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You can be flooded by water, by emotion, of fear, a flood of energy, flooded by sense impressions, by sexual feelings, hatred or anger, flooded with feelings and memories.

Depression could be seen as an inundation of negative emotions; anxiety a flood of fear; an overflow of usually unconscious or uncontrolled feelings and urges into consciousness. The flood can of course be of positive feelings like love. In any case, floods can be enriching to growth if handled well. In many flood dreams it is positive energy the dreamer is anxious about.

This usually indicates powerful and difficult emotions causing you to feel swamped and threatened by their intensity. One can also  be ‘flooded’ with anxiety, a flood of fear, or even an overflow of usually unconscious or uncontrolled feelings and urges into consciousness.

The flood can of course be a release of positive feelings like love. In any case, floods can be enriching to growth if handled well. In many flood dreams it is positive energy the dreamer is anxious about.

In any case, floods can be enriching to growth if handled well. In many flood dreams it is positive energy the dreamer is anxious about. See: Deluge; Avoid Being Victims

A flood dream for Artemidorus indicated misfortune in litigation or ill tempered masters; and it has virtually the same meaning for the Africans.

If you have a tendency toward fluid retention a flood dream could be showing that, so drop your salt intake and take some green tea which flushes you out. This often shows as strange feelings  in the head, headaches or even migraines.

Flooded house: This might indicate you have water retention or health problems or else that a tremendous emotional upset has happened.

Example: So when I imagine standing at that spot I am flooded with feelings and memories. I am aware of the changes that have gone on over the many years I have stood in that place.

Example: The family image would be tarnished if feelings trapped beneath the surface heated up and became visible. Mary was stunned by these comments but recognised their validity. Suddenly she found herself flooded with previously repressed memories about specific incidents of physical abuse and emotional trauma from her childhood. These were memories that had been totally blocked from awareness during the intervening years.

Useful questions and hints:

Do I feel as if I might be overwhelmed of late – if so what by and can I avert it?

If this is positive energy how am I expressing or sharing it?

What power of change is rising around and in me?

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-tigresstiff 2012-04-08 18:37:07

Hi Tony and happy Easter! :) I had a dream last night about a really big flood, with people unable to access their cars and being stuck on flooded out bridges. However, as I was on the flooded out bridge with the others who were also stuck there, everyone was playing music, dancing and laughing! It really was a sight to behold! I finally made it to my car and saved my cat, who had been inside and tried to escape. All’s well that ends well! So I guess this was a “happy” flood dream! Peace and cheers, Tony!


    -Tony Crisp 2012-04-11 9:32:13

    TigressTiff – Well, you seem to be in a happy mood.

    The flood appears to indicate a massive amount of emotional or psychic energy – energy of the psyche. It seems to be a turning point in your life, a real turning point – the bridges. And of course it is something to celebrate.

    So, thanks for your good wishes – received and held close.



-terra100 2012-07-26 19:37:45

Hi Tony,

I had two dreams last night about flooding.

One was about me being ahead of the flood coming over the ridge and plains, I was saving cattle (which is weird because I live in the city!) by throwing them ahead of the flood, and I was also telling the people to get out of the way. I always stayed ahead of the flood.

Then, the second dream was of me being in my childhood home and the flood (presumably from the ridge and plains earlier) was coming. I pulled everyone out of the house and came out the back door as the water was rising — I could only see it rising a couple of inches. The water in both dreams was crystal clear water. The neighbor across the street wanted me to come over and see all the damage of the water there — hardly any damage, just 1 inch of clear water in her house. So I commented on her stylish decorating (she was mad about that!).



-Nikita 2012-09-04 4:43:55

Dear Tony,

I am Nikita from India, Since last few days repeatedly flood and sewage comes in my dreams. But no harm to me or any one of my family in my dream, still i feel in morning why this two dreams comes repeatedly?


-Marilou 2013-11-17 19:01:47


I had a dream last night about a flood about to occur. In my dream I was preparing everything I needed for me and my 3 young children. The setting looked like a beach house by the water. At one point in my dream, I opened the front door and saw water coming up on shore by the steps to the doorway, so I shut the door right away and felt slightly scared but a bit in control. Enough to gather up our belongings and try to get away from it. The strange part is, we never drive off far and kind of just stayed still by the house.


-poornima 2013-11-30 4:44:07

Dear Mr.Tony

For the last few years am having the same dream related to this floods. Yesterday also I had the same. Am sunk in the flood and flowing on the water at last I reached the destiny place(My home).

In that dream , am thinking about 3 things 1. one is about my boy friend and 2.My sister 3. my purse in my hand. These three things floating on my mind when I am in water. water is not good. But am not feeling worry.

What does it mean?


-Margot 2013-12-26 20:43:23

Hi Tony I had a dream this morning about my childhood house being lifted up and floating away down the street but still ending up in the same suburb where I grew up and where the house came to rest. I know this because I asked the people which suburb were we in. Towards the end of the ride there were some medium-sized waves not too big and we kept bumping into other houses. Our house was the only one on the move all the others were stationary. The water was rather muddy. Also in the house was my sister and her family. She had just split from her partner. I was more concerned about losing material items like my car and music then I woke up. I usually don’t remember my dreams. Could you please interpret this dream?


-Louise hunt 2014-01-15 22:10:37

Hi I’ve been havin this dream for a few years- I’m with my children and we are aware that there is a MASSIVE flood on it’s way – basically the end off the world! So I spend the whole dream trying to get me and the children ( I’m also always trying to find where there dad is) away as far as possible but havin that hopeless feeling knowing it’s DEFINATELy goin to flood over wherever we are- BUT in every dream ( and in each one the building I’m in is different but never OUR house!) There’s an attic type hatch door at the very top of the house that I know if we climb up into we have a better chance- my dream AJWATS ends when we are really panicking an starting to REALKY think about goin up there! I can see the water comin over the horizon swamping EVERYTHING ( like Noah’s flood) and it gets to the house sometimes! LASTNIGHT I had lost one if my younger children in the chaos an was crying through the whole dream too!
What’s WIERD us last night the water was …..BOLOGNRSE!!!!


-Rachel 2014-04-09 14:27:56

I had a very unusual dream last night. I dreamt I was driving in a sewage flood. Brown water was everywhere. I was trying to get out of it


-Crystal 2014-07-11 11:19:16

I Keep dreaming of my Dad who has passed. One that bugs me is (Dreaming my Dad took my sandles) I know it sounds crazy but this dream I know means something cause I can feel it. I am deteriorating with my kidneys and back…I feel hopeless and sometimes want to give up.
Last night I dreamt there was a big basement flood in my childhood house. Mom sold that house since Dad passed. I often dream of this house. In my dreams Dad is not angry but always quiet. The dream about my sandles he was playful about taking them.

On another note, My Dad told me in my dream that my Mom was using again. I confronted her with great detail, (Chewing pills) and she finally admitted it. My Dad showed me how she did it, etc. Told me to get a neck scan…My niece turned out to have full thyroid cancer & I brought her to the ER because of this dream…I knew it meant something.
Am I going crazy here? Trying to put pieces together. Please help me.
Best regards,


-Tony Dupree 2014-07-26 10:15:44

Hello Tony, funny we have the same name.

Anyway I just had a dream I got into a luxury car with my mother. She’s driving us through a terrible flood so bad that at one point the car is splashed and then we get soaked. Then not to long after I’m guessing we hit a baracade and we end up fully submerged in the car by water, causing me to wake up out of my sleep. We most likely drowned unless I was able to get out of the car and possibly try to save her because I’m better swimmer and I have more awareness in tense situations but I don’t know from where I woke up iut of the dream.


-Erica 2014-08-21 17:25:38

Dear Tony,
I had a dream last night with a flood in it. I found it rather peculiar because I personally don’t dream of water much. Nor of cities, yet there were both. I was in a college with dorms which is strange because I’ve graduated college already and my college didn’t have dorms. Anyway, I was there with a few friends who I had indeed met in college and we got a flood warning, not on the television, but people in the halls were talking about it. So I went out back and the back of the building was much higher than the front but there was still a cement sidewalk and stairs going up. At the top of the stairs is where the water was coming from and it seemed as though there was a drop off after the stairs like the stairs had gone to the top of a cliff. I looked down the street that the top of the stairs went to and I saw a massive flood coming towards us. I knew it was massive because the buildings looked like those in New York and it had to have been at at least the 7th floor up, yet, the flood was moving extremely slow, like it was literally in slow motion. The strangest thing about all of this was I wasn’t scared at all, I smiled in fact. calmly went back into the dorms, took my shoes and socks off and was going to go back outside to jump in. I saw my friend Theresa who shared a dorm with me on the phone with her mother to come pick her up and she was terrified, she was crying even. I paused and called my mom hoping she’d get here soon too in case the rest of my friends parents couldn’t come, but at the same time; I wasn’t overly concerned with leaving. I went back outside to jump into the passing flood but before I ran up the stairs to jump in, I saw a boy(someone else I know, and he’s actually a year older), but anyway, he had been hit by one of the passing waves and was pushed by a heavy stream of water and into the doors that led to the dorms. (There were many other people out back watching the flood slowly coming closer and they all said oooo…or ouch as they heard him hit the doors) He didn’t look too happy, but he didn’t look seriously injured either. The flood was almost right in front of the back where we all were and some people started crying or screaming and ran towards the door, but I ran out to the flood and dove right into it, smiling. Then, I woke up. None of the places were familiar to me and only some of the people were, many others just had indistinct faces and voices… But I guess I’m a little confused as to what the meaning could be, because other people were scared, but I wasn’t.


-mysha 2014-09-02 9:20:47

Hello.I had a dream about being in a flood.I was somehow sleeping in the living room in a new home.The walls were somewhat transparent? Because I was able to see that the other rooms was already flooded with water.Then the door that connects the living room to the other room was damaged by the strong current of water coming from the other rooms.It looked so real I could have sworn I was going to die.It didnt took long until the living room was flooded with water.My chest hurts due to the strong current of water coming.I was floating still holding my breath.My head was touching the ceiling and magically I could open (?) the roof? You know like one of those cars where the roofs can be easily opened to let air in? Yeah it was like that.And then I hung between the half opened roof and my legs were magically long well long enough to kick open a black cupboard door and found my brother sleeping there(the water level had decreased) he woke up soaking wet and so I told him to come to the roof with me.We both just hang there.We could see the whole neighbourhood. I could tell all the newly build houses gone.Nothing.Like the construction workers didnt even bother to build it anymore they just leave it there.Nothing but empty lands.To my right, I saw a condominium I was kinda relieved to see the condo still standing tall.It was all as if the flood didnt happened although it was raining heavily.We went down and went outside the house.I saw my mother there talking on the phone.She was talking to my dad(my parents are divorced since I was a little kid and my mum got remarried) and in my dream I saw three little kids (a girl and two boys) and they were supposedly my siblings.My mum looked at me and said that she and dad were dicussing about moving asap.The surroundings was scary like the end of the world but it didnt really end you know? And I didnt see anyone there but us.Im not usually sceptical about dreams but this one really had me thinking about it non stop.Please tell me what it means thank you.


-Cynthia 2014-09-13 7:19:33

I have been having vivid dreams first. I was visiting a exfriend. We where on a hill and the houses around it where flooded. But the house I was in was not.
Then I dreamed I was in a place where a Chinese guy came in and and got the guards to go on his side and. He was about to rob them I woke up.


-flor 2014-10-02 11:24:34

hi Toni!
I had a dream that my washroom bowl always falling apart from the bottom, and see water coming out, and then one day, the washroom floor was flooded looks like the water is so clear like ice…


-diksha 2014-10-07 9:59:15

Hey Tony. Iam a girl, 20years old. Just woke up from a bad dream and here iam writing about it as there is no one at home and internet is the only source to refer to. In my dream, I saw this lady whose baby had been abandoned and she had been tied with a rope in a local train’s last coach’s door. Somehow i was able to bring her baby to her( i really dont know.how). It was night and the train stoppped at some random station surrounded by different villages(as i could figure it out from the people there) the train stopped on a station near a bridge and news started coming in for nearing floods; as the water level had been rising. some people then came and broke open the bridge and the last thing i see is, me with my parents dying mercilessly in a flood. I know its good to be strong and everybody says these dreams mean nothing; i am writing here like this first time only because it scared me to death to see my parents in this flooded dream. I avoid thinking about those dreams in which only iam involved. but right now am just scared and need to know why did i dream this bad dream all of a sudden; and also its afternoon here and i was sleeping. this dream is not a night dream.


    -Tony Crisp 2014-10-13 9:56:44

    Diksha – The whole dream is about abandonment and death.

    The child was abandoned on the train, and the death of your parents was another – felt – abandonment. The baby is you – your feelings when young. You feel you do not have much power over the direction of your life – the train. And the bridge that is a sign of a big change threatens you – the flood.

    You are facing the big change of facing adulthood, and that might mean doing it without your parents. In dreams that often is shown as the death of parents. But that scares you – but dreams are practise runs and you can learn from the experience. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/questions-2/#Summing and http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/individuation/



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