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Native American

Natural wisdom; self acceptance and wisdom based on this awareness of ones links with the world and the intuition or wisdom of the irrational or unconscious. It can represent realisation of tribal wisdom and the link with intuitive initiations into stages of growth and entrance into the house of the ancestors. For some people it links with feelings of being dispossessed.

If you live in America, you may have all the above associations of being touch in with nature, but some people dream of being attacked and threatened. And this is probably an expression of meeting the alien in you, or a fear of strangers. The Indian can also be a guide and a wise person. See See alien - Reaction to the unconscious

Example: Dreamt that a young modern Red Indian was talking to me while walking in London. He said he would show me one of the secret nerve blocks used by the shamans. He pressed quickly the right side of my throat and tapped my forehead. Then he walked backwards away from me a few paces, and he appeared to shrink in size and diminish in age. I immediately thought this must have been the physiological method used in their magic. I seemed to remember having been shown it before by another Red Indian. He didn’t have to walk away, but looked young and small anyway. To end the effect, the Indian tapped the base of my neck in the thyroid area, and tapped my buttocks.


Useful questions are:

What are my feelings about the Indian or being an Indian?

What am I gaining or getting from the Indian?

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-Frances B. 2015-08-06 5:26:13

As a young child and even now I have always had what some call “de-javu”. But a dream that has occurred many times during my 29 years of life and it’s driving me nuts trying to find an interpretation of it. I am riding in a vehicle with the windows down on a old country road, I’m just staring into the sky admiring the beauty of it. All of a sudden a enormous bird (reminds me of an eagle, but much larger) flies into my vision. I watch how it just soars through the sky admiring it’s freedom. All of a sudden I notice it is watching me as well, as I noticed it, I start to feel frightened and beg for the driver to roll the windows up. They wouldn’t roll the windows up and the bird swoops down and pulls me out of the vehicle through the window and flies away with me. As a child I always woke up frightened from it, but now I feel like there is a deep meaning from this dream. At times I have woke up feeling as if I am flying or floating. I also recently found that my 4th generation grandfather was of the Cherokee Nation and of the paint clan.


    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-08-12 13:11:18

    Dear Frances – Your dream starts with an unknown aspect of you – the driver – being in charge of the direction you are taking and this “inner drive” I see as allowing the Life Will.
    With this open state of mind you are able to connect with your natural ability of your own mind to at times expand far beyond the immediate sense impressions and concerns, to include years of life experience, and what you have learned when looked at as a whole.
    This is because the height of the bird and its steady gaze give it unusual perception and wide awareness. To touch such enormous wealth of experience is to be penetrated by the holy; something so beyond the limitations of our own small personality enters us and leaves its imprint.
    This wider awareness may at times feel as if you are ‘carried away’. Being lifted into the unknown in this way can cause unwarranted fear.
    See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/what-we-need-to-remember-about-us-3/#Reaction
    I feel it will also be helpful to read and understand the difference between the Conscious Will and the Life Will:
    Perhaps you even feel like allowing the Life Will to “carry you” consciously for a while and explore the direction IT takes you?
    See http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/the-lifestream/
    Anna :-)


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