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Prostitute Prostitution

May depict the misdirection of love and affection for financial ends, or selfish motives. Or feelings of sexual inadequacy. Desperate sexual needs.

The whore is also a symbol of the earth in its destructive mother aspect. The swallower of souls, of masculinity and attempts to mature. It is the whore, or mother, from whose emotional or sensual hold on us we have not found a way to break free. So it represent powerful feelings of need that we feel angry about, and therefore project aggressive criticism to the mother.

Other associations might be: Feeling you have ‘sold out’ or betrayed your real self or real feelings in order to survive or for money; on the game, or playing sexual games.

Woman’s dream: Unacknowledged sexual longings; feelings of ‘cheapness’ or guilt in sex; desire to be more free sexually.

Woman dreaming another woman is prostitute: Ones own hidden desires; feeling the other woman is promiscuous or might be in competition with her; uncertainty about ones own sexual value.

Man’s dream: Wishing a woman was more available; wish that sexual relationship were as simple as an exchange of cash; being ill at ease about his sexual practices; feeling unable to break free of emotional-sexual dependence on partner-mother.

See: archetypeof the prostitute.


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