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Because a cat is often an easy source of physical contact and affection it can depict the need to be cared for and warm affection, even sexual love accompanied with intense warm feelings.

You may have felt a lot of affection from a cat, and so associate it with sensual, or even sexual pleasure. It can also represent your need to care for someone or be cared for, to have close physical contact.

Example: ‘I went to the fridge to get out some mincemeat to feed the cat. It came in. As it fed I had a strong urge to touch it, such strong feelings of love were pouring out of me. The animal looked up at my face as I wanted to kiss it. The lips had pink lipstick on. I kissed it, it’s paw came up around my arm, I could see the black claws. We were rolling around on the floor, it felt very sexual.’ Monica.

A male cat can represent male sex drive.

For some women cats are a substitute baby, it is therefore used in many dreams to represent a woman’s urge or need to care for someone, or directly her need to reproduce, or be involved in sex. Therefore it is often used to signify a woman’s creativity, which is a very real part of a woman’s makeup. It is obviously linked with sexuality as that is a woman’s creative process, but it doesn’t have to be sexual as it can flow in any direction she chooses. The cat can therefore also link with refined female sexuality or ruttiness unless the cat is markedly a tom. See A Woman’s Creative Power

The term ‘catty’ refers to a spiteful woman, showing one’s ‘claws’, jealousy, anger or vindictiveness in a relationship. In this aspect it might refer to ones mother; independence; stealth; fertility. So if the cat in your dream is angry it might depict yourself if female, or feelings about a female friend.

Because cats are independent and often alone, they may represent the secret part of yourself, or independence. See: Kitten; Animal;

In a man’s dream it may refer to a woman or to the female, intuitive side of his nature. The cat can be your intuition and feelings, perhaps warning you, through its sensitivity to moods, or unseen dangers. In some dreams it indicates cattiness – showing one’s ‘claws’, jealousy, anger or vindictiveness in a relationship. It might refer to your mother, independence, stealth, or fertility.

In some dreams the cat definitely represents the fear of bad news or general fears, especially if it is a black cat.

If you have bred cats it may well represent your own, perhaps unconscious, desires to have a baby.

Jungians see the cat as representing a deep psychological secret, a hidden side of ones nature, the shadowy less obvious or outwardly displayed side of your nature. This is most likely because cats go about their business without any attempt to explain themselves or to accommodate us poor humans. Also they are creatures of the night very often, and live a dark life. Prior to the custom of neutering a cat and, in the US, removing its claws, this dark life was often very noisy and obviously sexual and aggressive. Left to itself the cat is a master predator

The cat is thought to have first been domesticated in Egypt about 2000 BC, and all modern cats are said to be descendents of them. The Egyptian name for cat was ‘miu’ or he or she who mews. Although the cat never became a fully acknowledged god figure as the jackal and hippo did, it was perhaps the most popular. She was known as Bastet or Bast, and a household goddess, the protector of women, children and domestic cats. She was also known as the goddess of sunrise, music, dance, pleasure, as well as family, fertility and birth.

But there was a negative side known as Sekhmet the goddess of war and pestilence, though later tamed by Ra to become the protector of humans.

EXAMPLE: My husband died over a year ago, and I live alone, no pets. Yet I dreamt I opened my front door and there was a cat waiting to be let in. It was my cat, and I knew I hadn’t fed it for ages or looked after it. I felt awful that I had neglected it for so long. The strange thing was that the next day as I walked around the supermarket, I kept wanting to go to the cat-food section to buy food. – Winnie P. – Exeter

In losing her husband Winnie has lost her source of given and receiving affection.

EXAMPLE: I was with a young boy and went to his house. I believe his mother was there and a cat. The vivid part was that the cat spoke to me. It spoke in a rather female voice, very clearly. As it spoke I felt great amazement. I had lots of thoughts about how it had learned language – that it could speak because of human language – what did language do to its psyche – and so on. I didn’t reach any conclusions. I noticed as it spoke that it had tiny lips, but they were perfectly formed like a woman’s. They had lipstick on – or at least were red and attractive. Ben.

Ben’s dream has a mixture of sexual attraction, femininity and the ability to express in it.

EXAMPLE: I am sitting in the hotel staff room eating lunch at a large dining table. One by one I am joined by perhaps a dozen women. The atmosphere is pleasant, easy and light hearted. I enjoy the feeling of being the only male among a dozen attractive women. Then I notice a strange thing. One by one all the girls around me turn into cats, but carry on laughing and talking as if nothing is happening. I find this interesting and not alarming. I am aware each girl turns into the sort of cat that is right for her – a vivacious redhead becomes a purring orange tabby; an aloof, slightly superior lady becomes a Siamese; the only ex-girlfriend of mine present becomes a black witches familiar.

I remember turning to my left and asking: “Tell me Rebecca, how did you do this?” The Rebecca cat giggles with a human voice and says: “He doesn’t have a clue, does he?” As I look at the Rebecca cat I realise she still has her human eyes. This I realise is true of all the cats, they have human eyes in feline faces. As I realise this one says: “I think he’s beginning to understand now” and laughs. Paul C. Teletext.

This graphic dream so well illustrates how our human personality exists within our animal drives and urges.

Example: I was with a young boy and went to his house. I believe his mother was there and a cat. The vivid part was that the cat spoke to me. It spoke in a rather female voice, very clearly. As it spoke I felt great amazement. I had lots of thoughts about how it had learned language – that it could speak because of human language – what did language do to it – and so on. I didn’t reach any conclusions. I noticed as it spoke that it had tiny lips, but they were perfectly formed like a woman’s. They had lipstick on – or at least were red and attractive. Ben.

Ben’s dream has a mixture of sexual attraction, femininity and the ability to express in it.

The next example illustrates how we might not be caring for the natural and instinctive side of us.

Example: ‘I am given an animal to look after, usually somebody’s pet while they are away on holiday. I then completely forget the animal, go away and when I return the animal is either dead or very dried up or has been got at by another animal and is in the throws of dying. When I wake from the dream I feel most dreadful and it is only when I am fully awake and realise it is not true do I feel better.’ Lynda E

Alley cat:: Sexuality; promiscuity; down on luck.

Black cat: Depends what dreamer associates with it – so may be good luck or bad luck and evil – i.e. events working for or against one; anxiety.

Bobcats: Bobcats, like other wild animals that are adaptable and can live on the outskirts of human territory, are very ‘street wise’ or capable of surviving despite heavy human hunting.

So in your dream it can depict your survival instinct, and your ability to fight back with real cat zeal. It represents intelligence and patience. Like most cats it is not a pack animal and so is solitary in its habits – and also brings up it ‘kittens’ alone. See cats.

Cat’s claws: Spitefulness; desire to hurt; hidden aggression; clinging, or ‘getting ones claws in someone’.

Cat having kittens: Desire for or feelings about babies or ones own babyhood; fertility.

Cat Cattery: If it is a cattery for breeding it could refer to your feelings about having a baby – or if you breed cats then look at Easy Dream Interpretation. In general it suggest you are having a rest from, or not taking responsibility for your female qualities.

Cat catching mouse: A problem solving activity in you; cat and mouse situation in work or relationship.

Cat’s tail: The tail is a very expressive part of a cat; a very visible and active part, so represent the expression of your instinctive feelings.

Fear of cat: Fear of the female in oneself; fear of females; difficulty in meeting feelings and intuition; sense of danger. See: Animal phobias at the end of the animal section.

Group of cats: Group of women; relating to the different moods or feelings.

If allergic to cats: If you are allergic and dream of a cat it would signify a negative and threatening reaction to a situation or relationship.

Kitten: Feelings about vulnerability or babyhood; feelings about caring for someone or something vulnerable; parental urges, perhaps protectiveness.

Speaking cat: Ability to express feminine feelings, intuition or sexuality; a realisation of feelings of physical hunger or emotional or sexual attraction. See last example below.

White cat: Can represent your feminine intuition and a link with the natural beauty in you.

Wild cat: Stealth, ferocity, intelligence, cunning, ability to survive. Like most cats it is not a pack animal, so suggests living and bringing up children alone.

See: First example under the general information at the end of the separate animal definitions.

Idioms: Copy cat; bell the cat; cat and mouse; cat’s whiskers; cat out of the bag; cat and dog life; cat on hot bricks; something the cat brought in; a cat’s paw; cat among the pigeons; while the cat’s away.

Useful questions are:

What is happening or what am I realising in my relationship with the dream cat(s), and how does that relate to my life?

If I take out the word ‘cat’ from my dream description, and replace it with what I feel about this cat, what would I write?

If there are elements of caring or love in this dream, am I looking after that side of my life?

If this is about a kitten, what are my feelings or desires about my childhood, or about a baby?

See Easy Dream Interpretation; Talking As; Processing Dreams



-Kat 2013-01-03 11:47:58

Well my dream was about me and my bf was walking down a long path at his place of work.(Wooded area) So , I look up and saw many giant eggs about 10 giant eggs, next thing that happened is what freaky me out….Different type of Cats came out of the woods, u name it…was there, tiger, cougar,a giant regular type of cat and one raccoon…..but altogether about 7 to 10 different Cats….well my boyfriend shouted go on top of the cars, I froze so didn’t move , he moved and they followed him and surrounded on top of the car….I thought they ate him up, but they smelled him and they let him go, but he was limping….they didn’t look at me nor touch..so I was fine but worried about my bf..


-Tippi 2013-01-04 14:55:30

I had this crazy dream about two cats ..one was white and the other was black. They were inside of a fist tank or glass box. The white cat had five eyes, it looked interesting and I wanted to stare at it, however there was this creepy lady standing behind me, and she kept pointing me towards the black cat. It also had 5 eyes but did not hold my interest the way the white cat did, and it was hissing at me. She was standing behind me and forcing me to look at the black cat and all the while she was whispering something in my ear, I could not make out what she was saying but she just kept whispering and forcing to me to focus on the black cat. What on eart does this mean. I rarely even remember my dreams, but I remember this in great detail.


-Oreo 2013-01-12 5:55:31

I had a dream where I was trying to escape from someone, I was in my old room and hid in my closet under a pile of clothes. For some reason I was suddenly naked. There were two cats on each side of me, making no noise but just sitting next to me. I was absolutely comfortable w/them. When I was found by “the bad guy” the cats left and I just felt kind of normal although I was kinda scared that I’d been found. As I saw the cats, I was even more emotionally comforted. On the left of me had been an light orange-dark orange striped cat and on the right was a brown w/spots or something cat(but it wasn’t black). They were like that when they left, too. Then I woke up feeling ready for my day. What does it mean, if anything?


-Oreo 2013-01-12 5:57:10

Also, female *young teen* dream!


-sergio Ramirez 2013-01-17 22:47:17

I had a dream that I was watching this action movie. And every now and than I would be the main Guy and be making decisions. I than found my self in my appartment. My cat (who is generally nice) came up to and I started petting and kissing hee on the cheekw. She evantually cought on and started kissing my cheek too. I freaked out and had to go tell my girlfriend so I ran in the other room and called my cat. “Nuka!” She showed up but was crying and wimping because she had a sliver on her foot ( which she was indicating) I took it out and she kissed my cheek almost as a thank you. I said “told you!” To my gf.than woke up.


-Lucy 2013-05-22 15:58:57

My daughter dreamt there was a orange and white tabby with red collar in her bedroom with its back to her a couple of feet away from her side of the bed …it walked a couple of steps away of her as she jumped out of bed wondering how a cat got in her house(she does not have a cat).


-Seble 2013-07-21 12:58:02

My crazy dream was that I was with this guy I don’t know well and I feel like we were on a date but we wasnt alone. i have my little cousin with me and he follows us everywhere and he was carrying a doll in his hand then he took me to his house. I recognize his building and I tell my self this place is very expansive. When I walked in he’s house I see beds nothing else but 4 to 5 different beds. On one of’em he’s daughter was sleeping next to a a beautiful turquoise looking cat. When I sat next to the cat tried to scratch me but when I touch the cat, it start to let go and became friendly I feel like the cat was showing me a lot of affection. My little cousin gave the little girl the doll and she said “why is my doll dirty? ” I guess that doll was hers. I’m confused I need to know what this dream means.


-Diablos 2013-08-30 10:11:32

I had this dream while i was sleeping in a forrest under the moonlight, early morning i was as if half sleep half awake, sleeping on my stomach and looking to the left… someone came and sat on right shoulder and head, I thought someone from the camp is playing with me, so I opened my eyes to tell the person to move from me, and as soon as i opened my eyes i saw a wild cat face just in front of face, very very close, looking at me, so i freaked out and couldn’t move, trying hard 2 wake up, and as soon as i opened my eyes, the cat was gone and My head and shoulders are free again… but it was so real not like other dreams….


-Vix 2013-09-07 6:22:17

My dream was awful, a friend a nod I were sat eating steak n chips and for some reason for my friend the steak was not enough, he grabbed my cat and tore it apart. I woke up almost crying in horror. Very random and horrible dream what could it possibly mean?


-riya 2013-10-19 2:54:07

Hi toni, I just wanted to know what my dream meant??

I had a dream about a cat didnt really saw its colour..I was fustrated with it and locked it up in a room.. my intension in the dream was to kill the cat by locking it up… my bf came home after and the cat starting to meow from the room and then he said it so late didn’t you feed the cat… so I had to feed it at last.. I feed it milk.. and then I woke up.. what does it mean??


-sandra 2014-02-02 13:39:20


I’d like to understand my dream.
In my dream, I was driving and saw 2 cats chasing/follwing snakes. I turned around and saw the cats with the snakes in their mouths carrying them to a field. In the field I saw a coyote trotting away with a cat in its mouth.

Thank you for your time.


    -Tony Crisp 2014-02-09 13:49:57

    Sandra – I feel that you, like many, are fascinated by the animals you see as you drive along. In fact you are indeed fascinated by what you see and are learning, though unconsciously, for otherwise you would not have dreamt it.

    You witnessed a wonderful way nature, life, works. Each are carried off in some way, even we are carried off in various ways. The wonder of it is that life, nature, God the universe does not in any way prevent it or block it. This shocks some of us because we feel that death is unjust or awful, yet it is through death that the new can emerge and express what was learned by the old. That is said over and over as we look at nature -Life gives itself to life that each may live, die and learn.

    And I think you have seen a great truth in your dream. See – http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/dreaming-of-death/



-RobinMcV 2014-03-27 14:01:57

I had a dream or orange kittens and white kittens, TONS of them, I couldnt find their mom. I gathered as many as I could so they were safe. Some had died,they were so small. Its really bugging me. I have a tortie and black cat. Do I need more color in my world? ughhh!

Thank you,



-Hoho 2014-04-14 12:20:45

I was in the back yard of my house. The Sun was setting and night was about to fall. All of the sudden a cat falls from the roof of my house (as I thought) and lands on my neck. Though it fell from above I somehow felt it on the front of the neck. Felt the softness and whiteness of the fur. She didn’t hurt me like one would expect, both of us being surprised and in vulnerable position like that. When I reached to take her off my neck she was surprisingly calm. She only scratched me lightly when she jumped from my arms down on the floor. That’s when I noticed it was a black and white cat and her left paw (whole leg) was hurt , deformed and bleeding. The cat looked sick and in pain.
- I thing the cat might represent the self, or at least my personality, with four legs as four parts that constitutes it (such as Jung’s four functions). I’m thinking somewhere along those lines right now.


-nan 2014-04-21 19:36:51

I had a dream that I cuddling a cat, not sure of the color, but this was very unusual escpecially since in reality I am allergic and somewhat fearful of cats. In this dream, I was nurturing the cat and he was relaxing on my chest like a little baby. very strange


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