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Breasts Breastfeeding

In general the breast represents a giving of oneself, or of ones sexual pleasure.

The breast is an expression of female love and nurture, and an expression of female sexuality. To go to a woman’s breast in a dream may represent an expression of the baby’s desire to be fed, be loved and made feel secure. That is, a regression, or reliving of infant desires. A woman expresses male sexuality through her breasts, in that she fulfils the body of the infant. May also represent emotional security.

But kissing the breasts with much tenderness and lack of lust can indicate the soul receiving its own sustenance. It is releasing the power from the breast and mouth to be lifted to a new level of experience by love.

Self giving, nourishment or the wonderful bonding and connection that arise from motherhood or sex.

But at the most primal level it can mean many things. The other emotion that the breast may arouse is ultimately as rapturous as the first, the joyously orgiastic, but it is entirely different. The two raptures are prototypes, ultimate extensions of almost every emotion we feel in life. They express the most fundamental split in the psyche: one, the passive release, dissolving into ecstasy; the other, the hot, aggressive conquest which ravishes its object. Every psychic feeling, thought, or act seems to fall on one side or the other of this great divide of the mind. Hostility, aggressiveness, sadism, masculinity, egotism, self-aggrandizement, the attempt of the self to become a god and destroy all else—these are all expressions of the hot fire of conquest which reveals itself in oral cannibalism. Submission, masochism, sexual passivity, mysticism, selflessness, humility—all these are the attributes of the passive release.

We are psychically always on one side or the other—tiger or fawn, destroyer or destroyed, taker or giver, object or subject, active or passive, creator or created. Here is the dichotomy of our fall from the greater self of primitive psyche into the forms of reality, the division of self and other. All our lives we try to achieve a balance of these contradictory opposites, and whether in our egos we succeed or fail, every function claimed by the ego is balanced by its opposite in the subconscious. Only in the fusion of infancy, or of sexual orgasm, or in religious ecstasy do we escape the psychic wound of division.

In woman’s dream: In quite a number of women’s dreams the breasts appear in a health sense, connected with the anxiety about breast cancer. To dream of that does not mean you have cancer, only that you are anxious.

The breasts also link with how positive you feel about your own womanhood and ability to feel proud and easy with your sexual as well as intellectual functions. So in some women’s dreams the breasts are exposed to say, “See, I am a real woman.”

Of course the breasts also are used in dreams where the desire, lust or love feelings link you with a man. But such a link is not necessarily to do with an external male. They also indicate how well or badly you are relating to your own wholeness.

The size or development of the breasts in a woman’s dream are often used as a self assessment regarding how fully you have emerged from childhood.

Breastfeeding: Quite a number of dreams are about breast feeding, and this usually indicates how easily you can give of yourself. At times it can be about past experiences of feeding and any difficulties encountered.

Many dreams received are about giving birth to a baby and breast feeling it, even though there may not be a man involved. This is about caring for a new aspect of you that has come into your life. See Woman’s Creative Power.

Kate in the example gives of herself even though frightened, and feels whole – the circle.

Example: ‘I was about to lie down naked near my grandmother as I was caring for her, when she started to suckle my breast. For a short time I was very frightened that she would hurt me or even suck my breast right off, but she didn’t and it felt very good as I fed her. It felt as if we were one, our bodies forming a circle.’ Kate.

This next example shows how the breasts are a measure of emerging womanhood, especially when young. Lin was near to being anorexic.

Example: I’ve been meaning to tell you about a dream I had when I was so sick. Truly weird. I sort of woke up and rubbed my chest. It was so bony, and I thought in that instant I have the chest of a guy. I then fell back asleep and dreamt I was a boy! Needless to say, after that dream, I began my campaign of making myself eat! Lin.

Example: In this dream it was as if I had just remembered that I had a baby, and as I remembered this I also realized that I hadn’t been feeding it. I was upset and thought, “How can I have forgotten something so vital and important as feeding my baby!?”

I thought I had better start feeding the baby again, but I was worried that my milk would have dried up. I picked up the baby to feed him, and was struck by what a lovely child he was – he seemed calm and serene even though I had been neglecting him. He had a beautiful face and shiny, longish straight hair. He didn’t look malnourished or dehydrated and I was relieved at this. I was even more relieved when I put the baby to my breast and he started feeding again. As he started to suckle I could feel my breasts filling with milk and I could see that he was swallowing, and thus getting milk. I knew that the more I fed him, the more my milk supply would increase – I was happy then, to know that despite my neglect of the baby, all would be well.

Woman’s breast in a man’s dream: In some measure this is usually about a return to infant dependence, or childhood pleasure and wonder of accepting a woman’s love and comfort. Even when this is directly sexual, it still links in some way with how well or badly you were bonded with your mother, and what traits you carry from that.

In some men’s dreams the breast are a confrontation with what is felt as the woman’s power in your life. If you feel emotional pain or fear when you get close to a woman emotionally, that is the power you feel she has. Or is when you become intimate with a woman you feel enormous dependence and pain if you feel you are losing her, then that is the power of the woman in you. In other words each man carries deep imprints of his maternal relationship, whether for ill or good, and that acts as a powerful force in his life influencing the way he relates to females. The breasts in dreams can indicate this.

The following example shows Grant, the dreamer, meeting his ability to unite with his inner ‘woman power’ and to recognise this as an aspect of himself.

Example: Two night ago I had a fascinating dream that left me feeling more at peace with myself, and more hopeful of a real sense of growth than for a long time. The dream was one of those that seemed to go on and on. In one section of the dream I was with a number of women in what felt like a classroom or semi public building. I felt completely at ease with the women and the marked feature was that I had easy and relaxed intimacy with any of them. With one of them for instance I was gently stroking her breast, which was very cone shaped and nice to hold. Even as I dreamt this part of the dream I had quite a high level of lucidity. Enough to realise that I was experiencing the ability to claim any of the female aspects of myself.

This then also occurred with males. In this section of the dream though I actually became any of the males who appeared in the dream. Again I was lucid enough to realise how I was able to accept any aspect of myself and identify with it easily, and how wonderful this was. There was another section of the dream which is difficult to remember. I believe it was more general in that I was realising some of the pleasure or wonder of being able to accept life – myself – so fully. Grant.

Example: Example: I felt lonely, terribly lonely, for it, longing for the nearness of someone I loved. My face was against my left bicep. It was the only human comfort I could find – myself. I rolled my head back and forth across the softness of my bicep. Then, as my aloneness became more intense, I suckled my bicep like a breast, longing for the warmth only I could give myself at that moment.

Breast Implants: I want to bring the word “natural” in here because it is relevant to what is being explained. If we see animals as examples of what is natural, or what happens in nature without human intervention, then we could say that it is not natural to have one’s appendix taken out when it is inflamed. It is not natural to have breast implants. It is not natural to have vaccinations against disease. But these things are all options we are capable of, along with the countless other things that humans do because they are possible.

Dreaming of breast implants could have several associations, such as what would be the consequence; would I feel better with them; is it safe. So you need to ask yourself what thoughts and desires you had felt before the dream, and what the dream is commenting about this.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What are my feelings about breasts in this dream?

Are the breast(s) linked with feelings that I am usually repressing or accepting?

Am I at ease in this dream – if not what is it that prevents this?

You can explore your dreams to find otherwise hidden meaning by using Processing Dreams or Talking As



-Ana 2014-09-05 9:49:13

My partner and I have been trying for a baby for the past 3 years. We are both medically healthy tp have kids but its just not happening. This.morning awoke from a dream that i was breastfeeding a mixed race baby which is fitting as I am white and my fiance is black. Am I wrong to be hopeful after this beautiful dream. Twas as if I could feel the baby sucking the milk from my breast and I remember feeling so happy that they baby was latching on and drinking my milk.


    -carsealder 2014-11-23 5:18:29

    I’m only having those dreams now that I’m pregnant so hopes up ! ,you could be pregnant ! ,best wishes !


-Rebecca 2014-11-09 4:32:34

It wasn’t a dream, but I saw my left breast, and it was bigger than what it actually is. My right one was smaller than actual.


-Bonnie 2015-02-26 19:23:07

I am 48 yrs old and cannot have any more children. I have 5. I have had several dreams that I am breast feeding a new born baby. Sometime I feel it is my baby and others I seem to find the crying baby and pick it up and it goes to my breast and begins to suckle.
What does this mean ?


    -Anna 2015-03-01 8:12:56

    :-) Bonnie

    It will be helpful to read this entry in the dream dictionary, because it perfectly explains the symbol of a baby in your dream:
    Your dream baby is very special to you. It doesn’t matter that perhaps the baby in your dream is the child of another woman, it is still the baby of your dream. Like any baby, it is something new and vulnerable that has come to life – come to your life. The important question is, what is it that is new and growing in your love, in your work, or in yourself? Or perhaps it is about vulnerability. Therefore the answers you give to the following questions are important in helping you discover the truth about your dream baby.
    Also it is helpful to know that in our inner world a woman is always able to give birth:
    Your dream also shows that whatever you give birth to at this stage of your life, you have enough inner resources to feed it.
    A wonderful dream!
    Anna :-)


-Eva 2015-03-16 19:28:09

I had a dream In the morning about me carrying a baby wich I felt was mine. But I was looking to this baby and it didn’t have any of mine or my boyfriends features. It was a baby girl , I am mix but this baby was dar km skinned. In my dream I know that my boyfriend is white so I was confused. I kept looking at the baby and she was smiling with me the whole time. This is normal to me because it’s the same in real life too strangers baby’s always keeps looking at me and then smile. And the the baby in my dream kept looking at me and after she was reaching for my breast and then I told my mother that I’m scared ( my mother , my sister and my brother was there in the kitchen) I told her I’m scared to breastfeed , but then my sister stood up and took a bottle of milk out of the fridge and gave to my brother and then my brother feed the baby.

I would really like to know what this dream means because this is not the first time I dream about this baby.


-Jeni 2015-05-23 9:44:58

Hi Tony

Thanks for the Facebook link to this I had a dream about biting into not quite the breasts but the flesh of gypsy demons I feel as though it is related. I was slightly concerned :) but it now makes a lot more sense!



-Jeni 2015-05-25 7:58:55

Thank you Anna this is helpful :)


-Diane 2015-08-07 12:18:59

I had a dream my nipples were hairy and I am not finding a good define to it. Could you help?


-Cheyenne 2015-11-15 0:51:28

So lastnight I was with my partner (my partner was not my partner that I am with) to be honest I have know idea whom it was. Any who, that partner had cheated on me with another girl…. Which to I was shocked. Next thing I do is look at my stomach and I am 9 months pregnant. Then the next thing I turn around and there is my baby girl/boy… Not to sure what the gender was. Any who… My partner in my dream and his new partner was going to take my baby on holiday with them. I allowed them too . Once we were on our way to drop them off to the airport I change my mind and next thing I’m breast feeding my baby realising how beautiful he/she is :( .


-nazzia 2016-02-02 6:59:46

I had a dream that my husband was sucking my breast milk ,an it was a lot,so i look at him in shock, yelling stop drinking my baby milk but am not sure if am pregnant, what can it mean .we have been trying to conceived.


-Lateef 2016-06-06 4:42:17

Kindly help me with the meaning of this dream, I am a married man with a kid and my wife is pregnant with the second baby. I also have a girlfriend who I have sex with occasionally, though trying to quit the relationship as it affects my home. I just had a dream that I was sucking my girlfriend’s breast in the presence of another man and maggot was coming out of the breast into my mouth, while she claim innocence of it in the dream, I stopped and washed my mouth but she was only smiling, and that was how I woke up. Thanks as I expect the meaning of this


-mrsmeggies 2016-06-25 4:23:32

I am 20 years old and I had a dream about breastfeeding a baby. I feel such a strong desire to have a baby although I am far too young and my boyfriend certainly doesn’t want kids anytime soon. I cannot stop thinking about this since my dream and I don’t know what to do about it. What does this mean?


-Edith Pineda 2016-07-18 1:48:01

I dream milk came out
of my breasts abundantly
I can see it
I yes want to now what this mean


    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-07-22 10:16:42

    Dear Edith – Your dream may reflect how much you are able to give to yourself and/or others in any possible form.
    With a dream that is so short and without having any other information about you, it is difficult to be more specific; http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/give-us-enough-information/
    Anna :-)


-R. 2016-09-25 19:21:54

Please explain this to me…
I had a dream that I was out at a concert having a great time. The music was loud and the lights were bright. Then suddenly I thought of my baby, and getting back to feed it. ( i do not have a child, and am not pregnant) I was terrified that my milk was drying up, and I wouldn’t be able to feed it.


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