The ability to meet changes, or to be mobile. Being a circle, it represents wholeness, so any parts missing or broken shows something you haven’t developed or built into your life. The circle therefore shows an image of you; your personal identity; wholeness. It suggests a good harmony between all the aspects of your being – thus a feeling of pleasure, centeredness and openness, physical, mental and spiritual; it may be used to depict the larger you that you may be only partly aware of, your huge dark potential. It can also depict eternity; female sexuality; ‘the same dull round’ of routine, in which one might be trapped if there is no alternative, depending on the content of the dream. If the circle is irregular, suggests imbalance or lack of harmony. See: RingSelf.

Broken or lost wheel: Like any circular thing, it represents your wholeness, the best of you. If you have lost the wheel or it is damaged, it shows you have lived or done things in your past that have lessened your effectiveness in life, and you are trying or ought to deal with the failure in daily life.

 Example: One of my wheels had broken. Apparently, a new wheel was supposed to be in the room, which was like a spares store. I looked in a cupboard on the left of the room, but although other people’s wheels were there, I couldn’t find mine.

On exploring this dream the dreamer he saw that, “The dream was given to show the difficulties now coming into your own life. The wheel represents that wholeness which you seek and need. The wholeness is broken from past lives. The wheel reminds you that your journey up on the trackless way must have this wholeness. When you lost this wholeness, you lost your proper relationship with my light, life, and love. This must be found within the future.”

 Large water or fun fair wheel: The ups and downs of life; the wheel of life – birth and death; karma.

The wheel, or treadmill, of life – karma: We are all in various stages of life and also on a sort of wheel – maybe a circus Ferris wheel, which can lift you up high with an overview, or bring you down low in depression or feeling of failure – where we get off.

The Buddhist wheel of life is often described as a continuing wheel of misery which one must escape from by killing out our sense of self. Well that is one form of escaping, but another way is a path taken by ancient races such as the Native Americans of facing the pain and transforming it. It is a path that many in today’s world are taking, the path of transformation. See Opening to Life; Life’s Little Secrets; Street Wisdom

The wheel of Karma, the rule that what we sow in life is what we eventually get, is not about punishment or about pessimism but about your own power to create your future.

Example: I had the sensation a snake curling up around me. I then began to see serpents’ faces all over the wall – then I saw myself as a fat, pot-bellied snake slithering gaily away to destruction, I felt horrified and thought, “Whose destruction?” I then realised it was my own destruction – I was destroying myself. I seemed to be having a battle between life and death-it was a terrific struggle, but life won. I then saw myself on the treadmill of life-a huge wheel was going around and round with hundreds of people on it. Some were on top going confidently through life, others were getting jostled and trodden on but still struggling to go on living (I saw myself as one of these people) and then there were the others who just couldn’t cope with life and were being crushed to death in the wheel. I had another realization of how I was destroying myself-by carrying on this affair with this married man. . . . I knew it must cease and knew that I must never see him again.

Idioms: Behind the wheel; set the wheels in motion; take the wheel; wheeling and dealing; wheels within wheels; oil the wheels; spoke in one’s wheel. See: Nothing is Permanent Except Change; Shapes and Symbols.


-Mr. M.M Sigudla 2017-01-05 5:02:51

I dreamed 777firstly,a big wooden wheel so the following day during the day I had sexual entercouse with my girlfriend. so during the night I dreamed the wheel start to turn on top there was a 7 then it turns to the right side when it to bottom 7 look alike L and voice said lose.what does that means?

-Christina Porter 2013-04-13 15:05:20

I had a very strange dream of being with a group of people. I was in a wheelchair going downhill drown a gravel path. I know I did not need the chair in the dream, but others insisted I use it on the walk. After reading that wheelchairs represent boundaries and feeling out of control, I can see how this dream came about. But the mystery of the dream is that I was having a blast flying down that hill, so don’t know how to interpret it.

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