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Because the owl sees in the dark it represents our intuitive sense that ‘sees’ what is happening in the subtle areas of our feeling and experience. This sense ‘feeds’ by watching or acting as an integrating function with the many dark or hidden aspects of our experience and behaviour. Because this part of our mental process is aware of the hidden activities in the depths of our body and mind, it can initiate our conscious self into the mysteries of life and death. If one can imagine having a council of all living things, we would all have in common the drive to reproduce, and there would be huge links of understanding regarding care and rearing of young and perhaps of love for mate. The unconscious seems to have a sense of this synthesis of all life, and the owl, representing it, speaks with this sort of collective wisdom; a wise advisor.

Because the owl as a dream symbol is an actual doorway to the usually hidden side of life, we may sometimes feel fear or danger in regard to it. In some mythologies the owl was connected with death, and might act as a messenger regarding the death of a family member. For instance in Jewish tradition it is unlucky to dream of an owl, but okay to dream of any other bird. See: Second example in wife.

Idioms: Wise old owl; wisdom of the owl; night owl; owlish – looking wise or solemn.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What do I know about Owls?

Does this show any use of my intuition and wisdom?

If the owl seems menacing in the dream, is this about my fear of the dark, or death, or possibly the contents of my unconscious?

See CoreCollective UnconsciousBeing the Person or ThingUsing Your Intuition



-Claudia 2013-06-03 21:31:49

Hi tony,

I am starting a new business and dreamt two nights ago of being inside a house and seeing a white owl flying directly towards me, I said oh that’s for me and walk up just before the owl reached me I was not scared. Last night I was laying down with a puppy on my chest and saw a large chocolate brown owl standing next to me very close. I was not scared at all but in my dream thought it strange that such a large owl would be there. The owl blinked a fewntimes and then walked away and I saw it walk up a tree. If you could provide any insight I would be grateful.


-amber 2014-02-13 22:16:21


I went for skydiving and was asked to clear a written test but I missed one question with 2 subparts and was told that you missed it. So as a part of that question was – which mode/ camera you will choose to click a picture of an owl ( a latte brown shy owl was demonstrated by 2 weatish complexion ladies wearing dark green clothes n lil not gold jewelery) and the options as an answer I had to choose from were slr, dslr, night mode with flash and another option. I told them I dont know the answer then one of the ladies pressed the green button and said ok. Now, about the owl – it was sitting on a lot of wheat grains. There were slight movements in the owls feet as there was some limelight on the owl from somewhere outside. It was moving lil backwards and its feet was sliding on the wheat grains and neck was moving in a shy way not much but there was no space for the owl to move backwards. This was the dream. Ok now what I was doing yesterday – I tried to learn photography and looked at the pics we took in a national park and I looked at the pics of 2 owls for a few seconds which m going to delete today. I have a husband only left on this earth in my family and I think god is feeling itchy in his bum seeing me happy and keeps me scaring with such kind of dreams. Whenever I search of any dream I had it shows death of family member. Bad news blah bla.. I dont want to dream!!!


-Diggy 2014-05-01 23:30:42

I had a dream that me an my friends were in a trucks on the highway an me an one friend seen a big brown owl on the side of the road, it was alive but it didn’t move or make a sound, me an my friend just laughed about how big it was an why it was out an how I never seen one (because they usually come out at night) but can you help me I just wanna know what this means


-Diana 2014-06-09 14:59:05

Last night I had a dream I was on a backyard deck with my two young daughters and an owl flew over and say on a table right in front of my 6 year old daughter. In te dream I was surprised my daughter wasn’t afraid. After a few mins the owl flew away. No bad feeling in te dream. But now I am worried it means something negative :(
Any insight much appreciated


    -Ana 2014-07-07 15:48:21

    I had a dream last night that a brown owl was chasing me . There came one point that I looked at it straight in the eyes when it was staring at me but then I got frightened And looked away. For the most part I was was hiding and running away from it. Then came a witch (she was young and very nice looking didn’t look like a witch) who was trying to hunt it down. All I knew was that the owl wanted me, it would transform to a human at some points .

    I would appreciate it if you helped me decipher this dream. Thank you.!


-Sabrina 2014-06-12 20:55:25

Hi Tony,

So this morning, I had a dream about a brown owl with a white stomach. I was looking out my window in the dream and was trying to take pictures of the owl. It then flew down and changed into an eagle for a split second and changed back. Then I opened the window and it flew into my room and landed onto my left index finger and stayed there. If I would leave the room, it would follow me and land on my finger. I then tried to show my parents the owl but woke up. Any insight would be appreciated!! Thank you!


-J 2014-06-19 18:15:57

I had a dream..I was outside in the day time I want to say the forest. Lots of beautiful trees. I heard an owl but couldn’t see it. I show birds flying in the area.Looking around I found it In a tree in front of me, even though I keep hearing the owl to my left. It was the most beautiful tree and the owl was beautiful too, it was all most white but with some gray. I couldn’t stop looking at it. Then it come down close by me..at first I was scared and looked away. Then I looked at him again, and he looked at me for awhile with his big black eyes! Then another owl come , it was his mate..she was red and black..the got on a wagon then come their babies. All of the in a line. He keep looking my way. I wanted to take a picture but people come and told me i couldnt. they were Pure. I looked away when big beautiful rooster come out of no where. It was big and had blue,read, purple colors and I couldn’t stop looking at it. It when inside an area where there were lots of chicken were there. I wanted to touch the rooster but wasn’t allowed. I had peace in my heart but I wanted to stay but wasn’t allowed. The one thing I can’t forget is the way I felt when the owl looked into my eyes and I looked into his. The looked away for the rooster because it was so beautiful but the rooster didnt look at me or even notice me.


-Maria 2014-08-08 15:22:26

So I just had a dream where I saw an owl taking pictures with a camera?! And then I was like flying and an owl directed me where to go?! It’s really confusing


    -Tony Crisp 2014-08-12 7:39:20

    Maria – Everything in a dream speaks in the language of images, images which have associations. For example owls for generations have been thought of as wise, being able to see in the dark, which suggest the ability to see and understand what we fail to see.

    So your owl is saying that a part of your nature, your intuition, has been storing information – pictures – of life events. The new sense is able to guide you intuitively in what way to go in making decisions. See http://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/using-your-intuition-1/



-sarah 2014-10-05 17:49:09

Hello Tony,

I had a dream that I was sitting in the living room of my old house that i lived for over 10 years, the only thing different was the window had had changed into a modern double glazed window, one that could open wide, it was open and an owl flew in. my intuition was telling me it was on the hunt for a rodent but it swooped in sat on my sofa and just faced me. it was relatively large and brown. i felt very calm, it did not make any sound.

I have recently started a new job in sales/recruitment where the next 3 months almost determine whether I can become good at the job or not, do you think it would have anything to do with this? I have a lot of vivid dreams but this memory has really stuck in my mind and was very vivid.

I would really appreciate your thoughts as I seem to be getting mixed messages of un specific on line comments.


-Michelle 2014-10-22 1:43:22

I had a dream it’s not to clear I was some where couldn’t make it out and this light n dark brown owl tries to come to me something or someone was holding the owl away from me n that’s all I can rember I didn’t hear the owl. Also this week I was driving and I have a guardian angel clip on my visor n it’s pretty snug it’s fell on my lap like 4 times does this mean anything


-Kirsty 2014-11-18 8:49:45

I had a dream of a light brown owl, my husband and I were watching this owl have a blast in a swimming pool! It was very cute and happily was showing off in the pool. And everytime it went under water it has the most beautiful feathers/hair… Strange dream but was very cute and we couldn’t believe how the owl was friendly with us? What could this mean?


-leela 2014-12-29 2:44:54

I have dreamed owl tonight that too its couple owl one owl is in brown colour and other one some different like pink colour as I have seen it was staring at me after few seconds it flew away now wats going to happen with plzzzz reply for this


-joshua 2014-12-31 7:03:56

The other day I actually seen 2 white owls fighting and screeching above me and.ive always heard an owl is the sign of death but 2 fighting, what might it mean?


    -Tony Crisp 2014-12-31 11:31:02

    Joshua – It is not a sign of death. It is a sign of intuition because owls can see in the dark places – in your life. But the owls are fighting suggesting that are telling you of a conflict you will have to face or already are.



-Jane 2015-01-11 19:28:17

Hi Tony,
I had a dream last night that I was in a study group that was leading 2 brown barn owls as they swam down a river. At times I and the others, who I don’t recall, were in the river observing them. The owls were headed to a destination and one was always waiting for the other; they never separated too far. Once we got to the destination, they were in a small barn like cage where they briefly started having sex, but then it switched to a campfire with these people and I woke up soon after. It was very vivid that I was a part of this owl study group. What are your thoughts? Thanks!


-Natasha 2015-01-26 9:18:27

Hi Tony

I dreamt of 3 owls not all of the same colour. I was in a kitchen when they all walked in, I wasn’t afraid. The White owl was standing in front of me for a few mins then they all just walked away. There was no flying which was wired. I asked them to wait but they carried on. Can u tell me what this may mean plzz. Thanks again


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