Hexagram Five

Hs (Pro: Sh – vowel as in the French ‘Tu’) – Purposeful Inaction

Uncertainty and change confront this issue. But this does not mean it leads to failure. Success is in sight with the right attitude.

Remaining purposeful without action, maintaining the support of others leads to brilliant success. It brings reward to resourcefully pass through the uncertainty and doubts confronting you.

Some issues cannot be resolved by confronting them or being active. They call for a period of allowing internal processes to mature, as the hen does while brooding on her eggs.

You sense peril though none is in sight.

Certainly there are dangers here. It is the danger akin to seeing great rain clouds. They might bring peaceful rain or treacherous floods. Such danger can be faced best by readiness to meet whatever arises.

Of greatest value is to be clear in your own mind, and from that clarity act confidently and calmly. This calmness encourages the confidence of others and wins allies. It enables quick and firm action to arise when it is necessary. Affirm whatever connections you have with inner calm. Let this be the factor influencing your decisions.

Like thunderclouds on the horizon bringing rain, you can avoid the downpour by sitting under cover with friends relaxing until the rain passes. Purposefully awaiting the outcome averts danger.

Key words: Calm confidence in meeting unknowable potential outcomes.

The Moving Lines.

1 – Do not let threats or fears win control of your mind and heart, or lead you to attempt the unusual. Proceed as you ordinarily do. Take the reins yourself and guide calmly through.

2 – Observe with care what events are taking place but do not interfere or become active. Some gossip may spread but do not get involved or be pulled off-centre by it. Remaining an observer leads to good fortune.

3 – There is possibility of becoming bogged down, as in mud. Beware of this. It leads to losing the power to act quickly, leaving one vulnerable to those who might attack. With such care good fortune follows.

4 – The attack is approaching, and already there may be wounds. Maintain a balanced stance amidst the difficulties, trying not to aggravate the situation, and you can win through.

5 – In the lull, relax, eat and drink enjoying the company of friends. But remain observant of events and be ready to act when indication of the right time comes.

6 – The expected difficulty has occurred. Three unexpected things arise, perhaps the arrival of uninvited people. Meet the situation with care, and this could help toward a successful solution

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