Very often it links with a feeling of being hurt or injured and of losing energy or the strength that enlivens you. But blood can represent pain, but also passions, deep feelings. It can refer to things that are deeply felt. We have passionate involvement with things. There are certain things that enter into us and cut us deeply. In some relationships we are opened up and we bleed even if the relationship is largely joyful, there still may be deeply felt and painful feelings in it.

Blood can also mean fertility as when it is connected with menstruation. It can be a painful cleansing and difficult period of releasing the old. The old dies away and leaves space for the new to grow. But blood give life and feeling to every partof our body. The inner meanning is that the Power of Life flows through every living creaure giving it/us consciousness.

In a more general sense blood can indicate one’s energy and sense of existence. In common language we link it with our family through feelings of connection or bonding, inherited tendencies – what we now call genes. It therefore includes inherited strengths and weaknesses of character. We say of such things – its in my blood.

Blood is often used as a symbol of universal life or power in ones life, therefore connection with humanity. Through this it depicts the universal pain or struggle met in human life, along with the possibility of injury and death. In ancient times blood was used as the first ritual sacrament. Later this was symbolised by red wine or red ochre. It was noticed that at times of great change, such as birth or death, blood often preceded the change. Blood was seen as the carrier of the spirit of life and character that lived in a person or animal. If we think of what genes now are known to carry, the untold generations of human life, with all its pain, tragedy and wonder, then blood was seen as carrying this collective human experience.

Blood is sometimes felt as a link with the unconscious forces and sub-personalities within. It is a doorway to the subtle world of the unconscious. This connection is perhaps obvious in that for thousands of years, the blood was seen as the substance that carried in it the mystery of inheritance of physical and psychological features. What we now call genes was represented by the blood, and this is still true in some dreams. The blood in a dream can be the doorway through which you touch your racial and family past. The blood brings to life within you the past lives of those who gave you your body. In quite a real sense they live within you as a great group of people, or influences that need to be integrated for you to become a true individual.

When we see blood on the earth or on someone’s clothes, it suggests great injury or death. Blood on the earth therefore marked the spot of either a great battle, a death or a deep wounding. As such it was a marker, a memorial or sign of the act. So this aspect of blood in our dreams must be remembered.

In cultures such as the Macedonian, where symbols were often thought of in terms of good or bad luck, light blood represented good news, dark blood bad news.

For women there is obviously a strong link between bleeding and menstruation. Therefore in women’s dreams involving blood, the blood may depict whatever feelings, pleasure, difficulties are associated with menstruation and the power of female fertility for the dreamer. But you need to look to the theme and drama of the dream to see if this is a correct connection.

Bleeding: Most often relates to emotional or psychological hurt, but can also depict physical injury, or presentiment of it. Emotional hurt could mean hurtful remarks, for instance being told we are not loved – these can sap our motive to live and may be depicted as blood. The bleeding might show a psychological injury, often from past trauma, which is causing you to lose energy or motivation.

Sometimes, as mentioned above, the blood can be a sacrament. As such it is not shown as emerging from an injury or wound but as nourishment, wine or bloody meat.

Blood flowing from a crack: Possibly menstruation or loss of virginity.

Blood on your hands: Shows you have hurt or even killed an aspect of yourself. See Blood on Hands

Blood on the ground: Someone hurt or dead.

Bloody clothes: Personal emotional hurt or injury, perhaps even death of someone.

Blood Sample: This can represent many things depending upon the rest of the dream. It could suggest and illness, a way of tracing your identity with DNA, or it could be a drug test.

Blood sucked from you or sucking from another: Feeling that you are losing your very life force to someone, or taking energy and life from someone else. Sometimes sex is felt as this. The umbilical connection in the womb is sometimes felt as the life giving connection that if cut off prematurely, is such a loss that expenditure of energy in sex may be felt as vampirism.

In sexual dreams: May refer to loss of virginity, menstruation or fertility; or hurt to sexual drive.

Menstrual blood: All women’s blood, flowing onto the earth, during her menstruation, is the miracle of Life, creation and death. Every woman who allows her blood to flow, takes part in the life of the Great Mother, as she and every menstruating woman, allows the death if the old and the birth of a new possibility for the continuance of life on Earth – a great and miraculous act. See archetype of bloodbleeding; Great Mother.

Old or dark blood: Can sometimes be understood as ‘bad blood’ existing in the dreamer – bad feelings or old grudges.

Transfusion of blood: In dreams such transfusion can show the fusion or atking on of the  physical forces of the body from which the blood was given. Also indicates the taking on of the relative level of health or imbalance, even the ideas and ideals of a person. It suggests a very strong link or love from one person to another.

This is similar to taking in your thoughts, impressions and feelings about the other person. So many people do not realise that they have an inner person equally as powerful as the external person you know. You have taken in millions of bits of memory, lessons learnt, life experiences along with all the feelings or problems met by meeting or living with them, and they change you and make you the person you are. The memories and experience we gather unconsciously change us and are not lost. It is part of you and is symbolised in dreams as a person or event. Such an inner person can appear in dreams because you still carry the memories or impressions of them, and so they influenced what you hold within you.

One way of understanding such links as can happen in a dreamt of  blood transfusion, is to see it as  a direct linkg with theinner quality of the donor. If you had a transfusion from a sick person whose blood was full of viruses and toxins it would pull down your own system. If you yourself were lacking blood, then the transfusion could be life giving. But of course we are speaking of emotional, mental and spiritual factors that pass through this link. So the toxins that pass are not of viruses, but of greed, lies, anger and violence, or even insidious desire to control. Or on the positive side, the expanded awareness that lifts us from shadows into a greater vision and experience of life.

Pak Subuh, an Eastern spiritual teacher, says that when a couple have sex the inner psychic content of one passes to the other. He says that whatever forces of mind and emotion exist in the one pass to the other. In this way if we have many sexual partners we take from them influences from their inner life. He suggests that having sex with a prostitute who has absorbed the inner life of many men of dubious character is like opening ones subtle self to the dross and influence of those lives. Just as one needs to thoroughly wash ones body if you had worked in a sewer, you would need to clean your soul of such influences.

But transfusions have been known to link people in strange ways. In recent years people who shared blood  through a transfusion shared thoughts, dreams and information.

A woman used the Seed Group method describes what she experienced.

Example: Then I started to tremble and shake. My whole upper body was shaking uncontrollably. I let it happen. I wasn’t frightened, I felt safe in knowing that this is what my body needed to do. It continued for what seemed several minutes. As I shook, I recalled that shortly after birth, I was given a blood transfusion. My parents’ blood types weren’t compatible – three earlier siblings of mine had been born and died a day or two after birth. Convulsions now, more then mere shaking. The coming into life, but not being compatible with my interior chemical make-up. Shaking as they transfused my blood – draining me of my blood, my own blood which fought against itself, being replaced with a foreign blood that would give me life. No wonder I was scared in that shell. The process of life and death innate in me from the moment of my conception. Fighting against myself. That which would fight for my life (the antibodies) would be the death of it.

The shaking stopped. A sense of peace pervaded my physical self. I was still positioned on my knees, but the sense of having put those roots down first gave me the foundation to withstand the shaking. I had no idea of what this experience would be like (and definitely not like this), but I seem to have gotten rid of something stored in muscle memory.

Idioms: After ones blood; bleeding heart; bleed someone white; blood boil/run cold; blood brother; blood is thicker than water; blood letting; blood money; blood on ones hands; blood out of a stone; blood relative; blood sucker; blue blood; cold/hot blood; draw blood; fresh blood; in the blood; in my blood; ones heart bleeds; out for blood; sweat blood; taste blood; young blood.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What part of my body – or the body – is the blood coming from, and what does that suggest about any hurt I may be suffering? (Look up part of body).

What is my relationship with the blood in terms of what I feel, my interaction or how I deal with it?

What can I understand from the theme and drama of the dream in terms of my life giving processes?

See: drama; Acting on your dream


-Sissy 2014-05-28 0:19:14

I has a crazy dream that I was bleeding heavily almost like u was hemmoraging I was trying to talk to someone to help me there were so many around I felt I knew them closely but no one helped I jumped in a pool they spoke to me but I could not make it out but as I got out the blood was on my hands then i woke up

    -Tony Crisp 2014-05-28 8:41:33

    Sissy – Blood on your hands often means you have killed someone. But the person you have killed is a special part of yourself.

    The pool you jumped in is your inner self, but because you are not used to contacting yourself in that way you could not get the heal you could have received. You need to recognise what your inner self is and learn to listen to it. It may take some practice but it will help you revive the part you have killed and will stop you losing your life energy/blood. See


-patricia ratshikana 2014-04-02 5:01:13

meaning of my dream i was peeing in a buget and when i look it was blood i then realised i got my periods,i missed my periods this month

-Jesse alcantar 2014-03-10 17:23:00

Well today I woke up from a crazy dream it started off with me being at some abandoned house with one of my cousins then we left the house because I think we had to go look for someone until we found him at some plaza but it didn’t look ordinary then I ran into 2 different demonologist how ever you spell it and one of them I started talking to I was following him to some room then he starts to run I ask him where are we going he just says come on so we get to these stairs were going up them but as I notice the stairs are getting smaller he still looks normal height but the spaces between to walk through is getting smaller until I get to a spot where the gap got so small only my arm was able to fit I was questioning myself like what just happened where did he go oh and just got your information the guy I was following had a weird looking mask on well anyways I go back down the stairs down back to where I was in the first place (plaza) but instead I ran into some beautiful girl so I asked her if she knew what was going in I told her what happened if she knew anything she told me maybe so then after she cuts her wrist and dripps blood in a cup and puts snake poison in the cup also I remember looking at it and asking what is it for she didn’t tell me she just said drink it you’re gonna need it then I drank it as time goes by I was talking to her like if we had a connection or something but I noticed my phone and I had a bunch of missed calls from my cousin so I tell her I’ll be right back I went looking for my cousin saw the same car he was in but when I went up to it, it was a different guy I asked him if he seen a familiar car like his he told me yea to hop in and he’ll take me so as he taking me he drops me off some spot and says your here now and I wake up …… if you can help me identify what this dream means it would mean a lot I always have some crazy dream but this one is the most recent

-Vannez Zue 2014-03-04 11:01:23

i dreamed last night,blood comes out to evry pores of my skin,blood comes out to my nise mouth and ears,then when i saw my body on that situation,i cried,and im so depressed when i noticed that my tears fall from eyes is also blood,my mom and papa cried also while watching me…but there tears is normal its not blood like me,im so scared,please help me to rnterpret my dream:-(please i need reply…:-(thank you so much:-(

-carla denson 2014-01-30 13:17:10

I had a dream last night about my boyfriend of 5years comeing home jumping straight in the shower because his shirt was soaked with menstruation blood it was so heavy i smelled it and could taste it and i found that very strange n he try to wash it out i kept aaking him who done slept with n he said i didnt sleep with her she made me give her oral sex and i said what!!!!!!! He started to laugh just a little and he felled backwards on my bed n passed out he wouldnt respond and i woke up very confused

-Bailey 2014-01-17 12:23:11

Hi, I just woke up from a series of nightmares. The first involved the same scenario: a girl in a white sleepshirt turned evil and started looking like the girl from the ring. She was soon covered in blood but the blood looked old. She kept eating hearts that were lying around. (The setting was a high school.) I tried getting away from the girl, but even in class a human heart would appear and she would want me to eat it and I kept getting away from her until finally one room I was in started to flip upside down. Everyone in the room grabbed something so they wouldn’t fall and I hockey became a pro at it however I had to doge the bloody girl. I eventually had to eat a heart but it was the heart of a doll so it was tiny. I remember tasting the blood and it was neutral. The dream was scary all the way through. I had brief interactions with people (I don’t know who they were) throughout the dream as I was trying to get away from the girl but I felt like they were trying to get me to go to the girl and eat the heart. The dreams following slowly phased the girl and the gory heart-eating out and now the dreams just consisted of the rooms flipping upside down but the same fear resided as strongly as it was in the first one. What could this possibly mean?

-Paula 2014-01-10 13:36:41

I dreamt a couple of nights ago that I was suffering from what appeared to be a stroke.. It then went further and I could feel my whole face cracking and all the blood from my head was gushing out. I knew I was dying but all I could do was wish it was over because it was so painful.. It sounds stupid but It felt like I could actually feel the pain and it was excruiating..

    -Tony Crisp 2014-01-13 7:51:17

    Paula – I think your dream is about a big change you are facing. A stroke is like little death that we can recover from. Then the face cracking and blood coming out suggests a complete personality change. Such a change occurs when we experience a massive growth spurt, painful because we have to burst through many old ways of being.

    A dream is like a seed, it is something that comes from a deep part of you; it is something that is working upwards toward being conscious. As such it often, like a seed, takes time to break through to the surface, and then it has to grow. So often dreams are not recognised for their full meaning until later – sometimes months or even longer. The dream images are attempts to communicate something that has probably never been thought about or even been conscious before, so has never been put into common conscious thinking before. It is a communication from the depths, from beyond thought, and so any interpretations that are given by thinking may completely miss the point.

    But in case I am wrong take your pulse, and if you have a very fast or irregular heartbeat check with your doctor. They are signs of a possible stroke.


-John 2013-12-07 6:34:50

Iv suffered from severe headaches since a teenager and the pain in my head used to hurt so much i would pop out of my body into other places,sometimes i found myself flying through the air or end up in what looked like space,i met and talked to people and weird creatures,i saw the strangest things,some magical others not so nice,i would usually wake up after a few minutes,the longest i was out was around 3 hours,i remember being in my front room and woke up naked in the back yard,from what i could make out i had climbed out of the front bay windows,i couldn’t find my jeans or t-shirt,now im in my 50s the headaches are not so bad so it does not happen anymore but occasionally when i shut my eyes i see people mashed up,blood guts and broken body’s,bits of skull,gore,its like a battlefield or huge accident,some are dying others are just bits,its not very nice and very realistic and lasts a few seconds,its all rather sad.

    -Tony Crisp 2013-12-13 7:34:25

    John – The images and fears we experience in our dreams are projection upon the vast screen of our mind. They are all projections from you. Such dreams are like a computer game with full surround virtual reality. In such games you can be killed a thousand times and yet you survive to deal with the monsters again. That is unless you learn a way through and go on through the levels. But unlike those games there is a wonderful intelligence behind the dreams we have, and if you listen and learn from it you will find a real mastership – not a false one of deny any fear or repressing anything that threatens you.
    Nothing can hurt you in your dreams. You cannot be killed in a dream. All you can experience is the anguish and perhaps fear of dying, but in dreams you cannot die – or drown, or burn or any other threatening thing. We make the mistake of taking our very real values from our outer life into our inner life of dreams. So you need to take control of your dreams, because they are all caused by your feelings, fears or creativity. See and

    You haven’t left your body, but travelled in your inner world/universe. See and


-Vidyanshu 2013-11-19 3:21:44

Last night, I dreamt of a Rich man who was in hospital and badly needed the blood. Due to some reasons (where so ever i remember, due to his ego problem) he refused the nurses to serve him. He called his own doctors team. Now he pulled off his blood inserting thin pipes from his hands. This made the blood to come out from his hands and he became restless.. I don’t remember, how i reached there and I just Joined the last end of the pipe with my hands and attached another end with his veins (/areteries, whatever). Now he calmed down. His personal doctors team came by train. We went @ new place. Now he was well but i had the blood coming out from my hands. I remember the bleeding place in my hand was a circular hole (big as compared to normal). Now by the same doctors team which he called, I was treated & a lady doctor just applied a normal ointment on my bleeding place. It became normal leaving a round spot. After some time spot disappeared.
Please reply me, what does this dream signifiy to me…

-Chad 2013-11-05 13:14:40

In a dream this morning, I looked in a mirror and had blood flowing from my eyes. It wasn’t crying, I wasn’t in pain, but my eyes were bleeding. I also had blood pouring from my mouth. Not coughing, flowing freely, no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get it to stop. Very freaky. Any interpretation would be welcome.

    -Tony Crisp 2013-11-10 10:39:42

    Chad – I think you must have seen one or more of those films that now use blood flowing from the eyes or mouth as a stereotype image meaning something invisible is controlling you causing extreme pain or injury.

    The flowing blood is a sign of losing life energy. Why I cannot tell because there is not enough information in your description, but I am guessing it might be about a crazy idea/feeling you have taken in that makes you vulnerable. Try using


-Napo Mokhesi 2013-08-07 19:28:56

Hi, I’m a 23yr old lady and I think I have a problem in my womb as it bleeds each and every time after having sex with my husband so is there anything you know on such problem? Thank you.

    -Tony Crisp 2013-08-08 7:28:33

    Napo – This is probably caused by the walls of the capillaries being weak. The capillaries are the tiny blood vessels, and taking vitamin C strengthens them. So I would suggest taking a daily dose of 1000 mgs – possible best a 500 tablet in the morning and 500 in the afternoon

    I would also suggest taking 400 mg of Vitamin E daily, as this also improves the health of the womb.


-Mari 2013-07-10 6:45:31

i had a dream about my grandma last night and she was hugging me and telling me she loves me and when i looked down she had cut on her stomach and it was bleeding… what does that mean?

-JSK 2013-06-12 21:41:26

on Apr.15 2013, I dreamt blood shed on ground with a little severed finger… the same day Boston bombings happened and it was scary. recently, two days before I saw a room maybe there was a pool of flowing blood (like a river) with so many people in the room. The blood was rich red and I felt seeing lively cells. but the feeling was disgusting. I was with my husband in that room and then I finished whatever had to be done in that room and came out and was waiting for my husband..Please reply. I am very scared after that.

-Alicia 2013-05-23 14:05:31

After the baby dream the next day I dreamed my favorite deceased Uncle.I was hugging and clutching on to him…We were with all my family at a women funeral I was experimenting with make up on the persons face. I was the only one who could of seen and hear him so he told me to tell them things that happened with them to prove its him he was dressed all in white. All i remember is pink and blue makeup. We ended up next to a van on the streets whilst a parade was taking place…but all we saw was plenty people walking down a hilly pitched road. just say the endless people. Cant remember what he told me..He was smiling and happy…

-Sharon 2013-05-20 21:32:49

I had a dream last nite bout a deep cut on my cheek near my nose. It looked like it needed stiches but 4 some reason I didn’t get any. It would start to heal & people kept wanting something from me & when I got busy & forgot about it, it would bust open & blood was running all down my face; however, no one noticed & I became very frustrated because it was happening over & over every time it closed up & started to heal… I know there is a spiritual meaning here & know it has to do w/a wound but just don’t get anything else about it YET… the face is a very obvious place… hmmmmm

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