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The vagina represents not only sexual feelings and desires, but is a symbol of complete womanhood and femininity. The vagina and womb, in their shape represent the human qualities of sympathy, receptivity, loving, acceptance, desire to absorb. The womb is a symbol of fertility, the willing sacrifice of personal resources, life, energies and ideas, so that the new life, new love, new spiritual impulse can take form. The new idea or creation uses the old parts of yourself, but reshapes them, adding new features or qualities. The vagina and womb shape the growth of the new impulse or form.

The femaleness or maleness must not be confused with personality. The conscious personality is a very flexible and shapeshifting thing. It can be male or female in quality no matter what the body gender. But in dreams, the female is the receptive, creative aspect of this shapeshifting personality. See Archetype of the Shapeshifter; archetype of the goddess.

Therefore the female in her relationship with maleness, is not generally so active in the outer world, but through her sympathy, love, receptiveness and giving of self, shapes the male actions and creative forces, as depicted by the womb shaping the creative forces of the sperm. On the other hand, a man is not generally so active in his inner, intuitive life, and his outer activity penetrates the woman’s inner life, stimulating and directing her intuition and soul. Taken as symbols of the two parts of one person’s nature, the penis represents the outer self, creative and active, intellect and reasoning; ability to succeed in business and social activity in its constructive elements. The vagina symbolises emotions, inner feelings, irrational self, intuition, sympathetic and inner contact with people, the ability to produce new ideas, new energies. new concepts. The two working together fulfil and complement each other, outer activity expresses, tests, and brings to realisation the intuition.

The vagina refers to much more than a woman’s sexual feelings and drives. It depicts the urges and processes that are the foundations of her waking personality. It deals with her ability to procreate, not only in regard to children, but also in her bringing things to life or reality in work and other people’s lives. The vagina can associate with her unique glandular bias which underlies the energy or lethargy or her drives, emotions and mind. It is this bias that helps or hinders her with what she faces in emotional, mental and physical expression. It gives, in whatever degree, the caring, nurturing feelings which emerge out of sexual mating when healthy.

The vagina in a woman’s dream also might indicate her desire for a mate; the sense of connection and identity with other women, other female creatures and female aspects of nature. In its positive aspect it may represent the sure confidence with which a woman may demand from her man that he treat her womanhood with the respect it deserves. This means expressing the full flood of her sexual need with its desire for a child, a caring and supportive nest to rear that child in, and her female creativity which may rise from that basic reproductive drive into social creativity and personal demand for respect. It means she will confront her man with this and expect him to meet it with his own masculine power.

If the dream is directly about the uterus, this suggests an immediate connection with the ability to reproduce in some way, with pregnancy, with nurturing a child. See: ovaries/uterus under body.

There is another important possibility when the idea or image of the vagina is used. There is a secret and beautiful aspect to the vagina that is not often mentioned. It is that deep down, every women knows that she is very special and even unique. This wonderful secret treasure women offer when they really love. They come to love with the expectancy, maybe not even very conscious, of having this wonder in them, this treasure, recognised and honoured.

Unfortunately the woman may identify with this wonder as a person, and that could be a mistake. The treasure, the unique and wonderful riches she has are her eggs. Within her are the living accumulation of millions of years of life experience. Nobody else carries exactly the eggs that she does. These eggs are beyond imagining in their wonder and history, in the information, lives, secrets they hold. This is the treasure a woman offers to her lover. If she believes her own personality is this treasure it might lead to over inflation of her self image. But also of course, it will lead to the terrible despair that often follows human love. Betrayal of the trust may follow. But her eggs are for her to honour and treasure. They are for her to recognise and know what a great wealth she carries within her. So in some dreams the vagina is an image of this sense the woman has of her own unique wealth.

In a woman’s dream: Generally how you feels about your own sexual needs, but this includes procreation as well. It links with the health or feeling state of your sexual self and physical vagina, as well as your experience of motherhood or experience of the procreative relationship with your mother and nature.

As such it depicts your central femininity, your sexual urge and your ability or inability to have a child. It might be used in your dream to show what you feel about your physical attraction. And in some dreams it is shown as the reality underlying the temple or church of life. Temples and churches are in fact just symbols of the creative reality of the vagina and the holy sexual mystery of life.

Bleeding vagina: This might indicate your fears about sexuality and femininity, or hurts to your emotions connected with sexual relatedness.

In man’s dreams: The vagina represents your feelings or fears about meeting a woman’s full sexuality, as well as the deep experience of the relationship with your mother, and all the issues of dependence, fear, love or anger that still exist in you from your childhood. It also connects with your experience of birth, and how your mother met your emerging male sexuality. The vagina is the holy grail of your desire for sexual expression.

Bleeding vagina in a male dream: Your trauma, fears, hurts about your sexual and emotional ability to relate to a woman sexually, socially and emotionally.

Example: ‘She was now quite naked, dead and stiff, but still bleeding from the vagina. I walked along, the dead body walked like a clockwork soldier. It was quite horrible to see its semblance to life.’ Derek A.

Derek’s relationship with a woman, and with his own emotions and sexuality is ‘dead’ and deeply hurt – the blood. He can mechanically have sex – the clockwork soldier – but not with deep feeling bonds or satisfaction.

Examples of other types of sexual dreams are as follows:

Example: ‘He was very brown, could have been a native but he didn’t feel strange to me. We were making love, I was very aware of the pleasure in my lower body. It was very slippy slidy and wet, there was enjoyment for both of us. Very intense body feelings with a childlike quality, not passion – but pleasure and joy in my vagina.’ Susy I.

Susy is feeling happy and joyful about her ‘native’ or natural sexual feelings – particularly the sensual side of sex. Sensual pleasure, as with emotional pleasure, is as much a food for our physical and emotional self, as bread is for our physical body.

Example: ‘I had very little pubic hair and thought it must be because I had just had a shower, but, no, on looking again I had very little hair. I was hugging Mary, a friend, my arms around her back and one hand holding her vagina. It was then I noticed she was the shape of a man there. I drew away for a second at the discovery then felt OK as it meant I was hugging a male/female person. We were very warm together. Two days before this dream my husband had said his mother called a vagina a MARY.’ Lucy R.

Lucy is ‘touching’ or becoming aware of what could be seen as her own wholeness, which includes her male nature.

Useful Questions and Hints:

In a female dream – what is the central thing this dream is presenting to me – is it about the way I feel about sex, about residues of my father’s influence in my life, or about my female power?

In a male dream – does my dream in any way indicate my fears or strengths in my relationship with a woman – or is it about residues of my mother’s influence?

What are the main or even the suggested feelings or emotions shown in the dream, and what place do they have in my waking life?

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-Brexy 2018-02-04 5:06:29

Hi Tony

Last night l dreamt urinating, then suddenly l saw a green discharge then upom wiping it l pulled my eggs out through the vagina. What does this mean? Lately been having abdominal pains? Please help


    -Tony Crisp 2018-02-06 13:52:57

    Brexy – Urinating is a release of waste and tension. A green discharge may be a carry on of the release of waste or bodily discharge of dead cells. Puling eggs out doesn’t seem a healthy way of releasing them either. That added to the abdominal pains suggest you would be wise to have a medical examination.

    Dreams sometimes show problems in their very early stages when they can be easily treated.



-Sou 2018-02-23 14:34:44

My fiance dream of being at the gym working out and saw 2 of my sister’s and i flirting with a guy. My sisters were touching the man’s part and exposing their breat, while i was playing with myself in front of everyone and was being recorded. He confronted me and asked me if i would want to sleep with another man, as in, testing me if i would be faithful, but i answered yes. He woke up feeling disgust and mad at me for wanting to cheat on him in his dream. I can only think he is going through a phase of insecurity, but I’m not too sure..


-Margo 2018-04-06 13:29:32

Good day.
Last night I had a dream about my cousin. She called me into the room to tell me she’s pregnant. I was extremely happy for her. Then later she was naked and I saw blood fromantic her private parts.


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