Crow Raven

Being carrion birds, and so often seen near corpses or roadside kill, so they are often linked with death or feelings about death; bad news; fear; unconscious feelings. Some people see them as associated with personal death, mostly because that is how they are used in films. But more often they are simply your own dark thoughts, probably about your own future, that you are doomed and on the slippery slope. So for goodness sake, realise that thoughts are creative, and you are creating an awful feeling and so you can escape from it. See Being the Person or Thing

It can at times depict the negative aspect of father. The dark intelligence in underhanded people or animals; forces in life that seem to have intelligent direction yet are not outwardly visible. Sometimes seen as a messenger between heaven and earth, an omen of death, and a seer of the hidden truth in the unconscious.

Crows also make their sound in flight, and then it is about telling their fellows where they are; a sort of positioning. Crows are a group bird and are supportive of their fellows. See Birds

Crows can sometimes mean that they are messengers from the dark or unconscious side of you. In such a role they can act as a protector – maybe even a male protector. But also they are seen in some dreams as showing anxiety and darkness in a persons life.

Example: In some ways, it felt like a death of whatever phase connected me with those who were holding me back through falsehood and imposing their ego-driven will upon me. In others, I felt the message was still to continue my work and ethic, regardless, and let these people carry on to their own kingdoms. I felt the dream in some ways reasserted this role I played in life.

Example: The other woman was also left where we slept and I saw again the same thing under her on my left. Two dead and drenched crows, either side of me as I still laid there. It also seemed/felt as if whilst both crows were under the women more than under me, the beaks of these crows had been touching, only just, my arms while I slept. I wasn’t entirely indifferent in the dream itself to this sight… the contrast, of elevated sisterly bonding before we slept, to the sight of this suffocated/drowned crows when we woke obviously created meaning..

A day that has death in it, for to go further in the road you are travelling you need to meet and experience death – psychologically – and that is part of life. I get the impression that to some extent you were partly suffocated by the love and care you received – as shown by the dead birds. That is not a bad thing, but it is now that it will leave you to develop independence. Independence is strange thing, because it is a lifelong journey, and yet we are never actually independent. But that is what the death is about and it is like an initiation into a new chapter of your life. Remember to keep the faith in our divine prosperity, and that we shall all secure it.

Idioms: as the crow flies; eat crow; Something to crow about; crow’s feet; old crow.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Did the bird impress me with any feeling reaction?

What was the background of the dream suggesting?

If I imagine myself back in the dream what feelings arise?

See Techniques for Exploring your DreamsSimple TruthsInner World


-Kit 2015-01-23 11:06:47

My dream was I in the parking lot and was waiting for my mom to pick me up so I looked around and after awhile i saw her. then i started to walk that way and my friend Gabe starts to walk with me. as we approach my mom we see a one eyed crow sitting on the cables above staring at us. I remark to my friend that it was creepy and he agreed then I continued over to my mom who got into a rest red old truck. and when she did i thought i saw the crow fly in but then dismissed it as a trick of the eye. So i go to the passenger side and the cloth of the seat is loose and long and makes it hard to get in when i finally get in i have a problem closing the door so i try to shut a few times until finally it completely shuts. then i remember the crow and turn around with one hand in the back my seatbelt firm against my chest the crow flys at my face and lands on my chest and while attacking me with its beak i could feel it hoping around but had lost my sight. when i tried to push it away one arm couldn’t move the other was weak. and when i tried to tell my mom to help get off me i couldn’t speak or wasn’t very loud because of an extremely dry mouth. and when i awoke i could still feel the crow’s feet and beak while one arm was trapped in my blanket. What does it mean?

-Neha 2015-01-22 7:50:54

I wonder if you could shed some light on this for me. I have never had a dream like this before.
Last night I dreamt I was in a cold empty room, with stone walls and I was sitting on a chair with my back to the window. I was afraid there were birds flying above me. A crow came and sat in my right hand and at the same time a bad came down and sat on my right shoulder. I tried to shake my hand to let the crow go, but it was almost like it was stuck in my hand. And then I shook more vigorously and it was released and flew away. I then pushed the bat off my shoulder.
Does this mean anything? I would be grateful for some insight.

-holly 2015-01-11 13:52:42

This is my dream: I am in a house, the foundation of the house is cracking and falling apart. My mother is in my dream. I take her outside to the front of the house and show her that the house needs attention or it is going to collapse. The wind starts to blow and it is getting dark, as if a storm is about to start. As we walk back into the house, me behind my mother; a big black fluffy crow flies down and starts pecking the back of my mother’s legs and I try to kick it away. We finally get into the house and I shut the door. We watch the crow as it tries to get into the house, it manages to get in through the cracking roof. While it is getting through the crack it transforms into a big black cat with bright yellow eyes. It sits down at the door and watches us, and we just stand there and stare in the eyes of the cat…I wake up. Through the whole dream I have a feeling of trying to protect my mother. I would like to find out about what this dream means!? Thank you!

-Wendy 2015-01-10 14:49:01

Had a dream about a big black crow. It was choking and passed out almost. It fell and I picked it up, taking it inside. I carefully put my fingers down it’s throat and dislodged a chicken bone. It stroked my face lovingly with its wing. It kissed me and stroked my face a few times. I released it outside and it waved at me, I knew it loved me.

-chelsie wright 2015-01-09 13:02:02

I had a dream where I walked around the car and found something that was eating a crow and when I looked under the car I seen a pile of crow’s feet and a dead crows as I was looking the thing that was eating a crow one of them just killed and dropped another one in front of me and was going back for more

-Allie 2015-01-04 9:35:54

I was wondering if anyone has any insight into this crow dream?
January 2nd 2015 I dreamt I travelled to a beautiful jungle bird sanctuary. I had a pet crow as a child, and I imidiately recognized him in the dream when he came over to me. I petted him and held him but he was trying to tell me something I couldn’t understand. I knew he had to leave soon so I put up my hand and told him I loved him and said “just fly, baby”! Later that evening I received some sad news that a girl I work with had passed away. I was so upset, but I wanted to believe the dream was a good sign for my friend’s spirit or something positive.

-Elizabeth 2014-12-07 17:57:36

Hello. I just had a dream about a crow and I’m a bit worried. I’m staying at my grandmas for a week and looking after my cousin. I had opened the window just before going to sleep. It’s one of those winding ones that pushes out from the bottom and as you wind moves upwards. Anyway the is no screen on the window. I fell asleep and dreamt that a big black crow made its way under the window and tried to get into the room. It got in and I was struggling with it for a while. I grabbed it, caught it in my arms and tried to push it back out the window. Then I woke up. Is there any significance that’s its a full moon tonight as well and the bright light is also shining into the room. Please help

-Christina 2014-11-23 3:32:22

I had a dream that I was a member of a group of people that were military in nature and we were hunting vampires and we’re using these huge feet of crows that had been cut off as weapons. (And no, I haven’t watched any vampire movies in many, many months.) 🙂 The toes of the feet were curled in a bit on themselves and they must have been well over a foot long and 5 inches wide. It was so strange and I can even remember how it felt in my hand.

    -Tony Crisp 2014-11-23 12:04:45

    Christina – Maybe not, but your dream self remembers and keeps a treasure chest of such images – vampires. 🙂

    Well, you were well equipped in being a military group – meaning you were not running in fear as many people do. See

    You have been facing, using the image of vampires, something that you feel as a threat, life draining, or even death sometimes. It can be linked with sex, with someone who is constantly undermining you, or even fears that you are not sure where they arise from – but something you have faced, and dealt with as if it is a war.

    That is fine, but you are in a different world in dreams than when awake, and we tend to deal with things symbolically – as the war suggests. But you can be the master of the vampires or any thing else, by taking the next step of knowing what the symbols represent in you. You can do this by using the following. It may need practising to really get it working –


      -Christina 2014-11-24 6:42:55

      Thank you! 🙂

-Victoria Brown 2014-11-09 23:45:12

My dream was, i was laying down on my couch and i was on my back, i look forward at my slide door window and the curtains were wide open, and like i see two black crows , they each take turns staring at me just looking and i see their yellow not black eyes staring at me, and then i hear this woman’s voice while the crows are staring at me, the woman’s voice sounds dark and has a warning to it , she says “Now” but it wasn’t a question it was a warning and like it sounded like finally u now, or like i got u now finally. the feeling i got from this dream when i woke up was i’m doomed
what does this mean? i’m really not sure, i’m just so confused

    -Tony Crisp 2014-11-10 9:18:21

    Victoria – I feel that you have been thinking about your future in a dark sort of way. Crows often are simply your own dark thoughts, probably about your own future, that you are doomed and on the slippery slope. So for goodness sake, realise that thoughts are creative, and you are creative an awful feeling and so escape from it.

    The woman’s voice is your own mirroring your negative thought. So tell it in no uncertain tones to shut up and stop creating such stupid and scary dreams.


-Natalie 2014-10-08 22:32:29

My husband had a dream last night he was a crow & was with another crow, they were friends & they were both hungry. He found a turtle, flipped it over & called to his friend, his friend flew down & pecked into it’s heart & ate it. Seemed my husband was a little disturbed by the dream. I kidded him about being Heckle and Jeckle, but, he wasn’t amused. He did have a friend die last night. He wasn’t a real close friend, but, still a friend he saw often. What does it mean?

-Erin 2014-10-02 21:41:35

Four years ago, after looking after a good friend while he was dying a crow came onto my parked car after he passed looked at me and hopped right to my window and looked in at me. I remember feeling this was my friend. So four years later, I have been seeing crows lately, in particular, one perched on my neighbours roof and looking in my bathroom and then one the other day giving me two caw caws in my yard. But unfortunately yesterday while driving one swooped down while I was on hwy unturned it seemed and flew into my windshield and killed itself… I am guilt ridden and freaked out. Any insight?

-Mimma 2014-09-29 23:39:29

As I was dreaming, the last thing I remembered was a black crow, perched on my right shoulder. At first, I was not scared and wanted to pet it but then, it started to bite my neck and I tried to stop it but then I woke up.

-Felicia 2014-09-16 6:11:03

I had a dream of a black crow flying in my apartment as it flew around of coarse me and my husband was afraid as we tried to move from it the crow flew over my head a few times and I moved away from it I yelled at my husband in the dream to kill it as the crow flew over my head the last time it’s claw touched my hair. The crow then fell on the couch next to my husband as if it died I yelled kill it he was afraid so I ran to it and grabbed it and strangled it what does this mean

-Jack Wilde 2014-08-08 11:29:21

I have been having recurring dreams about crows. The first was of a crow in a cage, and I open the cage to free it but instead of leaving, it sits in my open hand.
The second was of a crow sitting on my shoulder, as though it were protecting me.
The third (and most recent) is of me in my bedroom. I look outside my window and there is a crow sitting on the windowsill watching me. When I approach, it flies away, but upon opening the window it flies onto my bed, and allows me to pick it up…

    -Tony Crisp 2014-08-10 12:31:36

    Jack – I see this as you having an awareness of death as an active force in your life. But that is not a threatening thing. Rather it is as balancing influence, and also because of the awareness it brings from what is usually unconscious it is a protective influence, warning you where necessary.

    It is not an all a disturbing influence, rather a comforting one, a friend you have been close to in the past.


-Ali 2014-02-18 20:22:17

My dream: I was seeing an old woman sitting in a chair near a fire place a house but the house was broken up there was a crow on the floor struggling on the ground in one spot like it couldn’t stand I felt a kinship with this old woman like she is my grandma I felt like she new more than she was telling me I kind of feel that she has dark powers and light powers as I confront her I ask her how she is doing she talks to me in telepathy saying she is fine and I ask her was that on the floor she continues to tell me telepathy don’t worry then I walk away I meet up with other people and we were making and play around with energy balls and throwing at each other playfully. Then I continue threw the house away from those 19/24 years old and I come on others in the same age bracket and I have to assist on exorcism. The evil thing keeps jumping into lots of people 9 people turn into 6 the rest run away it seems like it tries to jump into me and I grab the possessed girl and scream like a banshee leave this vessel I start saying the same prayer over and over and it leaves I walk away with the people and I say goodbye and I later find the old woman again and I feel she is hiding something and the crow is still fluttering then I throw a small blue fabric On it And it starts to eat it and the old woman tells me don’t worry and I woke up… What was my dream telling me ??????

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