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This may be that you sense something sick or negative, so can depict your fears or anxieties, frightening instincts or urges, physical sickness or anxieties about health. Perhaps also feelings of sexual repulsion or using sex to gain material aims.

One can be a rat, or smell a rat, or rat on someone. Underhand activities carried out without admitting the real motives, such as sex without love, or for material gain. Is also said to represent time gnawing away unknown at our life, and we may turn to find it empty. The rat can also depict what we most hate or feel repulsion toward.

Sometimes a rat in your dream can remind you of love that was betrayed, or intuitions about a person being a ‘rat’ – doing things behind your back or underhandedly – or deserting a relationship or situation when difficulties arise.

The rats can point to threatening things going on that you are not clear about, or a view of the underhanded side of yourself or others – the evil side of human nature, its dirt and squalor, or time gnawing away at your life. It can point to the unacceptable parts or yourself.

In some dreams the rat has the character of most rodents, the gnawing inquisitive searching out of things. It can therefore relate to your anxieties, self questioning and worrying mind that disturbs or eats away at things like peace of mind or confidence.

Pet rat: A pet rat can have quite different meaning, and can denote vulnerability, instinctive intelligence, the caring feelings or drive to care; responsibility for caring. As with any animal it might be illustrating your instincts and basic responses to events.

Idioms: Rat on someone; rat race; smell a rat; feeling ratty; cornered rat; rats leave a sinking ship.

Useful questions are:

Am I confronting or remembering something that I feel is repulsive or evil?

Am I in a relationship that I intuitively feel difficulties about?

Am I being a rat in a relationship or situation?

Is a worry or irritation eating away at me?



-Joyce 2014-03-27 14:30:00

Dream: my partner and I entered a house (not ours but it felt like it was our home). Anyway, as we walk in facing a staircase I can see a sticky triangle mouse/rat trap at the bottom of the stairs. A mouse/rat was inside this sticky trap which I though had caught it. But then it ran out towards us. As we tried to run away my husband jump on my back : ) then this mouse/rat jumped on the tail of my dressing gown trying to nibble away at it and my husband and I were trying to find away to get ride of the mouse which was still attached to my gown.


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