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You can be flooded by water, by emotion, of fear, a flood of energy, flooded by sense impressions, by sexual feelings, hatred or anger, flooded with feelings and memories.

Depression could be seen as an inundation of negative emotions; anxiety a flood of fear; an overflow of usually unconscious or uncontrolled feelings and urges into consciousness. The flood can of course be of positive feelings like love. In any case, floods can be enriching to growth if handled well. In many flood dreams it is positive energy the dreamer is anxious about.

This usually indicates powerful and difficult emotions causing you to feel swamped and threatened by their intensity. One can also  be ‘flooded’ with anxiety, a flood of fear, or even an overflow of usually unconscious or uncontrolled feelings and urges into consciousness.

The flood can of course be a release of positive feelings like love. In any case, floods can be enriching to growth if handled well. In many flood dreams it is positive energy the dreamer is anxious about.

In any case, floods can be enriching to growth if handled well. In many flood dreams it is positive energy the dreamer is anxious about. See: Deluge; Avoid Being Victims

A flood dream for Artemidorus indicated misfortune in litigation or ill tempered masters; and it has virtually the same meaning for the Africans.

If you have a tendency toward fluid retention a flood dream could be showing that, so drop your salt intake and take some green tea which flushes you out. This often shows as strange feelings  in the head, headaches or even migraines.

Flooded house: This might indicate you have water retention or health problems or else that a tremendous emotional upset has happened.

Example: So when I imagine standing at that spot I am flooded with feelings and memories. I am aware of the changes that have gone on over the many years I have stood in that place.

Example: The family image would be tarnished if feelings trapped beneath the surface heated up and became visible. Mary was stunned by these comments but recognised their validity. Suddenly she found herself flooded with previously repressed memories about specific incidents of physical abuse and emotional trauma from her childhood. These were memories that had been totally blocked from awareness during the intervening years.

Useful questions and hints:

Do I feel as if I might be overwhelmed of late – if so what by and can I avert it?

If this is positive energy how am I expressing or sharing it?

What power of change is rising around and in me?

See Techniques for Exploring your DreamsEdgar CayceMartial Art of the Mind



-Paul 2015-09-19 12:51:57

I had a dream battle. I was with few friends that I don’t know. I do not believe that we were entirely human maybe Dwarfs or elfs, or just youngsters. Our backs were to in ocean. tiny little formations started to March towards us and battle with us. I shot at them with a silent machine gun and was able to take many of them down. suddenly I had a sense that something was wrong, I had an overwhelming sense of a godly presence that was warning everyone of an impending doom due to a catastrophic flood , and I myself sense that something was wrong as well.

During battle a massive flood first started as a trickle towards the ocean and then long rolling waves violently clashed over the land and joined with the ocean.we were situated on high ground but eventually that became submerged as well. Then suddently I was in a boat with my companions and a female companion a tiny boat first being pushed all around by the waves. I am Not sure what happened to the boat but we ended up in the water and eventually found a floating iceberg. we were anguished but not necessarily thinking that we would die, searching for dry land. we found our self on a hard flat surface such as a iceberg or broken ice Floor and paddled with our arms against the waves and in the direction that the the water came from ;in land . there were houses and cars that had evidence that they were once under water but now all of the water which navigated to the coastline left dry land In its leave. the dream ended here with the sensation that land that we found would soon become flooded when the water return from the ocean as it was below sea level


-arnold 2015-10-20 18:00:57

last night I dreamt I was in the middle of the street and surrounded by tall buildings and suddenly I shouted water coming and I run as fast as I can and went inside the building I don’t know the people with me, the water reach to a certain level and we went out the balcony to check the water level and I head someone said that they are going to freeze the water so it wont go up, then I started asking the people to get out of the water it seems like they are just swimming and I saw something fell and the water becomes thick and the fish are dying but it was not successful the water did not freeze, its strange because the fish was violent and started biting people, the water kept rising to the point I went up the roof together with two boys that I don’t know. I saw a metal ladder and the three of us climb at the end of the ladder, water keeps on rising and it almost reaches us, one boy want to play, he jumps into the water and he started to sink to the point I cant see him, I was scared and waiting for him to float to my surprise the water subsided fast and I saw the boy holding onto the ladder smiling. Then I woke up……


-David 2015-12-12 14:46:32

I keep having this one dream, where I’m in some nuclear apocalypse world, and I’m in some fort. The flood gates open and an Atleast 20 foot wave wipes the whole fort and many people out. I was the last survivor, standing on top of a warehouse.


-Raul 2016-01-09 1:23:02

Dear Tony,

Can you please help me in understanding the meaning of my dream. I saw city was flooded (murky water) and there was ship (brown colour) submerged into water, waiting for my uncle who was leaving us. He told that he will come back after 1.5 – 2 years. While sending off to him I was crying and tell him to do tell all bad things that happened to me because of my father to my grand father (who passed away).

Surprisingly the person whom I was referring as uncle did not resembled my uncle.

Please help me in understanding the meaning of this dream.



-maria 2016-03-19 13:43:35

I can someone explain to me what my dream means? I have this recurring dream that I’m at different places different times and the ocean starts to over flood water starts coming out of everywhere and before you know it but for some reason you’re not drowning any more and then the water leaves and everything is back to normal but within the dream I’m trying to escape from the water and are people drown it’s just horrible


-Cris 2016-05-11 17:56:33

My dream was about trying to flee from flood that was about to happen. I was with my niece and upon seeing some others who were trying to escape, asked them to join us and help them, escape too. What does this mean?

The dream was in a place where there was a community, ground was of soil, not cemented. And I have my niece in the car when I stopped and asked 3 other people I didn’t know to join me and my niece to flee with us. How this dream all started I cant really recall but this part I remember as I woke up nervous.


-Taylor 2016-05-19 13:49:41

Hi Tony, I’ve been having a reoccuring dream about my family and a flood, but the flood is sort of supernatural. My family and I seek refuge on this very tall tower thats just big enough to fit us all. The waters will come rushing up, but just after a period of time they will go down and we are able to swim to a nearby house to gather supplies. When I go down to the house, I look in all of the cabinets but they are all empty except for a plate and some silverware so i grab it anyway. There are also some pills on the counter and some little snacks so i grab those too. In the dream it is raining, but there is no other explanation for the flood. The water is only down for a few minutes before rising up again, and it continues to be like this throughout the dream. I make it back to the tower just in time before the waters rise again. My aunt and uncle are fighting while we are all on the tower, and my cousin dangles off of the side of the tower while I warn her to come back in. She doesn’t listen and is almost swept away by the water. I’m worried this dream might be a warning for my family and I. What could it mean?


    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-05-24 9:46:18

    Dear Taylor – Your dream is a reflection of how you deal with memories, experiences, feelings, energies and sense impressions that you perceive as threatening; it is all about your INNER world so there is no need to worry about your family; http://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/inner-world/#MakesInner
    Recurring dreams arise because there is a need to learn something. Also the growth instinct is incredible powerful one and pushes you through growth, sometimes unwillingly. And if you resist it can cause recurring dreams.
    Your defence is reflected in you and your inner family seeking refuge in this very tall tower.
    Your inner family represent values, attitudes and emotional or social responses you have absorbed from your family and you do not seem to be willing yet to expose what you have absorbed and question it.
    See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/defence-mechanisms/ and http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/individuation/
    When you enter the house you become aware that this approach makes you feel empty and what you take with you may reflect the external means you use to deal with internal feelings of emptiness.
    When you return you also become aware that your approach leads to internal conflicts and not being able to communicate in a helpful way with your selves anymore.
    Perhaps you feel like exploring a new approach that will expand your awareness; “this very tall tower that’s just big enough to fit us all”?
    See http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/opening-to-life/
    Anna :-)


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