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This has a great many levels of meaning. Basically it is a looking at yourself, a self examination; and the face in the mirror may not match your own. It may be better or worse. That is, in self examination you may come across, or see, parts of our nature that are the worst side or the best side of yourself. These re the things you do not usually see about yourself. You may, for instance, see innate possibilities as they would be in full bloom. But the mirror might only reflect your negative worries about yourself, or how you think you appear to others. Worries about ageing might be one of these. Nevertheless, the dream process usually tries to lead through worry to growth.

The mirror appears in many religious symbols and in much folklore. Water was probably the first mirror, and as such represents human consciousness, soul, or self awareness. This looking at oneself can therefore be a way of depicting self awareness, your ‘I’, as a distinct individual.

Alice goes through the mirror to enter Wonderland, which is again symbolical of looking within self, and exploring unconscious contents.

Indian and Buddhist philosophy use it in a slightly different way, as also Yoga teachings. It is explained that when we look at a mirror we do not see its actual surface. We do not see the actual mirror, only the images reflected on its surface, which appear as reality. Likewise, mind or consciousness is like a mirror. In it we see the images of physical existence and life experience, which we take to be the only reality. But the Yogi asks himself, what is this that is conscious of all these images? What is this mirror we call consciousness? Who am I?



-Ellie 2010-11-02 9:57:11

Dear Mr. Crisp,

I was impressed by your dream dictionary and interpretations. Every meaning description were
precised and true to myself. Your website is the
best. Thank you for creating this wonderful site.



    -Tony Crisp 2010-11-11 13:17:30

    Thank you Ellie for your encouragement. And of course for recognising what has been put into the site.



-Austin 2012-04-26 14:15:50

Thank you so much! I’m turning 13 on May 7th, so as a teenager, I have a lot of confused feelings about myself and others. I don’t know what to think of myself, how I should look, what I should act like, etc.

I had a dream of a magic mirror. It was steamed up, like the mirrors in the bathroom after you take a shower. I wiped away the steam with my hand, but all I saw was the wall. Somehow, in my dream, I knew that it was magic. I asked it to show me what I will look like when I am 14, and it showed me. I asked it to show me as an adult, and I saw. I could ask it to show me any age, under any circumstance.

What does it mean? I know for sure the mirror must represent my inner self, but I have no idea what the “magic” part meant. And did the steam on the surface of the mirror have any meaning? What about how there was no reflection until I told it to show me?


-Saira 2012-11-15 1:16:48

Hello Mr. Tony Crisp!
I hope all is well for you. I had a dream that I looked into a mirror and saw my reflection. This time, I saw that I was pregnant and I saw that my belly looked completely weird. Having pregnancy dreams before, it did not look real because my belly seemed to be at much lower place and not in an upright position. So in the dream I was wondering if I was wearing a pregnancy pad, so when I tried to lift up my dress to actually feel my stomach – looking into the mirror again, I was not sure in the dream my belly was not real or not.
Please, can you explain this?
Thank you Truly,


-Susan 2014-01-02 16:31:11

Hi Tony :)
We have a very large wall mirror hanging in our foyer. (about 5 feet high with a gold frame). In my dream last night, this same mirror was about to fall. I remember yelling to someone below to watch out so they don’t get hit if it falls. Then I was trying to refasten the mirror to the wall but it was too heavy. It finally fell and I remember how happy I was that it did not break! I don’t recall ever really looking into the mirror as the main focus was to keep it from falling and not to break. I also wanted to hang the mirror back up but it wouldn’t stay bolted and would dangle. On the wall where the mirror once was, there were beautiful tiles.
Do you know what this dream could mean?
Thank you and Happy New Year Tony!


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