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Native American

Natural wisdom; self acceptance and wisdom based on this awareness of ones links with the world and the intuition or wisdom of the irrational or unconscious. It can represent realisation of tribal wisdom and the link with intuitive initiations into stages of growth and entrance into the house of the ancestors. For some people it links with feelings of being dispossessed.

If you live in America, you may have all the above associations of being touch in with nature, but some people dream of being attacked and threatened. And this is probably an expression of meeting the alien in you, or a fear of strangers. The Indian can also be a guide and a wise person. See See alien - Reaction to the unconscious

Example: Dreamt that a young modern Red Indian was talking to me while walking in London. He said he would show me one of the secret nerve blocks used by the shamans. He pressed quickly the right side of my throat and tapped my forehead. Then he walked backwards away from me a few paces, and he appeared to shrink in size and diminish in age. I immediately thought this must have been the physiological method used in their magic. I seemed to remember having been shown it before by another Red Indian. He didn’t have to walk away, but looked young and small anyway. To end the effect, the Indian tapped the base of my neck in the thyroid area, and tapped my buttocks.


Useful questions are:

What are my feelings about the Indian or being an Indian?

What am I gaining or getting from the Indian?

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-Mariana D. 2016-04-30 17:50:34

… I had a dream that my cousin had dogs but they human girls pretending to be dogs. I started to to take shots after shots with strange men.. Then I was watching a women escaping from someone and she joined with her spouse. They started running through different doors and when they felt like they were OK the girl gets stabbed. The couple turns around and starts beating the women who stabbed her and the other women who came after them.. Its was really bloody they pulled their heads apart and arms. The girl looked at her man and told him that she’s fine and that she’ll face the back to get out of here alive. Then i woke up.


-Robert Teer 2016-08-07 8:54:02

I had a dream that I was talking to a Indian council and I was asking permission to live on they’re land to farm, all seemed well that my family would be welcome by the Lakota People. After I woke I looked on line for information on the Lakota People and came across some pictures where I was amazed to find a picture of the Indian leader I had spoke with, I was more amazed to learn that his name was Chief Joseph. Any comments would be appreciated.


-Tabatha 2016-08-10 17:38:21

I dreamed about a bear that was so connected to me that it chose to live with me.. willingly. It lived in an abandoned trailer in a huge field with old furniture and a fence on my property. (A place I don’t really own in life, and never seen.) I was somewhere watching t.v. in my dream and a reporter came on announcing that some kind of park ranger had shot the bear on my property. I went to him … and laid in the mud as he died. I felt him dieing in my arms… part of me died…I woke crying.


-Jennifer Valenzuela 2016-08-13 0:29:22

Hello.my name is Jennifer, when i was younger about 16 years old -im 25 years now in 2016- i had dreams of falling an flying both a few times,i would like to know what that means. also i would like to know more about dream catchers an just be schooled on the Native American colture. my e-mail is above i would love to hear back from you. Thank you.


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