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Dreams containing giraffes are not common, and the few that do have these amazing creatures in are as children’s toys, so would need personal associations to understand. See soft toys; Associations Working With

The neck is a very vulnerable area and a long neck makes it difficult to get up easily. But some people see the neck as indicating the will, but I feel it is an expression of the desire to express oneself.  Another idea is that it can relate to the distance between the heart/feelings and the head/thought; suggesting that one may be out of touch with ones feelings.

It could appear as an ungainly comic character showing strange or funny aspects of the person’s inner life.

Useful questions and hints:

What feelings or associations do I have about the dream giraffe?

Was there anything the giraffe was doing?

Did I feel any connection with the giraffe and if so what was it?

See Associations Working WithAnimalTechniques for Exploring your Dreams


-Nicole 2014-10-10 11:58:12

I dreamt of a baby giraffe walking away from me into the woods across a lake.. What do you think that means? Thx


-Kristen 2016-01-07 12:58:34

I had a dream I was in an open field and there were rows of trees. There was a huge giraffe- it had the width of an elephant and was so tall that u couldn’t even see its head – it was like it went out of my frame of vision. I would see it from a distance and it would charge me and it was swift and fast! It could reach me in seconds. I would dart across the field to the trees where I kept trying to grab the bright yellow lemon. Sometimes I would get the lemon and I would throw it at the giraffe as it ran by. I never felt afraid. I was more in awe of its strength and speed and size. And it seemed there was only the one yellow lemon in all the green trees. And it was just me and the giraffe.


-Michelle Gomez 2016-07-03 15:06:42

I had a dream, where I entered a zoo with my family, the zoo was merely one of those old fashioned, really big, white, American buildings. When we got in, it was all green grass and the animals were free, lions, elephants, zebras, giraffes, cheetahs, etc. All, humans and animals, were coexisting in complete harmony, me and my family was walking in complete happiness and wonder. I was making my way through the giraffes’ feet, while looking up admiring them, still, I was a bit nervous, I didn’t want to bother the animals and make them hurt me.

When I got to the end of the big terrain, there were some kind of chairs that could take you to the second floor. My family was unsure of going, they just stood there and acted confused (which happens a lot when we are touring). I got irritated, I actually wanted to see what was there, so I just sat on a chair with a bit of a struggle, my family looked and me and told me to be careful, I didn’t answer them. I wanted to see the aquatic creatures, I told them, my mother and sisters wanted to go back, sit and eat, but my father sat on the chair saying he wanted to see them too. Unfortunately, there where no creatures, the aquarium was empty, which left me a bit sad and disappointed. At least in our way we saw two restaurants, one was fancy and empty and the other one did have food.


-Liz 2017-01-28 15:32:46

I had a dream that I was flying over what looked to be a large zoo. In my dream I flew over the exhibit of wild horses with my dad along side me. My dad had passed away in 2014. We watched the big black and brown horses trotting about and some were even struggling to jump the large branches to get back into the exhibit. It was a little bit weird, but it was beautiful. We also saw a real live giraffe hanging out in the ditch where the horse exhibit was located.The giraffe was walking along and occasionally resting its head along side the tall exhibit rocks as it watched the horses.


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