Any reptile in your dreams may depict your surface feeling reactions to that creature, such as like or dislike, attraction or repulsion. But in many cases reptiles such as a snake or lizards are used to portray your very basic instinctive responses to life, such as the fear reaction, flight or fight response, the sexual drive toward reproduction, territorial display, and ritualistic social behaviour – shaking hands, bowing, etc.

The reptile also frequently shows how you are dealing with such enormous flows of emotional or nervous energy. For instance fear is a great protector, but in human life, because we can keep stimulating the response by imagination, by words, it can become overactive to the point of illness. A gazelle may be chased by a lion. If it escapes it doesn’t spend days shaking or drinking alcohol to cover its fear. In a few minutes it is quietly grazing. A human in such an encounter can replay it over and over.

The point is that you cannot become a fully mature human being until you learn to meet these ancient drives and integrate them into your everyday life. So it is important to develop a working relationship with the snakes, lizards and frogs in your dreams. Also the reptile in our dreams is often an expression of our physical makeup. See: Reptile BrainSnake, Alligator, Frog.


-Lizy 2015-08-22 10:20:31

I had a dream about a lizard and a baby snake. So in my dream, my fiance and I were visiting some friends of his and on under the couch. It was alert all the time but it never bit anyone. Then the lizard was the one moving around a lot. It would try to go after the snake and the snake would just try to get away from the lizard. The lizard out of nowhere started attacking my feet. And it started getting more and more mean and angry with me. I would move my feet but the lizard would still try to bit me. Then I realized that it was only me whom it was attacking abd no one else. That’s when I woke up terrified.

-Lizy 2015-08-22 10:18:24

Do I had a dream about a lizard and a baby snake. So in my dream, my fiance and I were visiting some friends of his and on under the couch. It was alert all the time but it never bit anyone. Then the lizard was the one moving around a lot. It would try to go after the snake and the snake would just try to get away from the lizard. The lizard out of nowhere started attacking my feet. And it started getting more and more mean and angry with me. I would move my feet but the lizard would still try to bit me. Then I realized that it was only me whom it was attacking abd no one else. That’s when I woke up terrified.

-colin manser 2015-08-20 21:59:54

I dream of crickets and biting lizards heads off its started to confuse me and my spirit watchers there is a certain amount of one dream I can take but this one is consistent and exactly the same every time
Any thoughts please

-Sabrina 2015-08-18 3:17:41

I dreamed I was walking down a path and out of nowhere 3 geckos appeared and chased me while I ran screaming and terrified.

-Rose 2015-08-15 3:21:21

Lizards have been a reoccurring thing in my dreams but in the latest one it was both lizards and snakes , the snakes were silver and looked more like dragons and the lizards were all irregularly large I was walking on chairs to avoid stepping on them and my friends removed them from inside my house and put them outside , once they were outside I felt relief.. please help me interpret the meaning of it if you can it has been stuck with me for a few days

-JillMarie 2015-07-30 16:29:35

I’ve had this dream last night where there were tons of iguanas. So many different shapes and size of them. From little babies to enormous about 2 feet long. They were coming into my house through the doors the windows the vents everywheres possible. They were aggressive trying to bite and attack my cat. Some of these iguanas had short takes from other iguanas biting them off. There had to be over 100 off them surrounding the outside and the inside of the house. I woke up to use the bathroom( frequently using washroom I’m pregnant) .. Went back to bed and the dream started right back where it left off. Anyone know What exactly this dream means? I’ve asked my grandmother and she said ” if you dream of something ” plentiful” it means you have luck in your path”

-Angela 2015-07-27 13:12:11

My dream – I was at a public above ground pool on a mountain. Three 50 foot dragons with angelic faces and a reptile tounges flew over the valley one directly to the pool. I felt that they could incenterate us. I had my dog and wasn’t terrified but woke up trying to decide to hide or run.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-08-03 8:19:25

    Dear Angela – The way I see your wonderful dream is that you meet your latent potential; you are opening up to that power of change and growth.
    This potential is latent, because it is still part of your unconscious mind; the unconscious can be seen as an area of yourself that for one reason or another you cannot yet see.
    Because the part of our mind we name ‘the unconscious’ is so ancient and huge, we sometimes depict contact with it as a dragon or monster. In myths the hero is often shown doing battle with a dragon, serpent or some other monster, to get a treasure. This is probably because the dragon depicts the massive and irrational forces of the unconscious, the life urges and untamed fears and sexuality that one must face and deal with in order to gain the treasure of potential locked in sexual, mental and emotional energy.
    As you can read in the first entry/link we often react to meeting this “Hugeness” that we are and to the unknown future with fear (hiding or running from it); this is also called resistance.
    So be kind and patient with yourself and use an approach like Power Dreaming to gradually move beyond your inner resistance.
    Good Luck!
    Anna 🙂

-Ashton 2015-07-26 18:27:56

I had a dream that I took found two iguanas in an extremely small pond in my house. I felt bad that they we’re cramped and looked miserable, so I took them out and carried them around with me to find a much larger pond, however, my entire dream was just that. They we’re nestled in my purse for the majority of my dream, after searching my entire house and city for a pond, I was worried that they needed water, so I just set them back into the original pond, which by that time had grown bigger.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-08-02 12:58:17

    Dear Ashton – The way I see your dream is that the two iguanas are a symbol of the way you relate to your reptilian brain, which has two hemispheres.
    Except in stress or survival situations we usually modify and augment our internal reptilian responses. But occasionally the cerebral influence gets distracted or knocked out by drugs, such as alcohol, or exhaustion or some form of stress. Then our reptile or monkey brain can live through us again without having to hide in the obscurity of the unconscious or sleep. At such a time we might make love for the first time in our life with total passion, sensation and abandonment of guilt. A sudden extra awareness as if with sharpened senses might arise, enabling us to precisely read another person’s body language and non-verbal communication.
    Your dream suggests that when you learn to meet these ancient drives and integrate them into your everyday life – “They we’re nestled in my purse for the majority of my dream” – that a wider range of emotional responses will be available – “the original pond, which by that time had grown bigger”.
    See also
    Anna 🙂

-Toni 2015-06-27 10:08:10

I dreamt that there was a tiny cute frog that was obsessed with me and for some reason i deeply feared it and kept running and getting my partner to flush it down the drain but it kept returning. To begin with it was like a tiny snake (about the length of a frog), and once it looked at me it transitioned into a baby frog, so adorable smiling at me and moving its head slowly from left to right (the same way dogs do when they hear a strange noise). What could this mean 🙁

-Alexis 2015-06-18 20:58:50

I dreamt I was watching a lizard eat things with its tongue by flicking it. As the lizard was sneaking and getting its prey out of no where a huge dragon came and ate the big lizard. It shook it and ripped it in half killing it instantly. I saw the blood and the bones. The only color I saw was the red blood. Then I woke up.

-dani 2015-05-27 22:36:28

I had this dream last night that my cousin was teasing me with a lizard like chasing me around but I was deadly afraid for my life in the dream. And then a giant brown and black snake curled up in a ball appeard in a hole that I took the top off of and then I stumbled back and woke up. Now I have strange dreams often I have since I was little but this one felt very real and I can’t stop thinking about it. There is a lot going on with me right now. My anxiety and depression is getting very bad. I don’t know why this dream left me with a lot of worry. I’m 19 years old and at this place in my life where I feel like I just don’t know what’s next or who I am as a person. And all of that with my anxiety just makes me really sad and closed off. I was just wondering maybe if my dream had something to do with that. This is so unlike me to leave a comment on a website I know nothing about. But my dream worried me enough to find it so here I am.

-jake 2015-05-25 1:46:44

I dreamt that a tiny snake was in a food bag and slowly made its way out of the house then suddenly one by one all sorts of reptiles started to come into the was raining outside. Then I closed the door shut but a lizard started creeping through the peeping hole and my sister opened the door and there was a centipedes under the door, then she went outside and said “no point closing the door they’ll find their way in” I quickly closed the door and start stuffing pieces of cardboard under the door so no snake can creep in. But a medium sided snakes head creept through the corner and I just flew back and ran back to my room but it followed me. I tried to close the door but accidentally hurt him about 2 times and when I tried to close the snake jumped and held me hand, i woke up to the shock

-Tiago 2015-05-06 23:44:14

Ive had several dreams of a gray lizard woman (because it could be noticed the form of breasts under the clothing), which by how we interacted with each other it seamed we were realy close friends or actually dating. The scenario always changes, so does the people in them and everything, but she is ALWAYS present and we always interact as mentioned above (joking, fooling around, playfull teasing), it always intreaged me. So, if someone can clarefy me, meanless dream, or actually something?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-05-08 12:32:59

    Dear Tiago – Sometimes the entire brain is referred to as grey matter. Mystery writer Agatha Christie’s famous detective Hercule Poirot often spoke of using his “little grey cells.”
    So I see your grey reptile woman as a symbol of your reptilian brain which is clearly very well developed.

    Science has demonstrated that unless kids (and other mammals) are given deep emotional connection (“attachment”) from birth by parents or others, infant neurological systems just don’t develop well. The infant brain literally requires programming by an adult’s eyes and facial expressions to begin to program its own neurons.
    What goes wrong from “conception to 36 months” can fry our reptilian brain and put it in permanent fight-flight or freeze (dissociation shutdown).
    See also
    Because your dream shows that your reptilian brain functions in a wonderful way, I suppose you either were raised by a very caring, loving woman and/or you did a wonderful job re-parenting your inner child.
    I would appreciate your feedback if you can relate to this.

    Your good relationship with this part of yourself is also a symbol of you having a good relationship with your inner female.
    Anna 🙂

-court 2015-03-29 22:47:25

I had the worst dream I think in my life. One thing is dreaming your on fire and waking up bright red with temperature or that you were branded and whoa behold u wake up with a brand. I “awoke” in a stone room. Chantings and I was on this platform laying down. This man dressed diffently I’m taking ancient held a newborn and showed it to me. Then another brought a basket with a snake inside. He opened the lid and the snake bit my side. I woke up screaming. My side was burning with pigments if a snake bite. I live in a city we don’t have snakes here. I look up snake rituals and dreams can only find superficial mentions. I also found out three weeks later that I was was pregnant. Go figure.

-jade 2015-03-24 21:38:47

I dreamt that I was left alone at home, there were snakes hidden through out the place. It was as if it was some kind of game I was meant to be a part of. I was meant to be able to identify and avoid being bitten by the poisonous ones. They were every where, all different sizes and colours. One in particular was large and amber with a black head I managed to avoid it. I was able to glide into the air and float above them. I glided over a fence then dove into a clear pool coming out under a massive and ancient tree that had fallen. just as the game was ending and people started to return home a smaller snake as thin as a pencil, and amber in colour with a black head bit me. I was scared because the larger one had been poisonous but my partner return and told me I was lucky because the smaller had not become poisonous yet. Can you please help me interpret this dream. I cant stop thinking about it.

    -Anna 2015-03-26 8:53:39

    Jade – I feel this dream is an expression of your growth process “in a nutshell” and that you cannot stop thinking about it merely shows that you are aware as well of the meaning this process has for your (inner) life.
    Often these “seed” dreams can only be “fully” (if ever) understood when you have entered the process and are working your way through it.
    Please read
    I see the game you were meant to be a part of as the process of sorting out what “snakes” – and so what thoughts and emotions – you want to keep and what you want to let go of in your inner world. In this context I see you floating in the air as a symbol of your awareness expanding beyond the usual boundaries of your beliefs, which is what this growth process is about.
    This process is also like diving into the pool; which is a symbol of looking within and becoming aware of your inner world.
    Often we can come to a point where we perceive this process – this breaking down of the influences you lived from in the past – as a threat to our identity; for with sorting out we uncover that we are not the person we thought we were.
    At the end of your dream you perceive it that you were lucky that the snake which bit you was not poisonous and it could be another way of symbolizing the threat you felt to your identity – which was first symbolized by the ancient tree that had fallen:
    The snake can bite you, and its venom may flow throughout your being and kill you. Most of us are very frightened of this. The reason being that the venom will take away your personal sense of self – it faces you with the death of yourself. It melts the boundary of egoic self-interest, and personal connections with family and children, with choices in action. It replaces the personal interests and fears with a self that is part of the one great life. So the fear of the snake is not because its venom is deadly, but because it transforms. It turns you into a being that is part of the whole. It robs one of the artificial walls placed between self and the collective pool of life consciousness.
    I have given you my thoughts about your dream and I advice you to also explore it for yourself.
    You can use any of the techniques described in this feature which appeal to you:
    Anna 🙂

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