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Quantum Physics I have collected several cuttings from various parts of my writings about quantum physics. They are a bit jumbled, and when I get time  I will put them in order. But meanwhile I hope they give some idea of the enormity […] More Quadrangle The boundaries of your life experience. The garden of your mind and soul. Physical experience. More Quarrel Conflict within yourself or with exterior situation or relationship. See: people – it describes some of the main areas of human conflict – also Conflicts More Quartz Fundamental internal processes, such as those shaping your body – consciousness can influence these, so the dream may show what relationship exists between your personality and the unconscious forces at work within you. Your wholeness […] More Quay  In some dreams people are facing danger or making decision about their direction. See: . Departures; meetings and partings; leaving a phase of life behind, or meeting a new one, and how we encounter such changes. […] More Queen Feelings connected with your mother. Ruling passions. A desire to rule over others emotionally, or to be respected. Also your need for recognition and acclaim. More
Queue Waiting for something you want; feelings about where you stand in relation to others; or whether you will get what you are seeking. There might also be feelings about what you deserve, or what you […] More Quicksand Feelings of hopelessness that swallow up all plans, hopes, efforts. Fear of losing ground in competition with others. Emotions that engulf you. More
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