went walking back towards the tress. I left with a family member to go pick up her income tax return and they were promoting i think it was if you had $5000 and paid a$1000 you could a extra $5000 . She did it and got like $10,000 dollars in income tax return . But in my dream I was with my mom and my family and my husband family.


-Anna 2015-10-07 4:49:12

I had a bear dream last night, I was delivering the mail and all of a sudden a bear came out from under one of the front steps of the houses I delivered to, somehow in a town I used to live in but I have never seen these houses as was in my dream, the bear started chasing me and I was trying to hide from it, it saw me hiding in one of the houses and the house had a glass wall, so the bear was watching me intently, I saw it’s pupils watching me like, when I get uou, it’s so over, like it wanted revenge on me, it knew how to open doors so I found myself hiding in a bathroom with only a cupboard door, I was thinking that here is no way for it to get at me, and I managed to grab a big kitchen knife, but before it could try and get to me, I woke up, this has bothered me only when I’m at home…….I am confused
Anna, Edmonton, AB, Canada


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