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Discipleship in the West

Discipleship is an ancient path

Is this all there is?

Who are you really?

Meeting the I AM

Meeting Your Eternal Self

The Meeting that Transforms

First Steps on the Way

You are the divine – expressed or repressed

How do we enter on the Way?

The second step of Discipleship is the way of Mary

The prayer of the virgin soul

What is born this day?

The Healings

The next step of the path is baptism

The ancient mystery of baptism

The Wilderness Years

The Third Step

Bathing in the ocean of Life

The Goodness and Badness of Things

The Mystical Marriage




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Some of the force used was by the Christian church. “The early Christian Church used every means possible to conceal the pagan origin of their symbols, doctrines, and rituals,” Manly Hall says. “They either destroyed the sacred books of other peoples among whom they settled or made them inaccessible to students of comparative philosophy, apparently believing that in this way they could stamp out all record of the pre-Christian origin of their doctrines.”

“This is called the second library of Alexandria, the former having been destroyed under Julius Caesar. The nucleus of this one was the gift of Antony to Cleopatra, who added to it and improved it immensely, till it contained all the existing literature of the world; and–why, they are deliberately concocting Christianity out of the books there! and, so far as I can see, the Gospels are little better than Ovid’s Metamorphoses (historically, I mean),–so deliberately are they making up the new religion by replanting the old on the Jewish system.

 If they could be recovered we should have absolute proof of its concoction from Hindû, Persian, and other originals;–the interpolations, extracts, and alterations proving this. They show, too, that the name first adopted for the typical man was more like Krishna, and that Jesus was a later choice, adopted at Jewish suggestion, in order to suit a Jewish hero. 2 Every detail of the Gospel history is invented, the number of the apostles, and all the rest. Nothing is historical in the sense supposed. I see the Serapeum destroyed; –not only the library but the temple, so fearful were they of leaving any trace of the concoction. It was destroyed by Christians at the instigation especially of Theodosius, Ambrosius, and Theophilus. Their motive was a mixed one, each of the leaders having a different aim. The object of the concoctors themselves was to sustain and continue the ancient faith by transplanting it to a new soil, and engrafting it on Judaism. And they accordingly fixed and accumulated upon Jesus all that had been told of previous Christs,–Mithras, Osiris, Krishna, Buddha, and others,–the original draft containing the doctrine of the transmigration of souls most explicitly and distinctly. The concoction was undertaken in order to save religion itself from extinction through the prevalence of materialism — for the times corresponded in this respect exactly to the present.”

 Quoted from Kingsford, Anna. Clothed With The Sun

Anna Kingsford was a remarkable woman and doctor, who was also a great Seer.


The teachings on the inner path to Christ that follow are not uniquely my ideas. I followed clues left by disciples from the long past. Here and there in the world’s literature there are fragments and sentences referring to this path. So, I pursued this trail as it led into the jungle of ideas surrounding Christianity. I hacked a way through, and gradually, with loving persistence uncovered the ancient landmarks of this way. It is a path leading to the Mother Church the central core of human experience, as old as time, preceding any external religion. 

Looking back over the journey, something about it has deeply impressed me. The early Christians discovered something extraordinary. It completely changed lives, healed sickness, made people want to go out and tell others, and in some cases was worth dying for. And that has been true for me too as I took this path of discipleship.

 Those early Christians expressed what they found in language, and in imagery, that was understandable to them. What they found was something that worked. Just as, in a more recent age, the use of electricity was discovered and applied; and this discovery of electricity was the application of previously unknown natural processes. So. the Christian discovery was one of natural processes of the mind and emotions too. Unfortunately, as time has passed, the language in which those findings were expressed has come to mean less and less to many people. In fact, we may view their statements as perhaps referring to the realm of ‘beliefs’ or dogma rather than of practical principles.

 When the unfortunate tendency in humans began to organise Christianity, to place dogmas and rigid rules around it, Christianity had the misfortune to be scarred with battles between sects, intolerance of other races and cultures, and ruled by male authoritarianism.  Nevertheless, I believe there is something real in the sense defined above.  Through it an individual can arrive at a greater personal peace, and harmonise with their own nature, without having to join any sect or give themselves to a rigid set of beliefs.  They can also meet and converse with the Master and receive the teachings at first hand. This path has been known for centuries and practised by individuals and groups who were frequently persecuted by the organised church. In fact, the power and love that touched the early Christians has been innate in men and women from the beginning, and is lying dormant in each of us. This inner power is the Mother Church, not build with bricks. We enter it and are transformed by following the Christian pathway, the Christian discipline.

 What I aim to do in the following paragraphs is to remind you of the original gospel statements, and then try to define them in terms of today’s view of the world, and today’s information about the mind and emotions. For I believe the original teachings refer to an extraordinary possibility in you.

 Just as the process of electricity is open to verification with the right equipment, so the extraordinary possibility described by the early Christians is open to verification if you apply yourself in the right way. It doesn’t take belief in a lot of statements, but it does take your effort to try an experiment. It is a path leading to the Mother Church the central core of human experience, as old as time.

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