Crow Raven

Being carrion birds, and so often seen near corpses or roadside kill, so they are often linked with death or feelings about death; bad news; fear; unconscious feelings. Some people see them as associated with personal death, mostly because that is how they are used in films. But more often they are simply your own dark thoughts, probably about your own future, that you are doomed and on the slippery slope. So for goodness sake, realise that thoughts are creative, and you are creating an awful feeling and so you can escape from it. See Being the Person or Thing

It can at times depict the negative aspect of father. The dark intelligence in underhanded people or animals; forces in life that seem to have intelligent direction yet are not outwardly visible. Sometimes seen as a messenger between heaven and earth, an omen of death, and a seer of the hidden truth in the unconscious.

Crows also make their sound in flight, and then it is about telling their fellows where they are; a sort of positioning. Crows are a group bird and are supportive of their fellows. See Birds

Crows can sometimes mean that they are messengers from the dark or unconscious side of you. In such a role they can act as a protector – maybe even a male protector. But also they are seen in some dreams as showing anxiety and darkness in a persons life.

Example: In some ways, it felt like a death of whatever phase connected me with those who were holding me back through falsehood and imposing their ego-driven will upon me. In others, I felt the message was still to continue my work and ethic, regardless, and let these people carry on to their own kingdoms. I felt the dream in some ways reasserted this role I played in life.

Example: The other woman was also left where we slept and I saw again the same thing under her on my left. Two dead and drenched crows, either side of me as I still laid there. It also seemed/felt as if whilst both crows were under the women more than under me, the beaks of these crows had been touching, only just, my arms while I slept. I wasn’t entirely indifferent in the dream itself to this sight… the contrast, of elevated sisterly bonding before we slept, to the sight of this suffocated/drowned crows when we woke obviously created meaning..

A day that has death in it, for to go further in the road you are travelling you need to meet and experience death – psychologically – and that is part of life. I get the impression that to some extent you were partly suffocated by the love and care you received – as shown by the dead birds. That is not a bad thing, but it is now that it will leave you to develop independence. Independence is strange thing, because it is a lifelong journey, and yet we are never actually independent. But that is what the death is about and it is like an initiation into a new chapter of your life. Remember to keep the faith in our divine prosperity, and that we shall all secure it.

Idioms: as the crow flies; eat crow; Something to crow about; crow’s feet; old crow.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Did the bird impress me with any feeling reaction?

What was the background of the dream suggesting?

If I imagine myself back in the dream what feelings arise?

See Techniques for Exploring your DreamsSimple TruthsInner World


-Vin 2013-12-31 12:04:46

I had a dream that I was walking along a a 6ft high picket fence and came across a crow sitting atop the ledge. Taking a step back from the fence, I turned to face it directly and stared into its beady little eyes. It cocked its head in curiosity, and I decided to stick out my finger so that it may perch upon it. I was expecting it to fly away, but to my awe and amusement it hopped onto my finger. As soon as he jumped on my finger, another crow flew down from above and sat on my shoulder, and began nuzzling my face and neck. And then another, and another, and another, until I could see almost nothing but black. I felt pleasant and secure in my crow cloak, but I wanted to see, so I cleared a few of them from my vision to find that it actually had become pitch black outside – and I was now standing in a deserted street, in front of a ghastly shop window and an alley way. A man I know in real life, but only as a casual acquaintance, crept out of the alley and suddenly I was overcome with fear, and I knew he was going to try to rape me. But as soon as he took a step toward me, all my crow brethren flew up and began attacking him, and feeling strengthened by the presence of my feathered entourage, I began shouting at him, encouraging my birds to rip him to shreds, and watched as they began to gouge his eyes out. And then I woke up.

-Morten M. Denmak 2013-12-05 23:34:43

Hello Tony
I dreamt that a crow sat on top of my head backwards so all i could see was the tale of the Crow. It wasnt evil but it held on to my head with its claws, I tried endlessly to make it go away and finally i succedded which gave me a sense of freedom or a sense of being cured.. What does this mean ? I am not sick. My parents passed away recently and i inherit a nice sum of money which will remove many problems.

Best regards
Morten M.

    -Tony Crisp 2013-12-09 8:56:45

    Morten – You may not be sick in your body, but we each have an inner world which shows all our sickness of soul. See

    The dream shows how some attitude or feeling has been felt like ‘many problems’. Although they didn’t seem bad, nevertheless the money has given you a new feeling about yourself. Any such change is shown in dreams as a healing of your inner world. See and


      -Chelsea 2013-12-11 4:16:00

      Shortly after the passing of my father in 2012, I was walking through a public park filled with a decent amount of people. As I was walking I felt something grab onto my hair and yank it upward. When I looked up I saw around 4 or 5 crows circling me. One at a time they would dive-bomb me until all I could do was lay on the ground and scream for help. A couple walking by looked and acknowledged the situation but only continued to to go on their way. Nobody else was being harmed and after about five minutes they flew away.

      It’s been almost a year and a half since that incident and between now and then I’ve seen more crows than I ever had before. Usually more than one at a time.

      A dream I just had where I was driving my car into a parking lot and slowly over a speed bump brought me to research crow meanings when I awoke. When my car hit the speed bump, crows by the multitude came skiing down my windshield. I must have looked away, but when I looked back the feathers of those crows were raining down around me along with some actual rain and urine.

      That dream was short but I feel like there is a meaning behind this that I can’t quite seem to figure out. Any ideas?

-Tatiana 2013-11-18 16:45:49

Hi Tony,
I had an interesting experience;even though it felt like I was sleep, I had the impression that I was “awake’ anyways, I saw myself laying down in the same position that I was in bed with the same clothes, and then 2 crows came and started to eat the center of my hands; on bird in the right hand and the other in the left hand. I felt the pain and concentrated myself to ‘wake up” when I opened my eyes, my hands were closed as if I was trying to protect them. Any thoughts?

-Dina Milani 2013-11-10 18:33:19

I dreamt that i was on a boat at a party enjoying myself with friends but a man i cared for was flirting with another woman and it was making me feel uneasy. then all of a sudden i was treading in the water about 12 meters away watching the people on the boat and trying to swim back to it but there were hundreds of dead crows floating in the water all around me and i was trying to navigate around them in order to get back into the boat. in the dream the feelings i felt were strange, uneasy and familiar.

-Selene 2013-10-27 6:41:09

Hello Tony, I’ve had a dream where I was a young girl attending an academy. While I was there a crow was watching over me and somehow fell in love with me. Later in the dream the crow turns human and takes me away from the school and forces me to live with him. Eventually I gain feeling for him. But I’m still afraid of him since he continues to turn into a crow to watch over me. Make I ask what that means?

-Meg 2013-10-19 5:55:19

Hi Tony,

I dreamt that my cousin brother had bought a black crow, but that crow became extreamly fond of me and wouldn’t let go of my right arm. It would perch atop and no matter how many times people would take it away, it would find its way back. This made me feel very uncomfortable, it was scary, but I didn’t want to offend the crow or anger it. Eventually we had to put it inside a black plastic bag, and a group of us were frantically trying to box it up so it would not escape again.
I had this ream at around 8 15 am, i remember waking up at 8 50 feeling relieved that i was finally free.

-scared of crows 2013-04-30 0:10:11

Hi I had a dream of crows in my house and my family was trying to kill them and my dad shot one and the crows eyes were open and it just stared at me really creepy !!

-Pinky 2013-02-18 18:39:06

I dreamed of 3 crows being shot. Also in the same dream I was to marry someone with the last name of Diamond, he was to marry 3 of us. Also, I had found a gun in a hotel room and kept trying to hide it from everyone. Weird!

    -Tony Crisp 2013-02-24 11:49:44

    Pinky – My feelings about your dream are that you have recently felt more hopeful about your future. This has led you to deal with some of the worries you had, and you got rid of them.

    This led to a feeling that you will find a partner who will be good for you. The gun you are trying to hide is your own protective feeling – pretty strong stuff.


-Kelly 2012-09-20 17:55:55

Hi Tony, I was wondering what a scare-crow would represent? I had a dream of a male scare crow being blown away in the wind, then a lady scare crow came along and made love to the male scare crow. I took pictures.

-Puneeth 2012-08-09 14:28:49

i dreamt of large no of big crows and one of them had a white head pulling the other small crow by grabing its leg…the crows were very big and the one with white head was bigger than all the other..

-Minniy 2012-01-23 21:32:37

I dreamt of crow silhouette for just a flash seconds. After that with tears on my eyes.

    -Tony Crisp 2012-02-21 13:22:08

    Minniy – That is not to go one. But a crow is often a sign of death, and in this case a warning. That is strengthened by you crying.

    Is any one sick or unwell in your family or friends?


-Shooting Star Baby 2011-06-18 18:18:02

When I was awake one time a few years back. I kept hearing a crow caw for hours it seemed. It was so loud and annoying and I was so angry about something I can’t even remember. Anyways I steeped outside my apartment and looked at it standing on the top of a green tree I was so mad and all of a sudden it cawed and fell over and out of the tree dead. IT was really strange. Ever since then I have noticed crows cawing and dreamed of them and wondered if it was really a mystical bird or just a freak accident.

-Shooting Star Baby 2011-06-18 18:11:53

Last Year I dreamed I was on my back floating down a calm river. There was a lotus flower floating beside me underneath my right arm. And then on the left side of me were two black crows entwined in love with eachother. It was a very peaceful and beautiful dream and in fact I am trying to write a song on guitar about it.

-Gene Edwards 2011-05-09 12:17:05


I was awoken last night at 4am, by a loud call of a bird. I assume a crow? can you help interpret?

    -Tony Crisp 2011-05-15 15:06:21

    Gene – It sounds very much like a warning call – or least something to get your attention. I was awoken one night by a loud bark or a dog. Fortunately it was loud enough for me to catch myself doing it as I slept. So I wonder if you had any hint of you making the sound.

    It depends what you associate with crows. Some people see them as associated with death, mostly because that is how they are used in films. But crows are a group bird and are supportive of their fellows.

    So what would the crow want with getting your attention? Crows also make their sound in flight, and then it is about telling their fellows where they are; a sort of positioning.


-claire thomas 2011-03-16 20:26:37

i dreamt i was sitting high up on a ledge of a building stroking a crow but was afraid id fall. the interpretation was of ill luck but it was not a bad dream. claire

    -Tony Crisp 2011-03-22 11:50:07

    Claire – I do not think the interpretation is simply bad luck. You have to treat dream images like words in a sentence. A different word gives the whole sentence a different meaning.

    So crows are usually seen near dead bodies, and so are often link with death if scary situations – in films anyway. And you were afraid of falling – in other words afraid of dying.

    It seems you were looking at death, but you didn’t try going for it in the dream. But of course it wouldn’t matter if you have jumped, as you cannot die in a dream. What happens is you face the fear of death.


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