Hung Hanging

Quite a few dreams show someone, or yourself, hung by the neck. There are many possible things this might indicate. For one thing it definitely links with is death, the fear of death or the possibility of death. Such a death might be the result of self sacrifice, as shown in the Tarot card of the hanged man, or it might be as the result of social action – the cause and effect of things we have done; a punishment because of feelings of guilt.

However, many hangings are due to suicide, and so might in a dream reflect depression, loss of any pleasure in life, a retreat from pain, or feelings of hopelessness or guilt. See Suicide

Hanging on: Anything that hangs depends upon the thing it is hanging from or by. So hanging in a dream shows a state of depending for support on one thing, as shown in the dream.

It also shows dependence, fear of falling or lacking support. Or it may be you have found something to hang onto that actually supports you in an otherwise difficult situation. It is then helpful to define what it is in your waking life that is giving such support.  

A person who is hanged: Awful repression of self expression, to the point of feeling dead or depressed. See: Neck.

In some dreams however, there is a different sense of the hanging. It suggests not a death but an almost complete suppression of the life in one. A strangulation of the flow of pleasure and creativity that would otherwise stream through one. In such a case the rope needs to be removed and a new way of relating to oneself developed. See Exploring Dreams Techniques to use – Masters of Nightmares and Secrets of Power Dreaming

One can be ‘hung up on guilt’, or things are hung on something. In which case see Plot of the Dream or Processing Dreams 

Useful Questions and Hints:

Do I see someone hanging by the neck or is it me?

Do I often depressed or unable to express myself adequately?

Is there someone or something that gives you support?

If you are dreaming of suicide explore the dream to find answers?

See Techniques for Exploring your Dreams  The power of HabitsAvoid Being Victims – Self-Help Techniques To Use



-Lucille 2017-05-06 14:50:13

Had a dream where I was a child again and was walking with my mother through a familiar space at night when we ended up walking through a park. My mother had to leave but before she did, she told me that whatever happened, not to look up into the trees.

I did so anyway and saw silhouettes of bodies that looked like they were in bags hanging upside down from the bare trees.

Been looking round and haven’t found an interpretation for this

    -Tony Crisp 2017-05-07 10:53:37

    Hi – I am stopping from answering your posts fully – but will try to give hints; sometimes long ones because I quote from masses I have already put online. Also, I need to take time to update the site – dreamhawk.

    It would help you to understand your dreams, if you would read – and also which has so much information in.

    Nothing can replace your own ability to understand your dream. With a little effort you can do this by practising what is described in – or


    Lucille – The dream starts with you being influenced by your mothers up bringing and views. It is natural because we inherit enormous amounts from parents without any words being spoken. But we can inherit their Life enhancing traits and their Life denying traits.

    It took place at night, suggesting things happening that you were barely aware of because we cannot see as clearly when it is dark.

    The trees are the people around you, and a tree is an image of your whole life, from roots to the tip of your personal growth. The bags hanging are the fruits of their lives, none of which have ripened enough to let them fully express themselves.

    You mother put in you the command not to see this. Yet our own living urge is to survive and express fully.

    “In every human being, I seemed to be told, there is a fire that burns, a creative fire. When that fire is permitted to burn freely, the human being is healthy and creative, whether he be farmer, artist, mother, workman. But when the fire is blocked, as it is by this pain, then the person is crippled, just as I had been crippled for most of my life. As a child, I had felt worthless because I did not have my brother’s masculinity and intelligence, nor my sister’s grace and beauty. And because I had felt worthless I had withdrawn into non-identity and non-feeling.” See

-Lou 2017-05-06 2:26:32

I had a dream about my boyfriend and his nephew hanging next to eachother in our room. They were not dead and the nephew ask my bf how does this work n how long it will take and my bf told him to relax it will take time but will work.what does my dream mean please?

-RICHEL DELA CRUZ 2017-04-07 2:12:40

Hi I dreamed of my friend who hang herself in a tree wearing long black robe. The floor underneath her was engraved with snakes. I woke up scared and still cant get it out of my head. please help me out. Thanks

-Katrina 2017-04-03 23:55:40

Last night I had a dream that I was at my school and my teacher was telling people in the hallway it was lunch time and they needed to go. I went to the bathroom and for some reason there was a shower. I we to the bathroom and when I was leaving I saw a little girl that was hanging from a rope. I really remember he neck being really red but not like blood. The girl didn’t look like a 6th grader but more like a 4th or 3rd grader. I remember taking her down and trying to untie the rope but gave up too quickly and easily.
I ran outside of my school and towards where all the teachers were. For some reason I was back at my old elementary schools playground. I remember getting there and the little girl being dead. I saw the parents sitting at a bench and the teacher asking if the girl was their daughter. Something else happened but it was completely irrelevant to what happened before

-Snehal 2017-01-20 1:22:19

I reacently had a dream where I was at my friend’s apartment and i opened his closet and saw a hung girl (suicide) who looked like his new girlfriend. I didn’t get a good look because I thought it was real and in shock in the dream. That caused me to awaken. I’m not sure what that means.

-Erin 2017-01-19 23:37:23

Last night I had a dream that went along with another dream I once had about a little girl apologizing for hanging herself in my closet and this one from last night was like the longer version of that where 2 mediums told me that there was a dead cat that I used to own with me and I said “anyone else” and they said yes actually it’s a little girl who hung herself in your closet” and I started screaming and crying because I knew it was real and I was scared and they said “there’s nothing to be afraid of she watches you and puts bad thoughts in your head so you will hang yourself and she can take over your body” and that’s when I would up… I’d like to better understand what this means.. I have many other scary dreams as well

-Belinda 2017-01-13 18:53:49

Hi, I had a dream I was looking for my parents and then found them hanging together in the wardrobe. What could this mean?

-Josh 2016-12-12 17:35:51

I dreamt that my 7 year old daughter had been hung in a public bathroom. I went in to check on her and when I discovered she had been hung, i was then attacked by 2 dark figures that smothered me, making me unable to defend myself or my daughter. I awoke shrieking for help very loudly.

-Christina 2016-12-11 6:59:02

Hello im 24yrs been through alot and i had a dream that 4 young girls were hanging off a tree looks like someone. Hung them beat them dearly then slit there throughts i was walking by and saw it then i was awoken

-Carmen 2016-12-02 10:58:54

Hi There,

My sister said she had a dream about me and my fiancé, she said I was walking through the house and I was acting like a little girl in my adult body, and as I look for my fiancé in the house I walk into the room where he had hanged himself with a rope. I then scream. But she said the dream was like the movie groundhog day, because it happens again and again but every time she tries to change the outcome and it ends the same.

Please help it is a bit concerning… 🙁

Thank you kindly

-athena 2016-11-04 3:01:23

I had a dream last night. I was walking down the stairs and saw ropes (hanging ropes) tied around the stairway railings. There were 7-9 ropes present. My family members were around but doesn’t seem to see me. I don’t know why but I grabbed a rope and put my head into it and jumped. I thought I would die but I didn’t. Instead, the rope fell on the floor then my family members disappeared. I think something else happened but I can’t remember the rest.

It is really rare for me to remember my dreams and for some reason, I can’t get this dream out of my head. What could my dream possibly mean?

-Charlie 2016-09-17 8:25:46

Hi. I had a dream that I was walking along a long, dirty road, I have a feeling it was Thailand even though I have never been. I was with my boyfriend and his mother. We walked past a car and there was a baby, dead, it had been hung from the handle inside the car by the window. I started crying but it seemed that my boyfriend and his mum didn’t react – it was like they had seen things like this before (I was not worried by that as they lived in Tunisia for 7 years and have seen alot of death). Then as we carried in walking there were more dead people hanging, women, men and children, babies. They all looked poor. They were hanging from railings that were overlooking land below that were so far away it looked like patchwork, like when you fly above somewhere on a plane, so we were really high up. I was really upset at this point, I was crying out of sadness and anger that these innocent people had been put to death. I did not ask why they were there but lots of people were there also but just indifferent to it. I looked at my boyfriend’s Mum and she just said she couldn’t stay here much longer because it was going to make her cry, we looked at each other and I was crying. That’s all I remember. Please help me figure this out. Thanks

-Kathryn Dugan-Furtado 2016-08-31 15:52:21

I had a dream that I saw my best friend’s brother hanging himself and when I went to remove the Rope he woke up?

    -sierra 2016-12-18 19:49:51

    I had a dream, I was in the bathroom with one or two of my little girls in the next room i heard a very loud gargling as if someone choking badly. I instently thought of my girls father i looked over grabbed a chair ran into the next room he was hanging by a rope from the cieling I was very upset but went with my instincts put the chair up under his feet when i looked at him he was then laying flat to the ceiling still with the rope around his neck i helped him get down took it of gis neck and caught him. And fell on the bed with him in my arms. But i happend to notice his food was trying to hold him up at one point as i was putting the chair under him as if he knew he made the wrong choice. Me and the girls father necer get along i actually planned to leave him in march when i am finacially able to because i am the only one that supports our girls he is of no help so idk what this dream could mean but it had me wondering all day

-Morga 2016-08-03 17:37:41

I had a dream that my mom’s sister hung herself in my bedroom. I watched the entire thing as if she didn’t see me. My mom is deceased. My aunt lives in Washington and I live in Texas. It’s really bothering me.

-Breanna 2016-07-22 18:14:20

I had a dream last night that there were these women hanging in my parents bedroom. In the dream I knew it was a dream but I kept walking around my dream asking people what the dream meant and why I kept seeing them. Later in the dream I become close to figuring it out by finding this man that had been chasing me- I don’t fully remember the rest. What could it mean? I don’t normally think into things but since my dream self was so curious, so am I.

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