The human sense of the eternal, so a symbol of your core self. But a crystal can also depict rigid views or emotions, crystallised opinions, thus habits.

A crystalline form is often a symbol of the Self. In other words, you are only conscious of a small part of yourself. Most of your body functions, and memories are unconscious. Also, your links with others and life itself at a deep level may remain unknown. The word Self is used to mean your whole being, known and unknown. If the crystal is felt to be of great beauty or valuable, then it is certainly linked with what is of greatest value in yourself – your pure consciousness beyond physical sensations and thoughts.

The thing about dreams is that they show everything that is inside you as an outside image. So the crystal can actually represent the force that gives you bones and other inner activities. Crystal of whatever sort always form the same crystalline structure, so often are images of forces in us that are always constant, so can represent a part of us that is always true – our core Self. See Touching Your Core Self

The shape of the crystal, in its beautiful structure, arises through the workings of some inner force or power, invisible, but evident in its symmetry. So it can represent the hidden inner power active within you that shapes who you are. Dr Marie-Louise von Franz writes in Jung’s book Man and His Symbols, writes, “The mathematically precise arrangement of a crystal evokes in us the intuitive feeling that even in so-called ‘dead’ matter there is a spiritual ordering principle at work. Thus the crystal often symbolically stands for the union of extreme opposites – of matter and spirit.” This inner power may in some dreams be seen to shine out or to focus what are your innate talents or potential.

A crystal may also depict realisation, i.e. “It became crystal clear”. See: jewels.

Cut crystal glasses or chandeliers suggest refinement or quality, and the chandeliers might also link with what has already been said above about crystal. Glasses can also link with alcohol though, and be showing its influence on you.

Clear Crystal: This is about clearing the mind of thoughts and emotion and enabling you to look into the immensity of your inner being. It represents a space of infinite wonder, a situation or state of mind not limited by form or smallness so it allows you to seek what you want in the infinity. Although it has no image or formit has the potential of all things – a magical state.

Crystal ball: The crystal ball usually stands for insight, prophecy, the future, your hopes and plans, fate, intuition, gazing into yourself. It can, because of its shape, denote the Self, or completeness, indicating your ability to be aware of intuitive impressions and creative imagery. It can also indicate the world of your inner feelings, passions, love and dreams – your soul, and your ability to look deeply into it. The following dream illustrates this.

Example: My beautiful friend looks into the crystal. It is not a thing made of glass, but a great dimension of mind which appears to open in the room, hanging in the centre of it, about eight feet across. She tells me I am already touching something that is beginning to happen in the world. My life will become involved in it. I will play my part – by no means a key role or leader, but one which I will gain great satisfaction and love from.

But remember that delving within like this can uncover the dark shadows cast by past fears, traumas and the memory of acts and emotions we usually choose to keep in the darkness of unconsciousness. It can also show you what you know in your heart, as in the following dream. See Using Your IntuitionThe Inner World

I was with a gypsy looking at a crystal ball. She told me that my present relationship – a woman with children I am living with – will last and flower. I began to cry. Then there were other people there as well. A man put his hand on me and said it was okay to cry, and I felt they supported me in this.  Don S.

Useful Questions and Hints:

If my dream crystal is of great beauty and value, what can I understand or feel from it about my own deepest self?

If I have dreamt of a crystal ball, what has been seen in it about who I am and my direction in life?

What can I gather about what is valuable or beautiful in myself from this dream?

See Life’s Little Secrets Life’s Little SecretsMethods of Awakening


-ejik 2016-11-17 4:39:06

hai tony. i dream picking up crystals. one crystal i look trought it and i see there is orange spiral inside it.

help me to interpret it tony.thanks

    -Tony Crisp 2016-11-18 11:21:17

    You have not given enough information for me to understand your dream. Things to remember when writing to us with your dream:
    · Write down anything that you think might have triggered the dream or links with it in some way.
    · What you associate/feel about any person, animal of object in the dream is immensely important. See Working with associations
    · Put in any insights you have about people or animals in your dream – it has to be the character of them as they appear in the dream.
    · Please let us know your age and gender.
    · Describe any emotions expressed or indicated in the dream.

-Sheralda 2016-11-15 10:42:30

my first dream was about me being in nature and my hair was long snd dark blackish and I was king crystsls out of the ground than this morning I was with my cousin and we were collecting crystals they shined like gems so beautiful and I picked it up at the end of the day a man told me to sell them I will get a lot of money and I said no I wont do that and I woke up

-Daria 2016-11-13 11:52:35

Last night I dreamed of a man that showed me his left hand. The top parts of his fingertips were made of green crystals with beautiful patterns. His palm looked normal, but when he opened it, I could see what was under his skin. The right part of his palm was made of orange crystals and the left part was made of purple crystals. Does anyone know what this could mean?

-amruta Naik 2016-11-04 14:00:31

In my dream someone told me tht i wl b killed if the light of orange crystal falls on me.. And as the sun rose in the morning the orange light reflected from the orange crystal started following me. And i was running away from it.. I wanted to know its meaning.. Plz help,.

-Sunday 2016-10-17 8:16:05

I dreamt of asking where a friend i really liked lived. I had never been to their place at the time.
There was a lady in a post office that told me “ah he lives in the street of crystals” – i thought, how beautiful, its so special!! The afternoon was sunny and warm and i already had a vision within my dream of my friend living in a street made of crystal. It was a peaceful dream in a country town by the seaside on a hill. I saw mutual friends sittinh outside waving at me, i was alone but happy. Could you tell me about the crystal street?

-Simona 2016-10-01 17:14:03

I had a dream my brother found a rock and turned out I knew it was s a white clear crystal and he asked me what is this I said its so beautiful you should keep that they are very rare then I proceeded to tell him about other crystal I had an amathyst crystal it was beautiful as well and that’s all I remember .

-larah 2016-09-03 11:36:56

I had dreams where I was looking into a crystal ball and inside the crystal ball was a wolf. At first I was a little afraid but very quickly got over my fears and justs staring into the ball and at the wolf.

    -Tony Crisp 2016-09-05 9:14:19

    Larah – Looking into a crystal ball is looking deep into the depths of your own consciousness. For you have self-consciousness and un-consciousness. The latter is much bigger than your usual consciousness of your personality.

    You saw a living image of a wolf, for in dreams we are in a totally different dimension in which are thoughts, feeling and fears are alive and take shape. If you can imagine a book and the cover is a dream images, but the inner book is alive and intelligent, because the animals, scenes and people are the living aspects of our own inner enormity.

    You are witnessing a part of you that few people realise except in dreams. It is part of your own brain where the animal that you are still exists. See

    To love and care for that animal is to begin to see as animals see, and to feel at one with nature and all Life Forms. Perhaps try using


-Mel 2016-09-02 17:58:39

My son is 3 and has had a reoccuring dream. He wakes up yelling. Not afraid but has a sense of urgency. He always says the same thing. “We have to put the red crystals in the forest.” I don’t understand. Maybe someone here can help me. Thank you in advance.

    -Tony Crisp 2016-09-04 10:02:28

    Mel – Unfortunately children are exposed to so much that is contrary to their own inner nature. We are all expressions of Life, and many things in today’s world are very destructive of Life.

    Red is the colour of blood and represents the powerful flow of life in us. The crystals represent the eternal Life that is behind the flow giving us life. So I feel your son is trying to keep in contact with Life – for the forest is a place of mystery where Life rules in its own way, without the interference of human commercial interests.

    I suggest that you ask your son to draw a picture of the red crystals back in the forest and display the picture where he can see it often. Also, as a mother you have a powerful link with your child, so frequently hold a thought, meditation or image of your son, with you near him, sitting in a forest with big red crystals planted in the earth.


-Jenny Mac 2016-08-18 14:36:53

I was wondering if you could offer insight in to my latest dream I had after a group reiki healing.
It was a long complicated dream but at the end before my alarm work me up I was revisiting a large cavern in he middle of the paved road for the 2nd or 3rd time in my dream and this last time it revealed its self in color, from black and white, to be filed with green and purple crystal formations on the walls of this cavern. This last time I visited the cavern it was also night time where the other times I believe it was during the day. I found these crystals to be beautiful and I was in awe of them until my dream shifted to another portion.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-08-23 7:15:34

    Dear Jenny Mac – Your beautiful dream may reflect deeply entering your unconscious mind and experiencing a dimension or state of mind that is beyond duality.
    Connecting with the Life Force Energy can be a healing experience that “moves you deeply”;
    In the article above you can read that connecting with Life is an individual and yet universal experience; the way towards “It” can differ though.
    In this example the opening up was done without other people being present.
    What is required in both the approach of Reiki Healing and Opening to Life is that you open up to this infinite potential and allow the energy to do its work.
    A group Reiki healing can make the energy more powerful though.
    See also and
    Anna 🙂

-Bradley 2016-07-18 15:03:29

I dreamed of a huge crystal tree with wide branches like a giant oak tree but made entirely of crystal. The tree changed colors cycling through all the colors of the rainbow. I can’t seem to find anything about crystal trees in a dream. Any help?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-07-23 9:35:09

    Dear Bradley – At the core of each of us is an amazing potential. Throughout history religions have been built around connecting with or recognizing this potential. The reason is that “It” holds the possibilities of enormous transformation of body and mind.
    From “It” can emerge healing of illness and enormous change and enlargement of your mind. The action or release of this core potential into your everyday life is shown in dreams by anything shining or deeply beautiful, and the rainbow is such a symbol.
    A crystalline form is a symbol of the Self as is a giant tree. In other words, you are only conscious of a small part of yourself. Most of your body functions and memories are unconscious. Also, your links with others and life itself at a deep level may remain unknown. The word Self is used to mean your whole being, known and unknown.
    If the crystal is felt to be of great beauty or valuable, then it is certainly linked with what is of greatest value in yourself – your pure consciousness beyond physical sensations and thoughts.
    See also
    Anna 🙂

-Stormie 2016-06-25 18:15:11

I had a dream that my black obsidian yoni egg just started to break and crumble into a few different pieces, not small pieces but some good sized pieces. I remember being devastated. I have been sleeping with my clear and rose quartz, amethyst, and citrine underneath my pillow. So I am confused as to why I’m dreaming of another crystal breaking?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-06-27 10:01:08

    Dear Stormie – Unfortunately you do not share with what intention you use the yoni egg, the rose quartz, amethyst and citrine.
    Feeling devastated may reflect a “break-through” as in that you opened up to feelings that may have been repressed before.
    A way to explore this is by using for your own dream figure and for the egg.
    When you open to the mystery you are, it may cause some concern at first because you are unblocking part of the flow, and it may start pushing out some of the attitudes, past experiences and habits that have been blocking your greater flow.
    See also
    Anna 🙂

-Isa 2016-06-10 13:12:33

i have recemtly had a dream in which i have these crustals, and these crystals or diamonds would glow, and whenever they would glow id put them into my ear. when i put them next to my ear a strong wind wpuld blow and i could hear a whisper and i could make out anything that was being said. but the one time that i picked up a crystal or diamond i went outside, the same thing occured the wind blowing and the whisper. i startes crying and when in to my house i open the door and my crystal or diamond fell out of my hand, and it shattered completely. I began to cry even more. If someone could please tell me the meaning of this dream i have been thinking about it for days.

-Svenja 2016-06-01 6:44:59

I had a dream I was in a cave and found all these crystals, deep blues and greens and more little crystals within them, people were helping me and showing me ones that I may like. While looking through what I had found, I happened to find two separate one, that fitted together. I carried on all the way to the end of the cave trying to find loose pretty ones and found the last one that was hiding behind a rock. And as walking off with someone else that was also looking for crystals. I dropped one into the sand and I thought I found it but it didn’t seem like one I were to have. Was very average and I remember feeling quite sad that I just lost one. And then I woke up.

-Noel 2016-05-29 16:27:31

I had a dream last night that I was in a shop and bought a cluster of bright Orange color crystals and a baby carriage as a bundle .

I am very confused as to what this even means

-Dee 2016-05-02 20:47:18

I dreamt my amytheist with diamond ring was sort of melted or gooy and the diamonds all of a sudden did not look real. What would that mean?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-05-05 12:38:33

    Dear Dee – Who gave you the ring?
    Did you have any quarrel or dispute with the person who gave you the ring before you had this dream?
    Did you have a “softening and sticky” experience with him/her?
    Did your perception of him/her change and/or of your relationship with him/her?
    What does your dream figure feel in the dream when you see that the amethyst with diamond ring has melted?
    Please use
    If you imagine being the melted diamond ring, then what do you feel?
    See also
    Anna 🙂

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