Nightclub Club

A place to meet and express or show your body or sexual attributes. A way of showing your talents as in the example. See: bar room.

 Example: People were walking out. I got the mike and said, “Wait. You’re gonna miss something neat if you leave.” I started belting out “I am woman.” I pushed the curtain back so I could play to the whole club (arena-like stage). I saw on the left, a red plush banquet set up. No one was there. Everyone started dancing and enjoying themselves. Blacks, whites, men, and women, all together. I was the pivotal peace maker. Barb

Example: In the garden and old and slovenly woman was on a couch. She seemed to be in charge of the place – like a Madame of a brothel or disreputable club. She asked me what I wanted. I told for I was looking for my children.

Social club: It suggests your ability or lack of it to be sociable.

 Example: Dreamt I had been enjoying myself with some work mates at a social club, with my husband.

Club: Clubs can be golf clubs or things to protect of harm others with, so the meaning depends on the dream. See games.

 Example: ‘Three men with clubs were chasing me but never actually caught me as I woke in terror. I was determined to tell myself it was only a dream and the next night as they were chasing me I remembered it was only a dream and lost all fear – stopped running – turned to face them and said ‘This is only a dream, you can’t hurt me.’ As they came closer they faded into nothing and I never saw them again.’ Account of dreams when 6 years old. Mr C.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Have I ever been to a club, and what are my memories of it?

What did I do or feel about my dream of the club?

What was happening with the club?

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