Difficulty in fulfilling ones potential. The parts of your body usually represent the psychological functions they play. So a leg would represent your ability to stand up for yourself, to be independent, etc. Therefore being crippled suggests psychological hurt to whatever limb or part of body is crippled. See: Body; Legs; Right; Left.

Wherever we find ourselves held back, unable to express, lacking creativity or love, then in some way we have become crippled. Somewhere there has been a hurt, a fearful or resentful response, a cringing from challenges that is blocking or repressing our fuller life. This situation is shown in many dreams as a crippled person, or a part of your own body.

The word ‘disabled’ really describes this situation, for in some way we undermined our ability to live and love. I know it is common to say that someone else did this to us in an event or relationship, but in the end we are left with the pain or fear, and there is nobody else but is harbouring it or retaining it. Blaming the situation on others or on events leaves us in a victim role imprisoned by our own resentment. See: Your Core Self personal growth.

Example: I had an extraordinary dream. I was carrying a crippled man around in a box, open at one end like a cat basket without a grill at its front. We stopped frequently and he hopped out to relax in the sun. He was perfectly happy except that his small and twisted feet were bare. Each time we stopped I had to pick small stones and mud off his flesh.  John – London

John’s dream shows how he is carrying his tiny child like man around with him. He was ‘crippled’ by a relationship with his mother.

Example: In every human being, I seemed to be told, there is a fire that burns, a creative fire. When that fire is permitted to burn freely, the human being is healthy and creative, whether he be farmer, artist, mother, workman. But when the fire is blocked, as it is by this pain, then the person is crippled, just as I had been crippled for most of my life. As a child, I had felt worthless because I did not have my brother’s masculinity and intelligence, nor my sister’s grace and beauty. And because I had felt worthless I had withdrawn into non-identity and non-feeling. Quoted from Myself and I by Constance Newland

The children one hears about who are maltreated by their family or by war, might well mature with a crippled capacity to trust other people, or the stunted growth of their love. All of us have some of our potential hurt or crippled, and the above dream is graphically portraying this.  This less developed part of John has needs, but also something to offer. This less dominant side of his personality only ‘comes out’ when he relaxes, and will have talents he can use if he gets to know it.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What part of me or another person is shown as crippled, and what does that suggest about my own condition? Look up body parts to define this.

If I imagine myself as the crippled person, or as myself with this disability what do I feel or observe. For help doing this see – Stand in Role.

In what way do I hold myself back, or fail to express love or creativity, and how does this dream relate to that?

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