Observatory Astronomy

This often shows the dreamer experiencing expanded awareness – i.e. seeing or knowing beyond their usual senses allow. This may occur for various reasons. See Using Your Intuition and Answer to Critics

As such it may give you understanding of a global nature, or even allow you views of your own history, your identity. Often such dreams enabled you see the bigger picture, or the  deeper meaning in life.

I have received many dream of houses with a turret with windows allowing a view or the stars and surrounding countryside. This is very much a dream which the dreamer is having a wonderful wider awareness.

Example: Dream of my late son, who passed this summer from Pneumonia. (Drug induced). We are in a globe type room, sort like an observatory. It is bright and colorful though the ceiling has stars and sky like patterns. My son is standing in the center of the room with me by his side. I am instructing him on something. I have a mentor (a male figure) looking on silently. I just know the mentor is for me. I mentor my son even though the/my mentor does not speak or anything.

Example: I remembered the dream about the large house with well cultivated piece of land and the round turret on its roof. It was the house with large grounds and a pond, in which we had all bathed as children.

The dreamer explored this dream and saw with wonderful clarity that the cultivated garden showed how he had worked on himself and left a mark on the world. The turret he experienced as realisations of having a mind that was so much more than he had ever realised. As an example he realised that the pond that ‘we had all bathed in as children’ was in fact a memory of a time in human development when there was no sense of being independent, but we all bathed in a level of awareness that was shared.

 Example: My dream was I was taking a trip to the moon and it was a peaceful ride, but what scared me was the feeling of unknown things I was experiencing. I saw cold rocks that just floated by and the feeling of some type of pull that controlled us to position us in the place where we were stationed to go, and as we, I mean my wife, she comfort me when I got scared and didn’t want to look because I could see into eternity all the stars. I could witness every galaxy I behold and I wanted to see them but it was to much for my mind so I had to turn away. When we reached our place she said I don’t take many people here and smiled, but really I was still just in awe. I was indoors in a comfortable setting and it kind of reminds my of front room, but I was checking to see how things were held down lol, but in the middle of the couch there was a miniature star gazer like in a hologram digital form and I could see them and I said I wish we had the same type of scanner it could save NASA a lot of money – then woke up. The best dream I ever had by far…


Useful Questions and Hints:

Were you aware of a wider view of your surroundings or of the heavens?

What did you feel in the dreams?

Do you ever think about the wider issues of life?

Try using Being the Person or Thing and Magical Dream Machine

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