This can suggest intellect, thinking, insight, creativity or what someone really thinks. But there are many other possibilities.

Often we feel that our real self is somewhere inside our head in the brain, so the dream might be referring to your sense of existing. Also we use the word brain or brains to mean cleverness or the lack of it, and some dreams use just this type of imagery. We have a belief that injury to our brain is an injury to us. Therefore we associate brain injury with death. But the brain is simple a wonderful organ that connects our core self with our body. See I died but I’m alive; Tony’s Experience of Stroke; Talking with the dead.

The brain is made up of billions of cells, and sometimes dreams use this to illustrate how we interact with some events – all our cells, or an auditorium full of people – interacting with the event. There is some evidence that we are not our brain as science has told us. It is an organ that enables us to express though our body in such ways as speech.

People often say, “but part of my brain is telling me that I know this house, I know the room very, very well.” But scientific research has now assured us that all our thoughts come from a part of our being that is unconscious. See Unconscious. We now know that even our sight and hearing are a virtual world we unconsciously create. The light you receive in your eyes is translated into nervous impulses, sent to the brain where it is again translated into images and associations. So you cannot actually ‘see’ the world, only a virtual reality you creates. So when you dream and enter the virtual reality of your dreams, in the widest sense there is only you. That is why it is difficult to interpret dreams because we create our own reality.

Also your brain has three separate sections; the reptile brain, the a mammalian brain and the human brains. Each of these can be the cause of particular types of dream. See Brain Levels.

No Brain: Loss of personal awareness or having no self awareness – maybe brainless, not using your brain.

Something being cut out of brain: Loss of some function or sensitivity. If you are taking anti depressants or some other drug it may be due to the drug’s action. This is because some drugs suppress certain brain functions.

Idioms: Brainstorm; brainchild; pick someone’s brains; hare brained; scatter brained.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is the suggestion about the brain – is it growing, sick, bits missing – and what does that suggest about me?

Am I giving a self assessment in this dream, and if so what is it?

Is there something that woke my interest and involved lots of my attention?

See Easy Dream Interpretation; Levels of Awareness and Life’s Little Secrets.


-Ren 2017-06-06 10:49:45

I had a dream about black hair like mold growing on brain cells. Then I was running away from what seemed like death. But then gave up because you can’t escape it. It took place at night and I seen a girl walk into a house. And I also seen my grandpa. When I woke up it made me realize or feel dread about my mortality.

-Katherine 2016-01-15 11:50:31

I had a dream in my dream I saw a Brian in rainbow color and it had eyes coming out of it idk what it means please tell me I really wish to know 🙁

--Bree 2015-02-26 22:29:34

I just had a dream about 10mins ago and i am pregnant surrounded by friends i havent seen in obout 2 months. We all are having a good time. Then theres that one girl i never really had a connection with but we exchanged good vibes. Then my dream goes to my boyfriend being asleep and i look in his phone and find pictures of this girls private area, videos of her touching herself and pictures of her backside being exposed. You can tell she was intoxicated. Im weeping and crying and my boyfriend wakes up in my dream. All i can scream is how u can do this to me. And about 3 hrs ago i found out i was pregnant in actual life. Bit we have decided not to keep it roday.

    -Anna 2015-03-11 9:06:39

    Bree – I see your dream as a way of digesting all the feelings which arose when you discovered that you were pregnant.
    It is good to know that in your dream every person and every object is you.
    Please see
    I feel that your dream expresses that part of you is blaming your boyfriend for not being aware of how your being very sexually aroused – or “intoxicated” in any other way – was the cause of your not taking any action to prevent getting pregnant.
    Perhaps you can forgive him and yourself?
    Anna 🙂

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