Revealing what you really feel; showing or sharing your sexual feelings or being intimate. It can also be about seeing things about yourself that may be hidden by your everyday life and social activities represented by clothes or the state of your body. See: Clothes; Nude. 

Dropping your facade, attitudes or feelings that you may mask your real emotions with during everyday life – for instance a child may scream if someone it dislikes gets near it, but an adult will probably tolerate the nearness, or refrain from expressing displeasure.

So being nude may be about expressing things that are not usually accepted socially; desire to be seen for what one is; expression of natural feelings or desire to be intimate or revealing your true nature.

Anxiety about being undressed: Fear that others know what you really feel and desire, or that you are revealing desires and acts that are considered socially unacceptable and therefore you feel guilty or shocked about being seen doing or feeling – such as being caught making love with the husband’s/wife’s best friend. There might also be difficult feelings about being a human animal with sexual characteristics and urges.  See: Naked.

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