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Secrets Learned From Dreams

The First Great Secret

One of the great secrets observed from over thirty years of dream watching concerns health. It is that each of us carry within us fears about our health, or about our own personal adequacy. This is natural enough, but in dreams these feelings are shown as being like a hypnotic suggestion for the body to be ill. These negative emotions are like bad infections or viruses we have contracted. To counteract their influence we must take time to feel the basic force for life and survival in us. Become aware of the force that is constantly renewing body and mind. Imagine it pervading every part of you and work with it toward healing and renewal. Whatever feelings of pleasure you can find, let them spread to areas of pain or discomfort. Let them fill your body and restore it.

The Second Great Secret

The second great secret is that behind the facade we may erect to tell people who we are, each of us want to be capable of loving and supporting at least one other human being. We want at least one other person to be glad we exist. This secret of love permeates your sexual drive. Even the sex cells – the sperm and ovum – when they meet, burst asunder and give themselves completely to each other. Dreams suggest we have an urge toward this at a personal level. We deeply desire our lover to so open to us, and we to them, that we take them into ourselves and are enriched by the merging of the other personality without compromising our independence. If you are frightened of this giving of yourself, you remain frustrated in a large degree. And one of the great themes in dreams is the constant reminder of the fears and hurts that stand in the way of such love. See: second example in wife under family and relationships.

The Third Great Secret

The third great secret is about death. A huge number of dreams reviewed for this book are about death. Most of them reflect the fears and images we have of death, and show us running from these painted masks. Many such images are what we have inherited from our culture, through its lack of positive statements about death. The secret witnessed in dreams is that if you dare stop running from these emotions and cut-out cartoons of death, with their maggots and rotting bodies, you will break through the screen the images are projected upon. The wondrous reality of life will be waiting for you there, ready to share the love and transformation that lies in death. Dare to challenge the mirage. Second example in creativity and problem solving in dreams. Second example in creativity and problem solving in dreams.

I was Jesus walking among the people, in today’s world. I was in a crowded shop like building and could see lots of people out on the street gathering for a communal procession. I walked the other way through a corridor, passing people going out to the front way. It was then I knew that people were getting closer with the intention of shooting me. I kept walking to the area that I was intent on reaching which was a group of my people. I came out of a door and saw them sitting in small groups talking amongst themselves. I walked up to a table where a couple were sitting, very engrossed in each other. I sat down with them, reaching out with my hand to touch the woman saying, ‘Do not be afraid, I am going to be shot’. As soon as I said it I felt the shot go through me. Then several more. I stood up and saw a man take aim and shoot me, I wasn’t afraid, just stood there feeling the bullet go through. I then began to walk amongst the crowds knowing that I was shot several times. The top of my head was blown off, all my brains had gone and still I walked with the crowds. I saw the blood and brains on the ground and wondered at the marvel of still being there. I felt it was the Crucifixion of myself / Jesus. Hyone

The Fourth Great Secret

The fourth secret is that we can communicate with the deeply unconscious parts of our nature such as body processes. Dreams portray the life process as intelligent and purposive, as something existing in all things and synthesising all individual experience. Life as presented by the unconscious is responsive to our own actions and attitudes. If we care for and love the innate process of our being, such as daring to face the cultural and childhood sources of internal pain, and heal them, then life loves us, responds more fully to us, and opens its treasures to us.



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i just wanted to thank you for opening my eyes to my innerself. I just started visiting your web page and I began reading Super Minds. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.


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