Animal Situations

Below are descriptions of animal situations – like baby animal and fear of animal. But please search for single animals by name – for instance Lion and Dog.

As a baby you were a small vulnerable animal, with all the natural instincts to feed, to survive, and to bond with your mother. This natural and spontaneous part of your nature is the foundation of what you have become now as an adult. Not only were you born with an enormous natural instinctive wisdom gained through millions of years of evolution, but your newborn self also carried protective responses such as fear, anger, and sexual longing. These are all built into your nature without any recourse to a self-aware personality. But our animal self has the inherited wisdom about survival and relationships, parenting and finding a mate. There is a lot to learn from it, and it is a wonderful resource. See Animal in your Brain.

But what many people find is that they are frightened of their dream animal, or have never learned to help it evolve into the human world. This means that many people have a great lack in themselves and in their dreams they have to meet and work with the animal in them. As a child we are often told not to do things that would allow to mature with our animal self intact. Dream images are our fears, angers, love and thoughts clothed in pictures and drama. If you are frightened of a dream animal it is your fear clothes in the image of an animal. See What do You bring to Your Dreams?

These inbuilt traits are represented or depicted in your dreams by various animals and the situations your dream process places them in. Without feelings of fear for instance, you would, especially during childhood, enter into situations that could be life threatening. These dream animals illustrate the many natural responses you have to events and people you confront. Because we see them in so many ways, such as the cunning of the fox, the strength and mystery of the elephant, the loving fierceness of a lioness with her cubs, and the almost unconditional love dogs give us, the animal in your dream can express a very wide spectrum of meaning.

Useful questions:

What feelings are connected with my dream animal – fear, anger, love, wisdom – and in what way is that entering my life?

Is this an animal I know in life – if so what are my feelings or experience of it?

What is the dream animal doing, and metaphorically, wha is that suggesting?

Perhaps try the suggestion here Talking As

Animal with its young: Parental feelings; your basic childhood needs; your childhood experience of being parented.

Animal you love killed or died: This can often suggest great emotions being faced, Sometimes the shock is almost as if you have lost a child.

The difficulty might be trying to balance the mass of experiences of sharing you had the the loved animal. Suddenly you are faced by a complete contradiction, the living and the dead animal you are no faced with. It might be helpful to sit quietly an remember what feelings you had inside you as you hel or were near to each other, and then dwell in them.

Love can change the way dead pets experience their life after death, as this example illustrates.

Example: It involves my dad and his English bulldog, Chauncey. They were big buddies. Chauncey even went to work with Dad. Several years after Chauncey’s death, I dreamed of a female English bulldog who was very pregnant! A few weeks later, she appeared to me again, smiling proudly at two adorable puppies. One was brindle and the other was brindle and white. She showed me her house and street sign. The name of the street was Rosebud Lane. Then Chauncey appeared in the dream and told me he was returning and he would be the puppy that walked to me first! The next day I got the classifieds and started calling. It didn’t take long, the second call was located on Rosebud Lane. When I arrived, the mother dog looked just as she had in the dreams. She even acted like she knew me. I stood back and waited. Shortly, the little brindle and white puppy waddled to me. Dad cried when I handed the pup to him. Reincarnated bulldog…why not? By the way, Chauncey had a nickname…it was Rosebud!

Attacked by an animal: See: Wild animal(s) attacking.

Attacked sexually by an animal: This might be showing you feelings about sexual assault. If it does the animal side of the person who attacked you is probably indicated in some way. If you can meet it with your own anger it might have a healing effect.

Baby animal: A baby – sometimes connected with pregnancy; yourself when young; feelings or memories concerning your experience of babyhood; desire for babies; vulnerability; fundamental survival behaviours such as dependence, crying and bonding.

Domestic animal: Urges in yourself that you have learned to meet and direct with reasonable success. They still have to be cared for though, or they may react against what you ask of yourself. A horse for instance is broken in, or socialised, when it is young, as we are. But if we are keeping a horse, we must still make sure it has proper food, exercise and rest, as well as an expression for its herd instinct and sexual needs.

Eating the animal: Integrating your natural wisdom and energy; absorbing strength from sources other than your conscious personality; sensual pleasure and nutrition.

Fear of animal: This shows a fear of your natural impulses, or that you have been trained in childhood to repress your anger or curiosity. But some people have phobias about animals in waking life, perhaps through never relating to an animal when young, or from being attacked.

Herd of domesticated animals: The domestic animal depicts the urges in yourself and society, such as the sexual drive, aggression and self interest that have been directed socially for thousands of years, and is usually amenable to finding some level of social integration.

Herd of wild animals: The wild animal depicts your own urges or feelings that you are uncertain about controlling or directing. A herd of them therefore suggests you are meeting aspects of yourself you have not yet learned to direct or usefully integrate, and the herd might refer to your relationship with your own ‘herd’ or people around you.

Hiding from or trapped by an animal: Feeling controlled or threatened by your urges or emotions. See the wolf entry.

Killing an animal: This shows you killing urges or needs you have that are natural. Mostly this is injurious to your wholeness, but occasionally has to be done to deal with special life situations. The killing might also point to feelings of pain and conflict, as when we kill out something in us that is natural or even beautiful.

Licking: If an animal is licking you in some way it is an indication of love and even healing or a blessing. But if it is an aggressive type of animal it might suggest anger is being transformed into love, or strength being expressed as love or care.

Making love with an animal: This is usually about a meeting with your most primal and natural feelings, outside of social programming.

Neglect, mutilation or killing our ‘animal’: A common theme. In the example below, Lynda’s feelings show how she senses what she is doing to her inner nature, but she dismisses this by convincing herself such feelings are not ‘true’. But we have a responsibility to care for our animal drives, to see our sexual, nutritional and body needs are met, and the neglected animal shows us failing in this.

Example: ‘I am given an animal to look after, usually somebody’s pet while they are away on holiday. I then completely forget the animal, go away and when I return the animal is either dead or very dried up or has been got at by another animal and is in the throws of dying. When I wake from the dream I feel most dreadful and it is only when I am fully awake and realise it is not true do I feel better.’ Lynda E.

There are often dreams of mutilation or burned, starved, frozen, or beaten small amimals. They may not be things you have done to yourself but are things done to you by others, even parents. If you explore these dreams it gradually makes clear who perpeptrated the damage. You may need help in facing this.

Running away from or chased by an animal: If you are chased or running from an animal you are almost certainly feeling or exhibiting anxiety. If you take time to consider what an anxiety is, it is part of your own natural responses. Every animal feels anxious or afraid; it is its instinct to survive.

So the dream dog or animal is an image that clothes your feelings of anxiety. This may be difficult to grasp because the dream is an explanation of what you are facing in your self or life.  It is chasing you because it is part of you and you are running away from your own feelings.

To make this plain, the animal IS your feelings of anxiety. You see yourself running away from the animal because you are scared of your own feelings. Most of us don’t like feeling scared, so we run away from such feelings.

What can you do about this? Well you can imagine making friends with the animal, getting it some food, and direct its aggression or energy to be on your side. Or you can face your anxiety instead of running away from it. This, if you can do it, can radically change you.

Talking, white, shining, holy or wise animals: This shows important intuitive information; a meeting with the gathered wisdom we have unconsciously. This is one of the sources of religious inspiration, and many older cultures represent their origin of great learning or holiness as animals or animal headed beings. This is most likely because a great deal of innate information is held unconsciously. Our animal or instinctive self holds much of this, so communication with it can lead to enlightenment.

Taming or loved by a wild animal: Learning to relate to urges and energies in yourself that were previously unavailable to your will or needs. For instance some people face difficulties and their mind and body does not appear to support them. Instead emotions of anxiety rage within and they become ill. Other people have such a good relationship with their emotions they manage good health even when meeting stressful events.

Sacrificing animal: For long ages in human history animal sacrifice was practised. In a dream it might suggest the offering of ones sexuality or instinctive urges and needs to the influence of the life process within. It can also indicate, depending on the feelings in the dream, that you are killing a natural and innocent part of yourself. In a wider sense, life sacrifices itself to life. To exist, living forms devour each other. So the sacrifice is toward, and part of, the flow of life.

The traits, power or wisdom of the animal concerned; the instincts – for example yogis are often depicted sitting on an animal skin. This means they have mastered their instincts and gained the wisdom and power latent in them.

 Skinned animal: The maltreatment of your supportive instincts and the life processes that give life to your body and supports your personality. Feeling vulnerable at the basic levels of your being, and having no protection against the things touching or impinging on your life.

Wild animal: Urges and spontaneous feelings that may not respond in the way you, or your social training, may wish. Wild animals in dreams are not something ultimately different to your personality. They are an expression of energies and needs that you have not previously related to in a co-operative or mutually helpful way.

Wild animal(s) attacking: The wild animal represents your unrepressed instinctive reactions such as sex and anger. In the attacking mode however it shows unleashed aggression. In some dreams being attacked depicts what we feel in relationship with other people. The attack, the criticism and malign emotions directed at us by others are frequently shown as an animal attacking or biting us. Sometimes we may be aware of this, but often remarks are made which we miss, yet are sensed as an attack by our unconscious.

Wounded animal: A hurt that has caused instinctive reaction, such as unreasoning reactive anger or fawning submission.

Animals – dealing with dream animals To understand your dream animals, it is helpful to imagine that you are the keeper of a prehistoric type of human animal. As such you would need to be aware what the correct diet is for this big creature; what type of dwelling it needs; what are its sexual and emotional needs; what frightens it or causes it stress; what amount of exercise keeps it healthy, what its stages of growth are and how it can best develop through those stages; and what satisfies it in relationships with others of its kind? Your animal dreams are showing you exactly those issues. They are giving you insight into how to care for the instinctive, the spontaneous and natural in you.

Therefore ask yourself the following questions about your animal dreams, and write down any responses. If the answer is no to a question, move on the next one:


  • Is my dream animal struggling to survive?
  • Is the animal domesticated or wild?
  • Is there any concern about the animal’s health?
  • Is there an indication the animal has been injured?
  • Does love, caring or affection enter into the dream?
  • Are sexual feelings involved?
  • Does the animal show unusual intelligence or ability to speak?
  • Is the animal giving advice or showing you something?
  • Are baby animals involved?
  • Is the animal attacking or being attacked?
  • Is there a herd or group of these animals?
  • Has the animal been neglected or mutilated?
  • Are you trapped by or running away from an animal?
  • Try Using Dream Yoga.

Depending upon how the animal in your dream is presented, and what it is doing, dream animals represent your fundamental drives such as the fear reaction, anger, need for food, urge to breathe, sex or procreative drive, parental urges, drive for recognition or dominance in groups; survival drive; love of offspring; spontaneity; home building. They depict these drives perhaps stripped of their social forms of expression.

As such the animal can portray your relationship with the fundamental life processes in you. Dreams depict these processes as intelligent and responsive, not just as chemical actions and reactions as modern medicine so often does. Therefore your conscious attitudes influence these fundamental living processes in you – processes that maintain health, digest, beat your heart, rebuild damage and fight infection. Negative feelings or attitudes can cause these ‘animals’ is you to despair or lose motivation, and thus lead to depression or illness. Remember that in looking at the animal in your dreams you are yourself an animal. You as a person are a tiny spark of consciousness, a little bit of self awareness riding an incredibly ancient animal you call your body. Remember that your body has formed from cells and genetic information that has gradually developed over millions of years. It holds that information in it unconsciously. The animal in your dreams depicts this ancient wisdom and how you relate to it. It shows you how you are dealing with the urges in you that are natural, but might need to be helped into modern life or transformed in some way, not killed out, maimed or tortured. See: The Rock Beast.

Animals are one of the most frequent of symbols that appear in dreams. Because we see them in so many ways, such as the cunning of the fox, the strength and mystery of the elephant, the loving fierceness of a lioness with her cubs, and the almost unconditional love dogs give us, the animal in our dream can express a very wide spectrum of meaning.

As we project these characteristics onto animals, we may dream of an animal to represent the feelings we have about a person. An attacking dog for instance may be used to depict how we see someone who is being aggressive toward us.

Thus dream animals are complex symbols, and they portray many shades of meaning. Some animal dreams for instance display personal need for affection, desire to be touched, or the need to care for another creature and thus feel needed. Sometimes they depict pregnancy and parental caring. Because of these huge variations, the long commentary at the end of the individual description of animals has been added to help awareness in looking at such dreams. Each animal is also given an entry, as the character of the various animals suggests different things to us. Pets, for instance, have given to each of us very different experiences. We therefore have personal associations and feeling responses to pets we might dream about. See excellent example of this in the example under ferret. See: ape; birds; creatures; pet; reptiles and snakes; the unconscious.



-Lisa A Goldman 2017-08-10 13:42:56

I dreamt of an otter and a beaver. They appeared suddenly in front of the house where I grew up. They were on land, and passed under or through a fence to go home. My feeling of seeing them was wonder and awe. The person I was with did not see them or not interested.

-Emily 2017-07-20 4:10:12

Hi, i had a weird dream last night.. i was on my way out of a train then i saw a bob cat sleeping in on of the chair.. and then the bob cat suddenly chasing me, after being chased for a while it lost track of me.. and after that i go to a mall, and in the mall i just keep walking until i saw some people start running and they looks scared of something.. i ignore them at first until i saw theres lots of wild animal in the mall (lion, elephant, zebra, etc ) and they start chasing people too.. and i start running and finally i hide in the toilet, and i found out most people do that too..

Thats what i remember from my dream, i wonder what my dream means.. i had this same dream too before.. thanks

-Denzel pasqua 2017-06-23 5:44:51

Hi there i wanted to know about my dream i had tonight to day is thu/Jun/22/2017 i stay in Canada in province S.K i had a dream of a wolf trying to aatack me in my dream, i was scared felt real so i tryed to run from it and jumped on a tree to get away from it but it started to follow me up the tree so i hit it and fell down but kept coming back up and this tree was in front of a house. When i got to this house i was banging on the door for someone to let me in but no one was home so i saw the tree so in my dream i was trying to get up the tree onto the house as i was almost up to the roof the tree brunch broke and i fell and i saw the wolf gonna aattack me so i yelled for my grandfathers in my dream and right after i did that this guy open the door of the house and let me in and i woke up

-Saumya Garg 2017-05-22 5:32:41

Hi ! I am having these reoccurring dreams in which I am being attacked by a pack of monkeys who are trying to kill me and I am shouting for help to my mother who is always there in vicinity but she just stand there and look and just try to ignore me , and when later someone else asks her why she did not help me she just tells them she did not knew anything and it was not her business anyway. It is really disturbing for me and I really want to solve my issues.

    -Tony Crisp 2017-05-23 11:37:36

    Hi – It would help you to understand your dreams, if you would read – and also which has so much information in.

    Nothing can replace your own ability to understand your dream. With a little effort you can do this by practising what is described in – or


    Saumya – Whenever we dream its images are not like real life, because a dream is nothing like outer life where things could hurt you, but is an image like on a cinema screen, so that even if a gun is pointed at you and fired it can do no damage – except if you run in fear; so, all the things that scare you are simply your own fears projected onto the screen of your sleeping mind.

    Also all the people, animals, places you see in your dreams, are simply your own feelings, fears, hopes and wonder projected onto the screen of your sleeping mind as images. So, it makes sense to take the image of your dream person, thing or animal back into you and own it. In that way, you are meeting and dealing with the things about yourself you are not owning or conscious of. That is why dreams are often difficult to understand, because we are hiding things from ourselves. To do this you can use Being the Person or Thing

    So the monkeys are aspects of your self you have awful conflicts with. Also, to seems that in childhood you felt your mother gave you no support against others. See

-Umma 2017-05-17 6:09:18

I’ve read through your list and the descriptions don’t necessarily apply to me. I think a dream description is in order if you would be so kind to answer interpret.

I have had various wild animals appear in my dream, dog, 100’s of ferrets (I am afraid of ferrets), wolves, and tonight a mountain lion. Besides the ferrets they appear individually and seem to be hunting me. In my dream I can hear them before I see them and brush off the noise as a more docile creature. However, once we see each other the animal goes into hunting mode, to intimate or attack me. I feel frozen with fear and tell myself to run. Instead of running I ALWAYS attack the animal in its own aggressive manner, barking, hissing and biting, curling my fingers as claws, using my feet as hind legs. My reactions are so intense that the actions wake me from my dreams carrying on this manner. I do not understand what these various animals mean or why I am challening them instead of running for my life.

-Ryan 2017-04-10 7:38:12

Had a really interesting dream. My adopted daughter, 2 years old, was literally a chicken with stuffed animal fur that was bright blue in color. Through the dream she became more and more human. It was never discouraging and full of love. Just never had a dream so vividly clear. Thanks!

-kat 2017-01-23 4:30:55

Hello pls reply me, I had a dream that a cat (baby male) is licking my period blood, I felt disgusted that I got up from bed
also for a fact that m on my periods and the cycle has exceeded the days.

    -Tony Crisp 2017-01-23 9:05:15

    Hi – I am going to halt from answering your posts – the reason is that in so many of your post I give the same information to. That is because most posts do not realise the difference between dreaming and waking life. It makes a great difference.

    So, most of what I put in answers is my attempt at explaining what dreams are really about. It would help you to understand your dreams, if you would read – it would help me, and hopefully you too.


    The kitten is a symbol of your own young femininity. And why is your period blood felt as disgusting?

    All women’s blood, flowing onto the earth, during her menstruation, is the miracle of Life, creation and death. Every woman who allows her blood to flow, takes part in the life of the Great Mother, as she and every menstruating woman, allows the death of the old and the birth of a new possibility for the continuance of life on Earth – a great and miraculous act.

-Alex 2016-12-05 19:23:05

I just recently had a very strange and somewhat disturbing dream and was wondering if anybody had any insight in to what it may mean.

I was dreaming that I was being forced to kill a sheep. I’m not sure why or what exactly was making me do this, but it seemed like it needed to be done, even though I didn’t want to do it. (Possibly for food)

What made it worse was that sheep trusted me. It wanted to be close to me and saw me as its friend. The sheep became very frightened when I took a whack at it with a bat. It was scared, but still wanted to trust me. This is what stood out the most to me in thine dream and the reason I struggled to kill the sheep in my dream.

-Alana 2016-11-24 16:10:25

Hi, it’s me again. Last night, I had a dream of walking to a place I frequently visit. As a photographer, I find serenity in nature. In my dream, I walked upon a deer with fawns. I then, saw a baby bear and it ran toward me. I sat down and it was being very playful and I was petting it and letting it play. I remembered that where there is a baby, a momma bear is close by, so I walked away. The baby tried to follow, but stopped when I got too far away. I then found a sickly wolf pup and was taking it home to nurture. Two people I can’t identify 100% were standing near a cage that contained an injured kitten. The kitten was a bit aggresive, so I walked away wanting to help it, but coming to terms that I couldn’t. I got home and went through my pictures to see the momma bear sitting on top of the hill from where I had played with her cub. I have no children, though it is a desire. Am I right in interpreting that the adult animals with their babies symbolize that desire, while nurturing the wolf pup is a symbol of my natural motherly instinct? And my having to walk away, from both the cub and kitten, symbilizes having to come to terms with being barren?

-Sanju 2016-11-13 15:53:25

Last night i had a dream i was in a car down the steep road and later on maybe the car turned cause i remember we were going up … while i was going up suddenly i stopped cause there was two women on the road. They has just fainted and was unconcious. At first i panicked, didnt know what to do then i had a bottle of water in my hand somehow so i put water in their mouth, sprinkle some water on their face and later on they opened their eyes and woke up?? What does it mean ???

-Lou 2016-11-03 1:02:45

As i remember me and my cousin hanie was on a grocery store and just bout when we leave(cuz they are overcharging us with something i decided not to get it n leave), i saw an animal approaching. Its blurry in my dream but i thought its a dog with bald spots on it. Its weird cuz it looks sick but in my dream i remember this dog like its so familliar, i remember having to leave it cuz family wont let me take care of it, but it was sick so i planned to sneak and take it home. Somehow i didnt i think.

Then suddenly im upfront my parents house in NC, i was still driving the explorer my ex always drive. My aunt told me to turn around and park properly so i did but i kinda protest. So me n my cousin went inside the explorer and as i turn it around trying not to smash the dogs bowl full of food i ended up goin on this steep hill going down in our driveway and not being able to touch the break. As i speed down when im bout to reach the lower part i was able to touch the break n push it like 80% on my ground. As we slowly go down there was a creek on the left and i say a deer i think and a panda helping one another so the baby deers can cross the bridge. The panda i think was holding onto the deers head or antlers and the baby was crossing. I was so happpyy! Its my first time seeing those after a long while. It felt like a long long while. Then as i look forward i saw a family or pack of fennec fox. Some walk upwards like humans and their feet is pointy in the way they walk. Like only4 or 5 paws was touching the ground and they kinda bounce as they walk. Some walk with 4 legs like normal foxes. I got so excited cuz i love fennec fox and i didnt expect to see them. Whats weird was as we grew closer, a dad fox that walked bipedal kinda run/walk towards me holding a palm side baby bipedal fox that rest on its back. Then the fox did this gesture that i knew hes giving it to me. I took the baby fox. I looked at the dad fox and said “I promise ill take care of her” then it ran towards the pack with a smile and a sense of contemp. Then this penguin. Idk why this penguin was there but its there. It touched its forehead like a salute and gesture bye to me. So i did the same.

I look into the fennec baby fox laying on the palm of my hand on its back. Its so small and cute as it yawns and open its mouth semi full of teeth. Very fluffy and bushy tail. Long long ears but its color is different. I saw violet tips of its fur, green, blue, pink, red, and black circular eyebrows. It tried biting my fingers twice but i manage to hold on to it before i pass it to my couz so i can drive back sloppily hopefully with no accident.

Any interpretation? Thanks ^^

-Chase 2016-10-09 17:56:42

Last night I dreamt of wandering the quieter streets of my hometown when I came across a moose. Due to the proximity of both a school and a day care I grabbed a small handgun and shot the animal right in its temple. I saw a tiny stream of blood merely leaking from the small wound down the side of its head before both the bullet wound and the blood vanished and the moose walked off without a care in the world.

In shock of both the animal surviving what to me looked like a fatal shot and the fact that I worsened the situation as now the misplaced wild animal was also injured, although the injury had disappeared as if it never happened, I called the local police telling them I shot a moose in town and it escaped and is now injured and possibly a threat to people, as injured animals rightfully may be in such a situation. After the call I headed in the direction the moose had gone to keep track of it and warn any people along the way and to be able to inform the police of its location were they to call for more information. I never found the moose again, however I came across a police officer struggling to help two reindeer with their antlers stuck to a chain link fencing. I helped the officer release both animals and watched them walk off.

What really bothers me is that I could never personally shoot an animal of any kind, although I have no problem with others hunting when its done right, and I have never handled a gun and don’t plan to either. My father hunts moose and living in Lapland as well as being of Sámi heritage my relatives and a lot of people in the area are reindeer herders and we rely heavily on the food and materials provided from these animals. Seeing reindeer in town is very common and they’re never a threat unless provoked, if it’s mating season or if an individual reindeer suffers from some other form of disturbance. Any moose on the loose around well-populated areas should always be reported so they can be safely removed and brought back to their natural habitat. I don’t know why I’d even shoot the poor thing as normally if I came across a wild animal where it shouldn’t be I’d just call someone to make sure it’s taken back to where it naturally belongs.

In waking life I have a great fear of moose, although never being or knowing anyone who has been in dangerous contact with them, just the sheer size of them and the damage they can cause both in traffic or when provoked is enough for me.

Curiously, I’m in the process of moving from my family home in the woods to the town centre and have joked about how I’ll now be able to leave the house and enjoy the great outdoors without constant fear of having unfortunate run ins with local wildlife.

-Rapunzel 2016-09-13 9:48:48

As a child I had a reoccurring dream that seemed to carry on over years. I still very much remember now and have never figured out what it meant. So the dream would start with the ooverwhelming knowledge that at precisely 7oclcock the contents of the zoo was coming to get me in my bedroom. I would have to try and barricade my bedroom door to stop them getting in. The elephant being the first one up. It would sometimes take hours until they went away again only to return the next day. it would be like a stampede and I can still feel the panic it evoked in me. I would expect this dream every night and on occasions I would wake up sat up with my back against the bedroom door. This dream was sometimes followed by needing to hide somewhere else in my house as a giant would come to search the house shortly after and If he found me he would eat me. He would take the roof off as though it were a dolls house and remove furniture to look for me. I would love a little more insight if anyone can help?

    -Tony Crisp 2016-09-14 12:47:22

    Rapunzel – I have to guess at what this means, but it is an educated guess, and you need to read a couple of links to begin to understand. So please read and

    From the first you may see that we each have a natural self and personality programmed by leaning language and parental and peer influence. From the second you may realise you have the animal within you.

    From looking into people’s dream I have also learnt that many of us are taught by parents and educators that aggression and even any signs of infant sexuality is taboo. So biting, hitting or sexual actions are severely frown on.

    But of course at a basic level we are animals, and as a child to is natural to exhibit aggression when needed. Many aggressive or hostile feelings arise from childhood experiences, and are, at their origin, directed toward one or both of our parents. But unfortunately in adult life they tend to fire toward someone we have an emotional link with, such as our partner or even one’s child. It often happens that held back sexual impulses turn to aggressive actions or intentions.
    The repression of emotional energy can be a key factor in the breakdown of health, and in the lack of positive and creative self-expression. Blocked emotional energy tends to attack your sense of wellbeing and body if it is stopped from external expression.

    You dream says to me that you were deeply influenced by your natural instinctive nature and it flooded into consciousness often. But because it was forbidden it became panic, because these things are forbidden. The giant in dreams is usually a grown-up who IS a giant to a child, often a terrifying adult. Children live in a completely different psychological world than an adult. My wife, who was a trained child minder working with a professional family, witnessed the father talking to his small son. The child wet himself and the father couldn’t understand and asked my wife what was the matter with the boy. She said, “Can’t you see he is frightened of you?”


-Mackenzie 2016-08-28 12:53:01

I had to wake myself up from this awful dream because I felt a paralyzing pain throughout my whole body. I had been at at zoo with my family including my younger brother who’s seven. In the dream he made the decision to climb into the safari enclosure but no matter how loud I yelled he still couldn’t hear me. He climbed to the top of one of the rocks and had gotten attacked by a a black panther and a tiger. After they reached my brother they dragged him off the rock and my brother fell from great heights. I don’t know if this means anything or it’s just a bad dream. Thank you for your time.


-Matty 2016-07-17 13:05:52

Hi there

A while back i had an interesting dream about a male lion in a game park, the lion was talking to me and encouraging/challenging me to take a corpse out his cage. Knowing in my dream he wouldn’t just let me in and take it, i had to trick the whole pride into letting me take it. I would keep getting into their enclosure which they were quite comfortable in. They would chase me down and would run up a wall to get away from them. I wasnt scared or anything, infact while i would be on the wall plotting my next move, the lion would be talking to me and explaining what i should do next, encouraging me. Eventually i got the corpse and got away.

I ended up back at home and the corpse had turned into a lion cub. I was looking after it, i had left it alone for a while, i had to seperate it from my dogs at home as they were quite concerened about this cub and kept trying to get into the room the cub was in to attack it. I came back to sit with the cub and all of a sudden my dog managed to open one of the doors and i looked away from the cub to see what was going on. As i looked back the cub had turned into a snake (black i think) and before i knew it my dog had eaten the snake. I was angry with my dog as i felt i had to return the cub/snake back to the game park.

A couple weeks later i went for rei ki with a lady that had helped my friend out. She had informed me that my spirit animal was a golden bear. Its been about 3 or 4 weeks since then and i had a dream this morning starting with a group of bears who i felt were taken out of their habitat in America and been moved to my country South Africa. There were all shapes and sizers, some were skinny and small and the was one or two that were huge and just magnificent. But they were being killed off by locals. The locals were concerned about the bears well being and i remember just watching the bears walking along a stream in front of me all wounded and sad, while being shot and killed off. I was upset and confused trying to convince the locals to stop. It didn’t feel like modern times though.

Then i found myself on a fishing boat back in moderm times. There was a lion in a net that was being lowered into the water. It felt like the same lion i was speaking to in the past dream. He was stressing, and once he was lowered into the water he started to drown and panic. Again i was trying to stop what was happening but no one would listen to me. Suddenly he was roaring in pain and agony as a shark attacked him, thrashing at him while he was bound by the net.

What would all the animals mean and the situations they were in?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-07-22 8:48:45

    Dear Matty – Some interesting dreams you have created and I will do my best to give you a start in exploring and understanding your first dream.
    The animals reflect parts of your inner world; like your fears, your courage, your wisdom etc. and the ways you deal with these.
    The male lion in your first dream reflects a very helpful part of you that “knows” that you have to take the corpse out of the cage and perhaps you feel like exploring the lion;
    While you deal with the inner situation and with your fears – the lions that are chasing you – you find a way to get the corpse.
    You will also have to use “Being the person or thing” to understand through direct experience what the corpse means to you; it is not something I can do for you.
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    It would also be interesting to explore what your dream figure thinks/feels/does that causes the transformation from corpse into a lion cub.
    This transformation brings you the next challenge; you have to take care and integrate this “new”, young part of yourself.
    Your inner dogs, who reflect your natural drives that are well socialised – see – are rather concerned about this “young and wild aspect” and there is an inner conflict which is reflected by the dogs trying to attack the cub.
    The dog being able to open the door reflects the willingness to open up your mind towards another transformation; from lion cub into snake.
    Self-transformation reflects the process towards creating and perceiving yourself anew; for instance by using your inner conflicts (or any other situation in your life) as steps towards integrating those parts of you that had been missing from your awareness.
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    I see the dog eating the snake as a symbol for integration which ended one conflict and exposed another one; “I was angry with my dog as I felt I had to return the cub/snake back to the game park.”
    You may want to explore why you believe that you have to return the cub/snake to the game park, rather than learning how to deal with this freed energy;
    Let me know if you have any questions so far Matty.
    Anna 🙂

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