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Glass represents the invisible but powerful feeling or social barriers we use in everyday life.

The sort of invisible yet tangible barriers we may erect or feel around others, such as natural caution, emotional coldness, disinterest, fear of being hurt or pride; social barriers. Invisible aspects of oneself which nevertheless may trap us, such as fear, lack of self respect; self doubt.

Glass can be a protection for food and to cook in. Also a protection against the weather and cold.

Frosted or smoked glass: Desire for privacy; keeping parts of oneself hidden; an obscure or unclear view of a situation; occasionally relating to death – the very real yet obscure experience we all face. Barriers or social techniques you use to gain privacy. It can also suggest keeping parts of yourself hidden, or an obscure or unclear view of a situation. Occasionally it relates to death – the very real yet obscure experience we all face.

Breaking glass: Breaking through a barrier; shattered emotions. What barrier are you breaking through, what restraint? It might also mean shattered emotions. Breaking a relationship; shattering an illusion; broken hearted.

Breaking something made of glass: Breaking a relationship; shattering an illusion; broken hearted.

Stepping on broken glass: Glass may not be very visible, so may represent hidden dangers; being careless about direction in life or present situation; or if it is being done without heed to injury, represents self inflicted pain.

Glasshouse: Something in your experience that protects fragile aspects of your growth; something that is itself fragile; a subtle but real barrier between the energy of your life and the aspects of you that are needing to grow.

Useful questions and hints:

Is the glass protecting me in some way?

Or am I in a dangerous situation with glass?

Am I looking though glass at something or somebody?

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-jeannie campbell 2012-07-18 10:05:56

I am glad I have found this website I have had very vivid dreams all my life and its good to see deeper meaning in how they are represented I want to look into this guy a little deeper too .Thanks


-ultima.brown 2012-12-04 21:32:04

I dream a man is inside a cage just outside the house, then my house windows are open so i tried to close them. But the man escapes his cage and he is coming towards the house. I was scared and he climbs the kitchen window. He saw me and points the gun at me. I remember telling myself to move but i froze. I was scared. He shot me with a pistol gun and I saw the bullet moving. I was not hit because I woke up. It was just 4am. Please email me, and help interpret my dream. I’m deeply troubled. Thank you. (ultima, female, 25)


-shonaig 2013-03-10 23:37:55

Hello Tony,
Do hope all is well your way.
In this dream my first love (with whom I have reconnected over the past years although he lives on another continent…in outer life) hands me a glass of water .I look down to take it and see that the drinking glass is cracked, chipped, jagged and falling to bits and when I attempt to take it from him it does crumble into shards and falls to the floor.


-Christine 2014-01-20 3:55:55

I find myself at this site often to help understand some dream symbols. It always helps map things out a little more clearly. Thank you.


    -Tony Crisp 2014-01-22 9:15:51

    Christine – It makes a big difference to me to hear/read your feedback. Thank you.



-vicki 2014-09-16 3:34:55

Been woken up because I.had a dream there was broken glass on the floor (clear) so I start picking up the pieces but have no room to hold any more so I start putting the glass Inbetween my teeth, but then start getting tiny bits stuck all over my tongue but the more pieces I get out it just keeps becoming more an more glass then I can feel it building up in my throat and heaving but there’s no cuts or blood what does this mean. Much appreciated if you have an explanation


    -Tony Crisp 2014-09-21 12:58:54

    Vicki – I wonder what it is you are picking up the pieces of? Was it a broken relationship. If so it looks like you have some feelings that sicken you and need to be let out.

    Maybe this might help – http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/martial-art-of-the-mind/ If you need help, and I may be wrong about your dream,reach out for my help in your dreams.



-Brittany 2015-03-02 17:51:38

I had a dream where I was a caretaker in an older home . My mother and two sisters were there as well with the other occupants and the home owner . My father or my older brothers and younger brother were not present in my dream. But in my dream I would be caring for people and randomly it would be that I was caring for a phantom instead . Then they would vanish .two men came to the front door and I asked them who they were ” we are from the church we were called to come” and I was confused then they said “we never come unless we are called ” then I noticed something moving on my right side. And I was standing by the door and a large crystal vase fell over and broke . I remember saying “I saw it and I guess I could of stopped it , but I didnt” I then looked at it and the owner of the home said told me that the woman would be very angry with me for letting her base break. I had noticed that in the home there were a ton of personal items that had belonged to different deceased occupants . And I was told by another worker to draw the vase to trick the woman. I remember being very afraid and telling my mother about it and she was caring for a newborn . She doesn’t have any newborn children . She was laying on a recliner with th baby and on the floor next to her were my three sisters all together sleeping and I woke them up when I came in. My mother didn’t have anything to say to me so I left . And then I remember doing dishes in the home and I kept breaking glass cups over and over again. I don’t remember anything else but this dream was very odd and I was wondering if you would please kindly help me interpret it . I am afraid because I have looke up similar meanings and they all lead to death. Please help me .


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