Generally rain symbolises emotions, release of feelings.

If the rain is gentle it is usually a relaxing experience and suggests a release from ideas and intellect. If it is a downpour and storm, it is feelings which may drench us, as in sadness or grief about a friend passing. If the land is inundated, then our common sense is lost to sight in the emotions released, and danger may threaten.

But rain may also show a return of feelings after a long spell of dry intellectualism or drought of feelings.

Some dreams show a massive downpour and feel that they have to wade through a flood, making it difficult to move; also it can be dangerous because visibility is poor. This suggests either emotions or natural events make it difficult for you get around as usual. A heavy falll of rain can also can be a start of very big changes in ones life and feelings.

If the rain is entering ones house it can signify worries about ones living conditions and comfort.

Rain can be a cleansing experience when it clears the ground and plants grow because they are watered. So it then represent a cleansing of worries or thoughts and emotions.

If a flood or huge rainfall washes your house away or other things it may be that it is about a way of life, an attitude that has been radically changed. I can suggest a new beginning and a new and better way of life.

Example: I was walking past a large building site which had been excavated for foundations. Rain had filled the excavated pits and a large lake had formed. As I walked past I could see ancient primitive creatures rising out of the water. One of them, a large dinosaur, came toward me. I was scared and ran away. The dinosaur followed and started speaking to me. I couldn’t understand what it said. Don.

Example: I happened to rub or scratch my flesh and felt like bits of something on me. I looked and saw they were maggots. They had come off the blanket. I tried to brush them off, and it was like pieces of dirt or scum coming off the body, but I could not seem to get rid of all of them. Afterwards I saw my sexual feelings rise like a thermometer. This didn’t clear the maggots, but I felt impressed to rise thermometer right up to my head. I watched the liquid rise. Then it came out of my head like a fountain, raining down on my body. This fell upon the maggots, which fell off me. As they did so they became seeds that grew in the ground.

Idioms: Come rain or shine; it never rains but it pours; saving for a rainy day.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What did you feel about the rain in the dream?

Was the rain gentle or a heavy downpour?

Do you dislike or like the rain?

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-Brittney 2016-08-30 15:13:14

I recently had a dream last night that it was pouring down rain, and I was running to get to my car. When I got in the car it was still raining on me until i pressed something or something that I don’t remember. I’m curious to know what this means. I went to bed very upset with a relationship I’m in if that helps I’m not sure.

-Michelle 2016-08-25 11:59:43

Last night I dreamt that I was walking and out of no where a severe downpour came. It was so bad I could not see anything or move. Then it stopped and I was then placed in a house and walked out to go to my car and it being pouring rain again. This time it was so bad that it flooded everything immediately and I was trying to go to my car but it was not where to be found and everything around me was bright grey and white fog with massive amounts of rain. what does it all mean?

-Bri 2016-08-20 9:43:54

Last night I dreamt that someone very close to me was standing in an isolated downpour. I was not getting wet at all. I’m not sure if we were standing inside or out but we were in the same place. He just stood in front of me, in this torrential downpour that was only directly over him and made once unwavering eye contact with me. Any insight? Thanks!

-Kendl 2016-08-08 21:45:05

Hi i dreamed last night that there was a heavy down pour and the roof in my house started leaking and all the plaster on the roof was hanging down ready to collapse

-Jes 2016-06-21 15:53:09

Hello. I’m having trouble understanding my dream. Last night I had a dream in which I went outside the house and the road was partially flooded. There was a stream that was flowing covering half the road. In it were some branches. I was shocked to see this and went inside to tell my husband. After that I went to check the back yard and it was way more flooded than the front… people’s cars were flooded. The water was muddy. So I run nervously to check on my car which was on the side of the house and it was fine. No water near it. I was releaved but also thinking OK I have a ride but how am I going to get work. Weird haha. And the some how I im in a place that diesnt look like my house with people and we are all packing our stuff. And I’m my younger self, maybe 8yrs old. In my dream, im fascinated by the flood…. but the part where im young, I’m confused but not concerned about what’s going on. Before I went to bed. I was thinking of my son and concerned of his health and worried about getting renovations done in our home. Also I been thinking about if we should take a trip we were invited to by people I’m not sure what their real intentions are.

-Salau Adebisi 2016-03-18 10:04:10

I dreamt that I was beaten in the rain following a mother & a child, I crossed pools of water, after crossing a particular pool of water, I noticed that one of my sandal is missing, I went back to look for it & I found it. My journey continues afterwards

-Chino 2016-03-16 15:18:21

I bought a new house and left it vacant for a month before I visited the house. I found rain water entered the house due to choking of water trap at the baloney. what does it symbolizes?

-Ali 2016-03-15 2:40:50

in my dream i was inside some house or maybe a community building that had lots of interesting natural wood and a high ceiling. I stood by the door, looked out,was about to step out and saw a storm, i felt scared but not panicked, i yelled to my sister she had already headed out, to come in that the storm was looking bad.

-E.Ashley 2016-02-27 1:14:57

Lastnight I dreamt of being in a big stone-like beautiful home, it seemed familiar to me but I knew I had never been there. It was almost as if it were in a ancient city because the energy of the dream made me feel like I was alone but there were people with me. I can’t really remember who anymore but we (a few friends maybe) had just come back after a great night out I remember feeling like I looked nice. It was a huge upstairs hallways with no windows just a huge balcony overlooking, something. I want to say a city of some sort but at first glance off the balcony ( I held an umbrella even being sheltered from the rain) I saw a beautiful stone like wall, seemed like an accent waterfall, I just remember how amazed I was at how beautiful it all looked pouring down the broken crumbled stones on the back wall, then I realized that the water fall was almost flooding up to the level of the house that we were at, but I couldn’t look away from how beautiful it looked to me almost magical. Then something caught my attention and at second glance the waterfall wall because this huge ballroom looking room filing with water. (Almost like a scene from titanic) I remember seeing big beautiful chandeliers. But this dream also had Murillo point coming and going on. I can’t remember everything. But the water calmed me, it’s beauty amazed me and I can’t help but get a very good feeling of relief when thinking of how beautiful the water looked. But I also worry because I’ve been reading different meanings for this and I don’t know. Please get back with me. I’d appreciate it.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-03-02 12:42:17

    Dear E. Ashley – If you feel that this part of your dream is important then please explain to me what you mean with; “But this dream also had Murillo point coming and going on.”
    The understanding I have of the name Murillo is that it means “small wall”.
    In your dream you explore a part of your mind – the inner world you have created – and you become aware of your emotions and Life’s Energy that have “broken through the wall” possibly caused by the great time you have spent with someone.
    You also meet your inner beauty and you become aware that there is no wall that can change this beauty that you are at your core; http://dreamhawk.com/forums/index.php?topic=3550.msg7354#msg7354
    In your dream you are exploring how you perceive these feelings and how you want to deal with them.
    Standing on a balcony carrying an umbrella reflect the strategies you use to avoid dealing with feelings that you perceive as difficult by avoiding feeling them and expressing them.
    What do you feel when “the water fall was almost flooding up to the level of the house that we were at” and when “this huge ballroom looking room filing with water. (Almost like a scene from titanic)”; http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPerson
    What do you associate with “big beautiful chandeliers”?
    In your dream you are also aware of the beauty and the healing effect of allowing the Life Stream – http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/the-lifestream/ – so make sure you do not block it; http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/the-lifestream/#Open
    You wrote “. But the water calmed me, its beauty amazed me and I can’t help but get a very good feeling of relief when thinking of how beautiful the water looked. But I also worry because I’ve been reading different meanings for this and I don’t know.”
    Please trust your own feeling of trusting the Life Stream!
    Anna 🙂

      -Sydney Woman 2016-05-05 2:31:02

      I just wanted to say thanks for answer all these questions you get. I’m well aware it takes some time to get back to people on their dreams.

      I dreamed of rain last night and it was after I released some anger yesterday that had been building up for some years and picked vulnerability over power (I’m finding my balance). Yesterday I released many fears by getting angry instead of feeling anxious.

      Our dreams really do represent the sub conscious. I felt very relieved and happy in the dream. I felt surrounded by loved ones and supported by them and the universe. I’m feeling such joy after 5 years of pain and your interpretation of dreams is spot on.

      Thank you for your website and the time you give to so many of us. I hope you’ll be here the day I want to ask a question.

      Much love xx

        -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-05-09 10:27:53

        Dear Sydney Woman – Thank you very much for expressing your appreciation for Tony’s Life Work and for the contribution I make while using all the building stones and means he has provided.
        I love your persistence on your inner journey and your willingness to meet and juggle (or fight sometimes?) with all the feelings that arise when you open up again to Life (or IT or the Universe; different symbols for a universal experience).
        It is good to know that you have found IT all inside your mind; “I felt surrounded by loved ones and supported by them and the universe” and the inner joy that was buried under pain.
        I will be happy to answer your question while knowing that the answer is inside you too;
        Anna 🙂

-tiffanybasa 2016-02-18 5:02:21

my friend told me that she dreamt of me last night i am with my mother and sister. we visited her at their home even when it is raining hard. we are so wet because of the rain. i wonder what that it mean? thank you..

-valerie 2016-01-18 1:18:26

I had a dream last night that I was in a kitchen of a mobile home with my grandmother and my boyfriend (the father of my children) we were sitting in the kitchen and I did not see it was raining. I just knew.. but I noticed the rain water was clean and clean because I saw the ceiling was going to cave in and I can clearly see the water. once It caved, it being about ankle length.. I rememberd thinking to myself wow the water is so clear and clean.. please reply

-Heather 2016-01-07 17:58:07

I’ve been going through a very rough patch in my life for some time now and my dreams have always been a way of giving me messages, signals signs or hints and sometimes even guide maps. I can’t always figure the messages tho, like last night.

The parts I remember the most, with the silver haze surrounding literally everything (anything touched by the silver is part of the message..) ::
It was raining. The clouds were heavy and gray and you could smell the moisture in the air. The rain itself was heavy but it wasnt meaning any harm. It was just that time of year when the earth needed to be repleneshed.
I was walking along side a road but I’m not entirely sure where. The gully on the side of the road was beginning to fill, so I stopped and admired the elements and their beauty. As I looked down I noticed a $5 bill in a shallow puddle on the road. I knew the owner was long gone and didn’t see a need a to try and track a “ghost” down so I stuck the bill in my pocket and continued to admire the earthly elements of life.
Another part of the message I don’t remember as clearly. It was still raining. And there were a group of people a few paces behind me. I’ll safely assume we were together as a group and I strayed off (its one of the most common aspects of my dreams). It looks like I was wandering over near an empty lot when I spotted a $50 bill in a puddle. I knew it wasn’t any of the persons I was with 1. none of them had that kind of money on their person 2. no one from the group other than myself had gone in that direction. I stood there, bill in hand, staring at it in awe and confusion. I was understanding that it was placed there for me but I wasn’t sure why. You don’t just find something like this every day not to mention a few hrs earlier I had found $5. I was so confused… I heard two people from the group coming behind me so I stuffed the money in my pocket and walked in their direction.
This is the last part I remember really and its probably the most confusing.
It was still raining and this time by a dock. I have no idea where, its not like I live near one. I don’t even remember if I was facing the water or not…I just remember someone talking to me that I didn’t want to be talking to…the father of my child. I had my back to him. He was pushing the matter on something and I was just blocking him out, staring off into the distance, wondering what it would feel like to be a bird.. Until I got the most random of urges to look down. So I did. And there, at my feet, was a $20 bill. I picked it up, trying to understand what the hell was going on with this money because there was no way this was luck or coincidence. The father of my child didn’t put it there, so it wasn’t a bribe. He knew nothing of the money I had found, any of it. It was a gift, something I deserved, I just didn’t know why..
I think I had pulled all of the money I had found out of my pocket. Also including what I had already started the day off with. I was beginning to count (yeah I was still ignoring his ranting) I flipped through a few bills and just before I could finish counting the father of my child came up and huged me close and tight. He was crying, litteraly. I was really confused now…until I looked at my hand and seen a wad of cash. I finished counting in my head and glanced down and just stared. $95. $95. Forget the money, but the number 95… It was like a punch to soul… He was still crying and finally I heard his words. He kept saying he was sorry over and over again..
Every little detail of everything I wrote plays into the message. That’s why I can remember almost all of it in such great detail.
I don’t understand the number 95. The money I think has something to do with me and my self worth and confidemce. Prosperity and….something else.
The rain im not sure. Different things I’ve read said different things. Obviously the rain didn’t mean anything bad as I stated in the first bit:: “It was raining. The clouds were heavy and gray and you could smell the moisture in the air. The rain itself was heavy but it wasnt meaning any harm. It was just that time of year when the earth needed to be repleneshed.” So there I don’t understand the meaning either. I just have guesses and hunches but it doesn’t hurt to have another person’s point of view..

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-01-13 10:52:54

    Dear Heather – Thank you for expressing yourself and your dream so clearly. You wrote; “The rain I am not sure. Different things I’ve read said different things. Obviously the rain didn’t mean anything bad…………..”
    Perhaps you can take it one step further and use http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPerson to “Be that rain” rather than trying to understand this symbol with your thinking mind?
    To approach it with your thinking mind is like trying to understand what it would be like to bathe in the sea by thinking about it when you had never before been in water.
    It might be helpful to use this “Being the person or thing” for other symbols in your dream too, to get a deeper feeling understanding of what you have created in your inner world.
    I feel that the journey along the puddles reflects the inner healing journey you make to get yourself out of the rough patch you have been going through.
    What I see is that this journey suggests that with any release of feelings – the rain – you will realise/become aware of your down feelings – the puddle – and your uplifting feelings – the money – and perhaps also recognise these feelings in the people you have struggled with in your life. See also http://dreamhawk.com/body-and-mind/peoples-experiences-of-lifestream/
    A dock is also a place where inner (relation) ships are repaired. What I see in this part of your dream is the need to “communicate” (on whatever level) with your inner male (the father of your child); http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/archetype-of-the-animus-jungs-view-of-the-male-in-the-female/ – in order to heal the relationship with “him” in your inner world.
    A way to approach this process is to work on integrating the influence left in you from him. You can do this by drawing on all you got from him by taking the dream image and pull it back into your body. Yes, literally making “him” one with you. Do this slowly and allow and release any feelings that arise. I know you may feel; why should I merge with something or someone who gave me so much trouble. Well, I have found that we take into our memory everyone and everything we experience. So merging with it makes it conscious again and if any feelings are allowed expression you have a chance to really understand and sort out what is useful and what has to be let go of – exactly as our digestion does.
    You wrote; “. He was crying, literally. I was really confused now…until I looked at my hand and seen a wad of cash.”
    In our inner world confusion often precedes clarity. And so being confused can be good, because it is part of the change process. If things are staying the same, you are rarely confused and so confusion happens when you change and start to see/feel/sense things differently.
    The inner clarity comes when you look at your hand and a wad of cash. I feel it expresses your willingness to look at all that you have found inside yourself and so become aware of – 95 dollar – by going through this process and by seeing your life and relationships as a learning experience.
    My associations with the numbers look like this:
    The fact that all numbers rise in series of nines and then begin again, and that babies are born in the ninth month, lends itself to nine symbolising the completion of a process, or stage of growth.
    Five is sometimes called the number of marriage because it unites all the previous numbers – 1+4 and 2+3; the marriage would symbolise you uniting parts of yourself that were previously not joined, but also the consciousness “behind the process” – behind the 9 – that “moved you”.
    It might also be a symbol of the future path to take where you will be able to move towards marrying your inner male.
    Your inner male showing regret and hugging you, I see as the first step towards fully integrating him/this male aspect into your inner world again.
    “It was just that time of year when the earth needed to be replenished”. The earth might refer to all that enables you to exist and replenishing is about making whole/complete; by integrating aspects that you have denied/excluded before. Replenishing could also refer to feeding yourself in such a way that allows for inner growth and a new perspective on Life.
    Just as the physical earth is made up of past events the trees and leaves, the plants and creatures that have lived and crumbled into the dust of the soil, the earth of your dream represents your past on which your present exists, and your future is built.
    The way you express this part of your dream – “I stopped and admired the elements and their beauty” – shows that you have a deep respect and love for all that is part of your inner world, and it helps you to see both the puddles and the money and know that they are all part of the beauty that you have and are; http://dreamhawk.com/poems/another-kind-of-beauty/
    I salute you!
    Anna 🙂

-Stephanie 2015-12-16 16:47:56

I dreamt that I was at the house of my parents (but in this dream these weren’t my real parents or house). Either way they had a bloodhound dog and dad or grandad (since these people look much older) came to the door and hinted at death to their daughter (not me, supposedly my sister but she wasn’t my real life sister either). The hint involved death while traveling if she missed something. So my sister starts spazzing because she wanted to know the details of her death and he just walked away and went back inside the house. She felt unloved because they wouldn’t tell her. So I went to the door and told him it’s ok I understand that you can’t give details to interrupt the circle of life and he said no that’s not it this is done out of love. Minutes later, rain starts pouring heavily. I remembered before arriving to the house she was driving and missed something so i assumed driving is how death would take place and analyzed the death message to further predict “death will arrive when something is missed twice”. Then i noticed 3 parked small airplanes and a woman nearby. I asked the woman her name she said “Rein”. I grabbed her hand and ran to the planes. The first plane my sister was wailing inside. The second plane empty but didn’t look ready to take off. So I took the 3rd plane with Rein and some other person inside who looked peaceful and was dressed in white. As we rolled off the plane shook in the heavy rain and I looked out the window and saw my real life younger sister. I said stop the plane and I ran out and hugged her and cried and i said if I never make it out of this heavy rain while traveling I love you so much and it was a real life goodbye because my real life sister is disabled so it’s important to tell her bye. I then went back into the plane commonly worried of how she will live without me or me without her and awaited the results. At the same time officials invaded the home of my nonreal parents because it was against the law to have a bloodhound dog for they are ones yo predict the future. And at that moment i slightly understood that it the death hint was of the death of my parents. (I’m not adopted or anything to be dreaming of parents that aren’t not mine). Lengthy dream but I would definitely appreciate feedback on it. Thanks.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-12-21 15:35:43

    Dear Stephanie – A lengthy and interesting dream indeed! What I see in your dream – and please explore it for yourself as well http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/dream-yoga/ – is that it is a mix of beliefs, fears, attitudes, feelings and intuitions all mixed together and I will do my best to give you a deeper understanding of your dream.
    Your dream starts with becoming aware of unknown influences (your unknown parents) you carry within you from the past.
    Was it an old house? What are your feelings about the house?
    Although you cannot see it, your mind, along with your beliefs, has a particular structure or form. If the shape of your mind could be built into a three dimensional model, such as a house, you would probably be able to see that your mind has a shape as unique as your fingerprints. But at the same time there would be features of your mental ‘house’ that were very much the same as most of the people within your own culture.
    In this house – in your mind – lives a bloodhound which I see as a symbol of a well-developed intuition, which you still have to learn to use in such a way that it is helpful to you.
    I believe that intention is everything and so if you have a fear of death and/or loss and you believe that being able to predict any death or loss is helpful, then that is probably the kind of messages you will receive from your intuition.
    See also http://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/using-your-intuition-1/
    I also trust that in many circumstances “ignorance is bliss” and so out of love for yourself you have decided to not use your intuition to repeatedly try to predict the future as you did before; “I assumed driving is how death would take place and analysed the death message to further predict “death will arrive when something is missed twice”.
    I wonder what you feel when “the rain starts pouring heavily”. Do you feel sad that you cannot know everything; do you perceive it as a relief, or both?
    Your sister in the first part of your dream is a symbol of things you feel very vulnerable about; “I then went back into the plane commonly worried of how she will live without me or me without her and awaited the results.”
    Her death would mean how you are able to let go of this “old self” so that you can live with less worries and so with less “need” to look into the future.
    In the next part of your dream you have moved forwards, because you are willing to fly with “Rein”.
    Rein is a Frisian name used in Friesland in the northern Netherlands and in East and North Frisia in north-western Germany. (just me being curious: do any of your ancestors originate from Holland and/or Germany? Feedback on it is appreciated too ;-))
    Rein is originally a short form of Germanic names beginning with the element ragin, which means “advice, counsel”.
    So your dream suggests that you will make a change in your life, leave old ways behind and start using your intuition for advice or counsel, and that is why you do not enter the plane with your sister wailing (about the future).
    Using your intuition for counsel and advice will give you more inner peace and I trust the information you will receive will be more clear and so you officially decide that the “bloodhound” image has to leave; “At the same time officials invaded the home of my non real parents because it was against the law to have a bloodhound dog for they are ones that predict the future.”
    When you say goodbye to your sister before taking off, you have mixed up images from your waking life with your dream life.
    In your dream life it is a very positive step to let go of a part of you that is disabled, a symbol for an aspect of yourself that has not developed its full potential.
    “…………and awaited the results” shows that letting go of your disabled part created room for a part that is less fearful of the future.
    Your dream shows a wonderful healing and growth process in a nutshell – http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/what-we-need-to-remember-about-us-3/#Seed – and so please remember that moving through the different stages of a process takes linear time; in the dream world you are beyond time.
    Let me know if you have any questions Stephanie.
    Anna 🙂

-misty 2015-10-23 13:41:20

Last night I dream that I was watching a rainstorm come toward the white building I was in. The building was a school/church like building with a commotion of familys, in excited and good spirits. But, I watched the sky through an open door, a little worried of the traveling storm and I felt the mist of the far away rain. I saw the sky black and purple with clouds, it was thunderous with lighting and quickly moving toward us. As it got closer, the rain was pouring not only downward, but shooting sideways, and gathered as if shooting canons of water. I knelt down to get a closer look at this phenomenon and a sideways gush of water shot right at me and punched my stomach with a blow. I got up and grabbed my stomach and realized all the water was in it, I can hear it and feel it. I can usually interpret my dreams very well, but I can’t figure this one out. There was more to my dream afterward, but I can’t get over all the water in my belly that made me feel so full.

-Jes 2015-09-27 15:44:56

I dreamt that I was walking to my car in an open parking lot in the rain. It was normal rain, neither cold or warm, just rain. I was getting a little soaked from it, but I didn’t mind it. I actually like the rain, but I just needed to get to my car.

When I finally got to my car, I noticed a stranger with a bat or club in his hand meaning to harm me. So I got in as fast as I could and proceeded to try to run him over by backing up.

I’m at a slight loss as to what it all means!

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