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This is such a common dream and has been answered hundreds of times, we first ask you to look through the many answers given in Drowning – Many Replies Hopefully you will find an answer to your own drowning dream

Because of the water, drowning depicts fear of being overwhelmed by difficult emotions or anxieties. But this might apply not to dangerous emotions or urges, but to natural urges such as eating, loving or sex, that some people have enormous conflicts about. Drowning in a dream is also about struggling to survive as a person, so it applies to your identity as it is dealing with relationship with other people, but also with your own internal world of instincts, body activities and needs.

This is about being or feeling overwhelmed by something. One can ‘drown’ in sorrow for instance. So you need to look at your waking life to see what you are feeling threatened or burdened by and see if there are ways you can deal with it. If someone actually drowns in the dream it may mean some of your feelings, your creativity and responsiveness are no longer ‘alive’. But they can be brought back to life if you care for that side of yourself. Sometimes it is simply anxiety we drown in, and much of anxiety is about situations we imagine. Separating what is imagined from what is real can help this.

If you feel you are struggling to you ‘keep your head above water’, do not give in for it is only emotions you re facing, not reality.

Water and drowning often indicates you are facing the unknown changes and so are afraid. But in dreams we can never die or even be hurt, for we wale without real hurt except for our feelings.

Dreamt about someone else: May occasionally show Your apprehension about their health or well being, having the suggestion of death or breakdown.



Example: ‘I fell into a pond. My brother was frightened to be by himself so he jumped in. We were both drowning in the water and we shouted out for Mum. My brother drowned.’ Poppy S.

Poppy dreamt this while feeling insecure and anxious due to her father being seriously ill.

Example: I had been dreaming about sitting on a sofa with my friends – well watching horror movies, when suddenly everything comes to live. I was afraid of the ghost that had been drowning with her husband in the movie comes to haunt me. I asked the ghost sister to help and she passes me a necklace with can protect me. And suddenly the ghost appears and told my friend she was pretty. What does this means?

It means that you need to understand how your mind works. It means that you have nothing to fear about ghosts. As the ghost that appeared showed you, there was no harm in it. Dream images are like images on cinema screens – harmless unless you are haunted by your own fears. But the dream also shows you that whatever you believe in becomes a fact. I mean that the necklace gave you confidence, and in fact the necklace is only a crutch for your confidence. But we need such things until we can deal with our own emotions. See Facing Fear

Idioms: drown your sorrow; if you’re born to hang, you won’t drown.

Useful questions:

What powerful emotions or changes am I dealing with?

Am I feeling overwhelmed by something?

Can I define the strengths and ways I use to deal with threatening feelings?

Do I feel as if I am ‘drowning’ in a situation or relationship?

What is it I am feeling overwhelmed by recently?

Is this someone else drowning – if so what facet of me do they represent?

What resource or person could help me survive in this situation?

Another person or animal drowning still suggests it is an aspect of your own personality you need to care for.

Whoever or whatever it is, imagine yourself back in the dream and save them. If necessary imagine rescue services coming to your aid. In doing this you are using imagery to shift your feelings and anxieties.

All water in some way signifies your own inner world of feelings, but the sea often suggests meeting urges and wisdom lying beyond the boundary of your conscious mind. What is it you feel in the sea or river? Try putting it into words.

See Associations Working With; Techniques for Exploring your Dreams; Avoid Being Victims; Secrets of Power Dreaming



-Sessi Condra 2016-05-23 19:06:57

The Dream That Felt Real:

Really all I remember..was that I fell asleep and that….it was pitch black but…blue, and i kept sinking and sinking i tried to swim up but something just kept pulling me down…then theres the last breath. And i thought to myself i dont want to go like this. And there i lay sinking to the bottom of the ocean never to be seen again..then i woke up just right after I had my last breath. There was a trail of tears coming down my face. It..felt..so..real..what does it mean? Does it mean thats going to happen to me one day?


-Elle Oliver 2016-06-08 16:20:36

Hello there. I had a dream that I was in a hot tub with my sister, she wanted to go to the pool so we walked there and I saw my husband. I jumped into the water next to him and could not figure out which way was up and began to drown. No one came to help, but eventually I pulled myself out of the water. I was choking and gasping for air, even as I woke up. What does this all mean?


-Sevara 2016-06-17 14:13:10

Last day I saw a dream that I was playing with my friends in the pool. Suddenly I started to drowning and none of my friends helped me. They were laughing at me.


-Johnny 2016-06-18 10:07:52

I had a dream I was on a latter and it was a pool under me and the latter slipped and I fell in the pool and the latter fell on top of me and I couldn’t move as a struggled trying to get free I couldn’t and I gave up I knew i was gone . What do y’all think this indicates?


-Lauren 2016-06-26 15:23:31

Could someone help me ? I had a dream of me being in the car with my dad and boyfriend and 2 people I didn’t recognize, we are driving to someone where not sure where and i keep saying about mud so i got out 2 mintues away so i walk to the places. I thought they should be there. I then hears the one person i didnt recognize calling me goes over and there car under water and my boyfriend was on a log and my dad was in the car I got him out the I was in the back of the ambulance with a baby and there was a little girl I didnt no with me then I woke up


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