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Encyclopedia Of Dreams Life and Human Mystery


To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.

Well not quite – But here is everything I have ever written in a tiny book – and just one entry in it has 1,700,000 words. I know, it is all the magic of the Internet. I believe it is a great resource for anyone who finds themselves faced by strange experiences or wants to explore dreams.

Here are the main heading for vast entries:

Approaches_to_Being - Body_and_Mind - Dream Dictionary - Health_and_Healing - I_Ching_The_Chinese_Oracle - Inner_Life - Interesting_People - Latest_News - Pregnancy_and_Childbirth - Relationship love and_Sex - Stories - Tony’s_Corner - Yoga

And here are a few links with entries 

Black Americans or Black Race - Touched by Wonder - Massive Info About You - My Body is a Moving Sea - Levels of our Being - Life In Us Is At Work All The Time - How I Became a Virgin - There is a Huge Change Happening Becoming One with The Animals - Mike Tanner – Running LifeStream Centre - Thrown out of school - YES – You CAN Dream a New Life - You Want a Daddy don’t You - Things I Want to Show You - Exploring Death and Life -  The Animal Communicator - What We Need To Know - Avoiding Being My Own Victim - Mind and Movement - Be Warned - Summing Up - Meeting yourself

Here it is in USA in UK in France  in Canada  in Germany in India in Italy even in Australia (a country I love.)

This may be the biggest book written in eBooks. In one single entry it has 1,700,000 words, and there over a thousand entries. But to manage this it is done with links – Amazing!

This holds everything written by myself – Tony Crisp – and includes a few other people’s writings also – during a long life, most of it spent in diving into the depths within others and myself. I have worked for over fifty years as a writer dealing with the inner life of people, as a therapist and teacher, and as a personal explorer of the strange worlds lying beneath everyday waking awareness.



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