These often link to themes of strength or contact with another person in the dream. They express the ability to bear or to carry whatever life brings. Again and again the words ‘head on my shoulder’ or ‘arms around their shoulders’ appear in people’s dreams, suggesting warmth, friendship, but perhaps not full intimacy.

Another frequent theme is the person touching you – or you touching someone – on the shoulder. What is depicted here is someone trying to get your attention or make contact in a gentle and acceptable way.

The size of the shoulder features sometimes, and depicts the sense of strength you have about yourself or the character of the person in the dream. So large shoulders show a lot of strength to hold, carry or support someone, or to accomplish something. Small shoulders suggest the opposite.

Idioms: cold shoulder; have broad shoulders; shoulder to the wheel; shoulder to cry on; rub shoulders with; chip on the shoulder; lay the blame on your shoulders; straight from the shoulder; head and shoulders above; look over your shoulder; shoulder to shoulder.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is the dream suggesting contact or support – and how does that connect with my life at present?

Is something happening to link with carrying someone or something, and am I managing it?

Is something or someone trying to get my attention – if so can I link this with my waking life?

It might help to read Acting on your dream and Characters and People in Dreams


-Isai S. 2017-09-09 9:34:28

I had a dream where I was asleep (in a dream) in the exact same position I had actually fallen asleep in but I could see as if I’d fallen asleep wuth my eyes open and then silhouette of a hand kept on my touching my shoulder once and when I would lift my head from my pillow the hand would slowly draw back. In that same dream I would fall asleep again and I would see the same thing or there would be the silhouette of a person standing over me & they would touch my shoulder and I once woke up in that same dream and caught a shadow out of the corner of my eye, what could any of this mean?

-Joanna 2017-04-20 16:43:37

I saw in my dream right shoulder in pain or some kind of injury. I was trying to ease the discomfort

-Jenny 2016-04-05 16:41:18

My mum has had a very vivid dream. Her husband died 5 years ago. In her dream she looked over her shoulder to find him behind her in the bed and he was looking over her shoulder. They then touched hands. It is the first time she has actually seen him in her dreams although he has featured often in them.

-Honey 2016-03-08 12:43:45

I saw an eagle attacking my shoulder. It was sitting on a tree and suddenly tried to grab something off my shoulder but i felt no pain on the shoulder as if nothing happened. However i wanted to tame the eagle. What could this mean ?

-Cassabdra 2015-08-08 8:47:06

I have confessed my feelings of love to a male friend and am worried that I have lost his friendship,I asked him if he was ok about all that happened but he had just laughed at me and said he would come over to talk but never came after 7 days I had this dream that a male friend was rubbing my shoulder/back in a consoling manner and it seems like we were applying for jobs, he had a paper where he was writing something on it. What does it mean

-Monique 2015-07-18 14:16:28

My husband was killed 3 years ago and I dreamed of driving with him last night and rubbing his shoulder. I haven’t dreamed of him in a while. His shoulder was strong and muscular. I could believe he was here. It was a wonderful dream.

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