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This can mean that something is either cutting of your source of energy – the sun – or else in an eclipse of the moon might suggest that something has come between you and your mother. Or else that you are becoming emotionally independent from her. Seeing that light in dreams usually equates to knowing, seeing or understanding clearly, any eclipse can mean a loss of clear knowing; and end of an eclsipse is inidciating a return or ability to really ‘see’ or the start of clear vision.

An eclipse of the sun in your dream can suggest that you are feeling overwhelmed by irrational impressions you are not used to having. Also that you might be feeling uncertainty about your life or direction. Perhaps you need to seek reasonable answers.

The end of an eclipse signifies a new beginning. It can suggest an end to a period of darkness within or depression. A start of an eclipise might suggest you are feeling a decline of your mood, or a period of deepening inner experience. If it is felt as a decline look for the core self which is never influenced by changes of mood.

For a man an eclipse of the moon could mean losing contact with your own inner feminine self. See Archetype of the Anima

It is interesting that people who lost their nursemaids or carers in their 3rd yr felt that the surrogate mother was obscured or eclipsed by the mother because of the feeling of loss.

Another interesting sign of eclipsing is seen in the development of the Ghost Dance among Native Americans. During an eclipse the tribe people felt great fear, and Wovoka – a Paiute – fell very ill and experienced a vision. When he arose he proclaimed that he had received a promise from God to renew the Earth, but demanding in return the acceptance of a moral code which stressed non-violence and the performance of the “Ghost Dance.” The performance of the dance enabled the participants to encountering ancestors in their traditional settings within the trance. They experienced seeing the old campgrounds, playing the old games, eating the buffalo meat – all experiences which were lost during the reservation days. This brought them, once more in touch with their traditional culture, which would have been lost altogether had the breach with their inner world had not been restored through the Ghost Dance. So the eclipse was the loss of their inner culture.

Useful questions and hints:

Is there any diminising or growth of insight?

Do I sense a new beginning in my life?

Has anything been lost or gained in this period?

Can I see what was eclipsed in me?

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-Mari M 2015-06-27 8:45:07

I had a dream about an eclipse the night before tonight. However, I don’t remember whether it was the moon covering the sun or the other way around. Lol!! Bummer. A little bit of interpretation still helps, though.


-Roy 2017-07-12 17:58:12

At day time 1to2pm i saw it.the eclipse i saw i feel solar.i was happy when the eclipse is releasing after its corona.i saw half corona and its just releasing what its indicate? Can anyone tell me i am worried.


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