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The power of the unconscious self, or instinctive self.



-sphamandla 2015-12-15 3:35:50

I dreamt about my pregnant daughter rushed by two cars to hospital.what is the meaning?


-Zwelie 2016-11-15 6:49:58

Ngidinga usizo. kusho kuthini ukuphupha ulima kuphuma obhatata omkhulu kahkulu umhlaba uvunde kakhuku, kodwa khonalapho kwabonakala I ex yami imiphambi kwami ithatha lombhatata, angiphathekanga kahle. ngicelala usizo.


-Zwelie 2016-11-15 6:55:28

I dreamt about me buzzy on my yard digging around only to find some very big sweet potatoes, and there soil was so good an reach but my main problem is I was with my ex, who does not stay here any more she was taking my sweet potatios as if she stays here with me. please help me see what happening.


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