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Although the elephant is much like any other animal in your dreams, it tends to represent the power and influence of the potent forces active in your body and mind, that if you relate to well bring about health and success, and if badly illness and ruin. For example the elephant can refer to the powerful responses in us such as fear, sex, survival, and the power of imagination to evoke great anxiety or great pleasure. Often our personality evokes these forces in a destructive and disorderly way. A person may have read an article about cancer for instance and develop a great fear they have the disease, causing much stress and actual physical illness in some degree.

So some elephant dreams revolve around how we relate to this power, and the attempt of the elephant to place us on its back to direct it. So in general it is your potential or energy. Also depicts your big self, or the power of the unconscious and your cosmic, eternal nature. The tremendous inner power of the unconscious, with a mahout, or conscious direc­tion or co-operation can achieve wonderful things. Ganesh, the Indian elephant god, represents the remover of all obstacles, the power of life manifesting. He is the god of good fortune.

So it is the totality of yourself rather than awareness of only the conscious ego. It is what is referred to in Christianity as the ‘spirit’, the influence that can heal or instruct, thus power from our unconscious; strength; unforgiveness from association of long memory; patience; fidelity; intelligence or wisdom of the unconscious. In some ways the elephant has similar qualities to the crocodile in its link with the collective unconscious. The difference is that the elephant does not usually in dreams seek to consume you like the crocodile or alligator. It therefore depicts a relationship with one’s incredible potential that can lead to directing or working with the potent forces of the unconscious. See: alligator.

If we run from the elephant: Being afraid of our own strength or inner power. The question is, can we meet this enormous energy in ourselves enough to direct it? Sometimes represents the collective unconscious.

Elephant’s trunk: Sometimes a sexual symbol, the penis. As such it is usually referring to how your sexual feelings are being influenced by the great spirit of Life acting on you – the cosmic power of the spirit. Also the trunk illustrates the ability to get or reach out for ones own needs – see example below.

Example: During an experience arising from the use of psilocybin, I had a very clear mental image of a baby elephant. It was like a bas-relief made out of clay, but mobile. I could see that the baby elephant had some problem with its trunk, and I wondered why my unconscious had produced this image so clearly and what it meant. Immediately the image disappeared and a series of associations arose unbidden. It was that the elephant actually ate with its mouth, but it had to reach out for everything with its trunk. As a baby the elephant would suckle, but as it matured it would have to learn to get its own needs with its trunk, therefore the problem was about me reaching out for my own needs. Danny.

Example: The I experienced the elephant as a powerful force which I intuitively sense and feel some anxiety about. I felt the elephant as a powerful influence which works below the level of normal consciousness, which acts upon masses, although it obviously influences individuals. But it influences individuals unconsciously, so they are inclined in a direction along with many others. As it enters my life I sense it seems to be an influence which might direct me into a communion with this deeper, more inclusive or integrative influence. Thus my personal activities might have added to them this influence which co-ordinates the processes of life, and adds to ones small endeavours the stamp or power of a grander life – the spirit. The life of the spirit I sensed here as the ‘company’ where I was accepted as a worker in this wider organisation behind life.

Example: I was on a road and noticed that a magnificent elephant had appeared. It had enormous tusks and ears, the latter being powdered with blue dust and adding tremendously to its impact. As it was coming in my direction I was frightened and began to run. I ran off the road, over a fence into a field. I thought the elephant would be stopped by the fence. It wasn’t. It walked straight through it after me. Then I tried to climb a low bank back to the road. The elephant was drawing nearer and I was so frightened I could hardly move to climb the bank. The elephant caught hold of me and I suddenly realised it wasn’t going to destroy me, but wanted, despite it being a magnificent and powerful beast, to sit me on its back. I was still frightened however and ran to a doctor’s surgery. The elephant came and, thrusting its trunk into the surgery, drew me out to it. AT.

Example: I looked out of a window and noticed a wild elephant in full charge. It ran past the end of the building and I went to the opposite window, seeing it charge another elephant. After the impact it seemed to be a strange mixture, in my mind, of elephant and rhinoceros. It then stood shaking with sexual motions, until a great deal of sperm came out and its tension was released. AT.

The above two examples illustrate firstly the enormous power of the elephant and how it is not usually an attacking or destructive power, and in the second example it shows the link between that power and the sexual drive.

Idioms: White elephant; pink elephants; rogue elephant. See: the self under archetypes.

Useful Questions and Hints:

If I imagine myself as the elephant what do I experience?

What powerful influence am I meeting or directing at the moment?

Am I aware in any way of the enormous impact the collective power of society and my own unconscious has on me?

What is my relationship with the elephant and what does this depict in my life?

See Do you imagine that is a real creature – Avoid Being VictimsYou are the Projector



-K 2015-09-19 12:54:17

I dreamt that a large gentle elephant walked into my house. It was raining in my dream an the elephant was wet. He just looked at me eye to eye very intensely. He seemed to be asking for help. He went back outside into the rain so I followed him. I watched him rescue a cat stuck in the rain. He picked the cat up with his trunk and returned the cat to its amazed owner. It was a very heart touching dream but I have no clue what it could possibly mean.


-Christina 2015-10-18 9:25:21

Dear Tony,

Greetings! I hope this finds you keeping well and healthy!

In the past, I had a lot of dreams related to roads and your guidance helped me a great deal in pointing me into a right direction to learning about myself through dreams. I’m very much thankful for your kindness, efforts and time in helping people like myself and others through your work. May all the goodness you have done in helping others reture to you in abundance.

With this message, I’m writing to also ask for your guidance (once again). Below is what my very recent dream is:

There was a cute little baby elephant sitting in a basin; the basin seemed to be placed somewhere probably in a small room like my bathroom (which is a nice small bathroom with shower). I looked after that baby elephant every day by pulling out the basin (as it seemed to be stored, with baby elephant in it, somewhere in the bathroom) and showering the baby elephant so that it was cleaned. During the shower, I used my hand to easily rub around armpits of the baby elephant too (without lifting up its arms). Although the baby elephant was a bit heavy when I tried to move its body a bit within the space of the basin so that it could be cleaned properly, the baby elephant sat in the basin throughout without any resistance or creating any difficulties. After finishing the shower each day, the baby elephant would be sitting in a pool of water at the bottom of the basin (as a result of showering) which I would then pull the basin back to its place. One day, I pulled out the basin, and the baby elephant seemed to have no weight at all! I was shock and wondered what happened. The baby elephant seemed to be lifeless. I began to get upset and told my best friend who came to help me grow vegetables as we had earlier arranged. After I told him, he acknowledged what he heard but did not seem to be worried about what happened at all. His face looked nice and fresh, although he was having a serious illness that could lead him to be in an operation theatre in the next ten or fifteen years or so. Then, I woke up. (PS. I love elephant. If I could have an elephant as a pet, I definitely would!!).

I hope there is a chance that you would be able to look into it and help shade some light as before.

Thank you for your kindness and your time in advance.

Best wishes,


-Harikrishnan 2015-11-08 8:01:06

I saw a elephant with his master riding it was coming slowly near me and i ran fastly and look back it.. It was falling down and it was at its last breath of its life.. Iam really scared of dreaming like this.. Please mail me about this dream..


-Swarag 2016-02-13 18:28:16

I had a dream in which a mother elephant ate its own baby! I’ve had this dream twice, alternatively in the night! It’s made my mood really off! Can you please tell me what does it signify? I’ve tried finding out but couldn’t really figure out.
Thank you


-Lakshmish 2016-02-18 3:06:57

hi sir,

yestarday i had one dream , in that dream one elephant are chasing me ,whats that meaning


-Annie 2016-04-04 17:25:40

I owned an elephant which I thought the world of. Unfortunately I was not allowed to keep it. I was shown a memento, it was a piece of clothe with a picture of an elephants tusk on. Around the edge of the clothe were straight lines and dashes – like a cutting line. There were many pieces of clothe all piled up, The tusk coloured in cream and surrounding colours of the clothe varied . I could choose one. I chose one with a deep red surround and the clothe was cut along the lines. This piece of clothe was taken away and tied around the elephants own tusk, I could see it wrapped around. I was told my elephant would never forget me and the dream ended


-Teresa 2016-04-05 7:45:41


This is an amazing resource! Thanks for all the love, time and energy you put into it :)

I dreamt that I was assisting many others with preparation for a summer festival. I was in doors near a window with many others busily making preparations. Outside, it was a beautiful summer’s day. Suddenly, an elephant popped his head into the window. He looked right at me, pointed his trunk at me and made an elephant noise that sounded like the word “You!”. His face looked like it was smiling. I stood there, near the window unafraid, but puzzled, wondering if this was actually a message.

Thanks for considering this dream. I will keep searching for answers in your others pages, too.


-Goldie May Hicks 2016-05-07 13:19:34

I dreamed we almost hit a baby elephant, look like it was covered in blood from waist down. My daughter was driving. Her kids was not wearing a seatbelt. Just around the corner was a circus wagon with a master standing there. My daughter breaks down and starts to cry, she’s tired, she wants out ,she’s screaming let me out of this. I’m never coming back. Why do you keep doing this to me. Just let us go. It was the first time I’ve seen her cry in years. In my heart and mind I know what the elephant means to me. I am asking for a second opinion. Why was the baby elephant bleeding?


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