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Elk Moose

Like horse but wilder, less tamed – so the force of drives or emotions that carry us along or trample us. The moose or elk sometimes appears as a magical animal that brings a feeling of loving connection with the world. Generally a natural and instinctive urge you are meeting in yourself or others.

 Example: The horse stopped and I put my face close to its muzzle. In some way I felt connected, and as I looked up I saw it was a female moose not a horse. It lifted its head and because of my connection lifted me too. It felt very pleasant.  

Example: I see a bunch of these high school kids teasing a moose. The moose is laying down in a corner like it is hiding, or sick. I yell and run across the road to save the moose. I get it up, by petting and pulling at its rack. I begin to walk away from the field to the woods fuming about the stupidity of people and how dangerous these animals can be. A second larger moose comes from the woods to ask me what I was doing, and I explained it to her. That he was not a thing to be picked at and how dangerous his rack is, he bumped me in the back with his rack. Not to hurt me, but to show he was listening. I reached up and petted his cheek like you would a horse. I walked him to a bridge, still standing next to his head, petting his cheek, speaking to him like I was soothing him. Just as I was going to cross the bridge I woke up.  

Useful Questions and Hints:


Can I learn anything about what urges or feelings I am meeting from my interaction with the moose?

Is there conflict or harmony shown in my dream?

In my description of the dream what key words do I use. See: key words.

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-Pat Keegan 2011-02-21 23:53:04

Had an odd dream. First it was all about work that was to be done, the subconscious at work, and then it changed. I found myself in a lightly wooded area of birch and/or poplar. I looked to the left and spotted a massive white elk. He spotted me and charged. I felt the normal feeling of ‘run’, but held my ground instead. As he neared I pushed calm to him and he stopped one to two feet from my face. I knew he could understand me, as most animals do, and simply looked at me and I felt a response from him that I cannot articulate. Sadly my alarm woke me. Massively beautiful big snow white elk!

I have tried to find some meaning to this and get very basic things. It seems a bit more I think, just from feeling. Any thoughts on this?


    -Tony Crisp 2011-02-25 13:23:18

    Pat – You certainly have a good sense of moving through the world of dreams.

    It seems that the work that was to be done was in facing and meeting the beautiful White Elk. The moose or elk sometimes appears as a magical animal that brings a feeling of loving connection with the world. Generally a natural and instinctive urge you are meeting in yourself or others. I think the following dream is helpful.

    Last night before I slept I wondered how I, my ego, could co-operate with the forces of life in me. I dreamt I was walking along School Lane with my dog. Ahead, coming toward me I saw a horse and rider. I called my dog to heal, and the horse stopped and I put my face close to its muzzle. In some way I felt connected, and as I looked up I saw it was a female moose not a horse. It lifted its head and because of my connection lifted me too.

    I think this is an explanation of your dream too, a connection with the forces of Life. In the Native American tradition it is seen as a meeting with the Great Spirit and a connection you have now got because you were not afraid. It is also said to represent Elk as a unique type of warrior energy. They honor the company of their gender and call on the power of the sisterhood or brotherhood.



      -Pat Keegan 2011-10-01 16:38:49

      An update for you.
      Since that night, and for months now, I have had animals behaving out of character with me. Wild shrews coming within a half inch of my workbooots. Gophers running right up to me, standing and looking, running over to my beer and clam (camping), I harumph and the little bugger runs back to me and looks again, other gohpers coming right up to me. Some birds that don’t leave when I approach, and one that allowed contact as I tried to shoo it away from a doorway. Deer that allow half the distance they normally would. Odd year so far since that night. I have always respected the land and animals, even though I hunt on occaision, but never had proximity like I’ve encountered this year.

      As for the dream world/spirit world…you don’t know the half of it, and I won’t speak of it on this public forum.


        -Tony Crisp 2011-11-02 10:31:02

        Pat – You must feel a real connection with nature inside and out. Think yourself lucky.

        I wish everybody had that sort of good fortune.



-Stephanie 2011-12-07 1:14:26

I dreamed that I was driving my car on the highway and I saw a huge moose on the road. So I stopped, hoping the moose would move. Then all of a sudden the moose charged at me (at this moment I thought: I’m going to die), then the moose charged right through my windshield with its antlers. I went flying back with glass exploding everywhere, and then I woke up.


    -Stephanie 2011-12-07 1:28:44

    I would be grateful if you could give me some insight into this dream. I have been having a lot of dreams where I am in some sort of danger. And the dreams are very vivid. This one especially scared me because I essentially died in the dream.


    -Tony Crisp 2012-01-11 11:37:26

    Stephanie – The only interpretation I can find in myself for this is that this is a warning. It is not a warning about death, but it does seem to be saying that if you keep going in the direction in life you were going, it could be a bad move; so back up.

    With any such interpretation take it and examine it and look around in your life events to see any signs of it truth. If you cannot see any signs, then carry on with your life, but keep watching.



-Ileana 2012-10-16 2:30:34

I had a very disturbing dream last night that has left me quite confused. There were many moose in my dream, but none of them were friendly, they were charging after me and destroying things in their path. I was terrified and spent much of the dream running and hiding from the moose. At the beginning, I was alone with the moose in the woods somewhere, a place that seemed quite natural for moose to be, but eventually I took shelter in a home. They continued to come after me and I continued to hide. There were children in the house as well and I was concerned for their saftey. Eventually the dream ended with a man coming out of the garage and using a giant hand to catch each moose as it charged and sling shot it far away.
I am so confused by this dream because everything I come accross regarding moose in dreams seems to be good omens but I cant find anything about charging moose or any reason why I should have been scared.
Please offer some insight. Thank you


-Kate 2013-09-12 22:35:46

I had a dream last night that there was a big moose standing in the snow outside my window. I could tell he wanted to come into the house but I told him he couldn’t. He opened the door anyways on his own and I gave him a glass of water. I also tried to give him a hot beverage because I knew he was cold. Then he lied down on the couch like a dog and I pet his head. When he left, he got in a big red pickup truck and drove away. Crazy.


-Paula 2014-08-14 17:30:20

My dream involved my seeing a moose just outside my bedroom of what appeared to be my parent’s house. I wasn’t afraid and neither was it. There seemed to be compassion there respectfully between the two of us. In the dream the moose was lying on its right side. Didn’t appear to be injured or even sick. Maybe it was.


-Chris 2015-07-05 18:02:30

I was sitting on a path bench with my son, when we heard rustling on one side of the path and saw a large healthy and strong looking moose come out of the brush cross the path then into the swamp on the other side of the path swimming away.

Moments later an unhealthy elk rustles out of the bush crosses the path and enters the water and begins swimming with much struggle.

Shortly after that a young elk comes out of the bush crosses the path and enters the water…. but it doesn’t swim and begins to sink to the bottom I quickly jump into the water to save it, grab it in the water and start to swim up… as I start swimming up I woke up.


-Alex 2016-06-24 15:11:46

I dreamt a dream with a male moose, a moose cow and a baby moose, they were standing in my eay and blocking my path away from my house, they were golden.


-kitty 2016-11-23 4:29:37

I have not dreamed a moose, but I have seen them up close in the wild many times. Several times while riding a horse Once a bull mistook my black mare for a female moose and followed us – my mare bolted in fear and left her black foal in the dust, but he caught up and the bull realized his mistake when he saw the foal.
.Once I drew a moose tag for hunting and came very close to a huge bull, but refused to shoot it. At the time I thought my reasons were the ridiculousness of that much meat for two people, and the ridiculousness of thinking we would be able to pack it all out of the wilderness. But I have since felt that I simply cannot kill a moose because it is too like a horse. I have had very close relationships with horses and the moose seems to me to be to be a water horse.I am, myself, a “wood horse” in Chinese astrology.


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