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Pregnant Pregnancy

This can point to the development of a new approach to life, a new project you are creating, a new outlet of expression, or new faculty.

If you are pregnant when you dream this, don’t be too worried by anxiety dreams about the baby. Virtually all women have them. Only get worried if they persist. A scan can quickly see if you are anxious or intuitive. See: pregnancyand dreams, and yourdream baby for a longer description.

But if you are not actually pregnant in waking life, or even if you are a man dreaming this, is it usually about a new area of your potential or personality developing; a deepening relationship with your potential is producing a new area of experience, a new talent or facet of your personality. If it is still unborn – i.e. not yet expressed outwardly – it is developing. It can also be shown in the drama of the dream, how you are bringing to birth a new scheme or creative idea is ‘hatching’.

In a woman’s dream: May refer to desire for a child; fear of being pregnant – i.e. in a relationship but not wanting to be pregnant. For a woman being pregnant may depict what is resulting from a relationship with a man she has become deeply involved with. The following example illustrates this.

Example: I dreamt I was pregnant and was certain the father was a man I feel a lot of love for. However as I was dreaming I realised he had a vasectomy so couldn’t be the father. This caused me to feel great uncertainty and I was questioning who the father could be as I hadn’t been with anyone else. Also I realised the pregnancy lasted 11 months and the baby was due. Angela.

Angela felt a great connection with a man who had told her he could never be her partner, and although good friends, had pulled away from any sexual contact. This caused great confusion in Angela because she had got a lot from the relationship, shown by the pregnancy. The confusion as to who the father was probably depicting her search for a man who could help her “give birth” to the new and positive direction in life that had arisen from the current but platonic relationship.

If pregnant at time of dream: If physically pregnant, then it most often refers to this, and the fears, hopes, attitudes, desires, ideas and physical condition regarding it. Carolyn Winget and Frederic Kapp researched on the dreams of 70 pregnant women. Those women whose dreams included a high percentage of anxiety themes were the ones who delivered their babies in the shortest time – less than ten hours. The conclusion was that by allowing feelings of anxiety in our dreams we are less influenced by anxiety in waking, and we can deal with situations more confidently. Someone else pregnant in dream: An aspect of oneself about to bring forth new characteristics; an intuition about that person. See: Example under girl; cave; third example under penis in body



-Tameka 2014-06-21 16:21:31

I had a dream that my fiancé that works out if town had a baby girl by another woman and we have been trying for one. Also years ago he cheated on me three different times and had three girls on me and I forgave him.


    -Tony Crisp 2014-06-22 13:21:15

    Tameka – Your dream could mean that because he was with three different women, you have a fear that while you want a baby and are trying for it he will manage it with another woman.

    I think that is the most likely meaning but it might be wise to watch out for what he does.



-ash 2014-06-29 3:38:32

I dreamt about being pregnant and then later on taken to the hospital because it was my due date. We waited for the entire day and nothing happened.My current partner was there but i knew he wasnt the father of the child. Later on, we went home and found it was a flase pregnancy. Weird dream. What could it mean in terms of relationship and career?


    -Tony Crisp 2014-06-30 8:21:39

    Ash – Being pregnant can mean you are carrying a new idea, a new creative feeling and are ready to give birth to it. But it hasn’t happened because your present partner is not the father of the child. In other words you are the real creator, you and your life experience, for you as a woman are the creator born with the ability to carry and generate within you either a baby or a creative idea. So do not look to your partner for the impulse for you are quite capable by yourself to get something from the germ of and idea – sperm – to the point of conception and then give yourself to what is developing in you – you are a woman, the great creator.



-Luz 2014-07-01 12:51:34

I’m not pregnant but last night i had a dream that i was with my fiance. My fiance sudden ask me if my water had broke? I was kind of confuse but as soon ass he ask I saw how my water did brake and i was in labor. I recall beeing so happy saying oh wow this is going to be easy to have my baby. I’ve never been pregnant so I was so happy that now I was not going to be in a long labor. What can this mean?


-sara 2014-07-08 21:55:12

I had a dream that my ex’s girlfriend was pregnant again and that id lost my ex forever. What could that mean. We have 2 kids together and was together for years then when we broke up he had a baby with someone else but lately we have been getting close and talking about getting back together, we also shared a night together ;)


-Mariesa 2014-07-11 5:00:45

I had a dream I was pregnant with some other woman’s baby.. Like a surrogate or gestational carrier.. In that same dream a tribe made me eat a dirt and onion sandwich while being pregnant and I felt like I did something wrong but was happy to carry the baby from
What I remember


-Jenny 2014-07-16 8:11:51

I dreamt that my 51 year old sister was 12 weeks pregnant and didn’t know what to do about it.


-Krystal 2014-07-27 18:01:40

I dreamt that I was 3 months pregnant and I didn’t know. And soon I was in the hospital giving birth to a baby girl. Later on in the dream relaxing it wasn’t my boyfriends it was with a guy I never was even with . We weren’t together of course and she would spend time with her dad more then she did with me and thought me dream I thought about her so much but she was never around me.


    -Tony Crisp 2014-07-30 7:18:43

    Krystal – It is innate in women to dream of being creative and giving birth in their dreams. So I believe that such a baby is a very real part of you – though an inner and not always an outer part. If it happens in your dream and without any man being involved, then you have been made pregnant by the invisible power of Life itself. It is a creation of a part of you that is only now becoming real in your life. In other words a dream baby is a new birth of part of you that is emerging and needs to be cared for. See http://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/inner-world/

    The man you were with is not to be thought if as the real father, but is something that you have taken into you about him; some quality you associate with him that your inner self feels is a good part of your experience and you have built into the baby. It would be a good idea to imagine yourself with the baby and work through whatever feelings were causing you to feel and create in your dream that she was not with you as much. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/secrets-power-dreaming/



-Maxine 2014-08-17 13:31:15

I had a dream last night that my boyfriend and babies father won the lotto and sat down, told me his leaving me cause he won lots. Say ” also I’m not coming to the hospital with you ” I started crying in my dreams and he walked away. I’m 36 weeks plus 4 days pregnant today.. What could this possibly mean?


-Jake 2014-08-22 8:52:24

I had a dream, me and my girlfriend is staying in the same home but separate room and one day she showed me her room, there are two beds. She said one is for her and her man and other for the baby girl. I was crying in the dream, then I played with the baby girl for hours.


-Jake 2014-08-22 8:54:27

had a dream, me and my girlfriend is staying in the same home but separate room and one day she showed me her room, there are two beds. She said one is for her and her man and other for the baby girl. I was crying in the dream, then I played with the baby girl for hours. What does it mean?


-Billie 2014-09-14 9:21:24

I dreamt I was pregnant but really upset as I didn’t want the baby.I was constantly crying. I eventually went to my mother crying in the dream and said I wanted a termination but I was to far along. In my dream it felt like I was 6 months pregnant over night. Does anyone know what that means?
I’m quite surprised by my dream.


-Michelle 2014-09-21 15:25:48

Last night my boyfriend and I were discussing his lack of sex drive before we went to sleep. I then had a dream that I was pregnant with my boyfriends child. Nothing too out of the ordinary happened in the dream until I was close to my due date and I went driving down this road, where there were 10 or so other pregnant women. The catcher being that almost all of them were pregnant by my boyfriend as well! Please help me figure out this crazy dream!


    -Tony Crisp 2014-09-24 8:43:31

    Michelle – The first impression I get is that his lack of interest in you sexually is probably felt by you as a lack of real love for you. You need the sexual expression from him to feel he loves you.

    But to understand what I am about to say please read http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/questions-2/#Summing

    Because it is the dream world you are in and not the waking world the different pregnant women are not saying that he has had sex with that many women, but that he has given himself to you so many times and you missed them all until now. There is of course sexual giving that people mistakenly call ‘making love’. If sex were making love there would be no rapes, no child pornography. Sex is usually simply a glandular pressure that seeks release – it is not love. Love is giving of yourself to another person. And you can do this by listening to someone in an attempt to understand; by supporting someone; by saying YES to them when they need assurance; by sharing your helpful experience with them.

    So see if you can see the many ways he has ‘made love’ to you. Because if his life energy does not flow as sex it will certainly flow in other ways.



-Jenna 2014-09-29 18:42:11

I had a dream that a guy that I had slept with in real life who I have feelings for but doesn’t care the way I do tried getting me to sleep with him and as soon as I walked up to him he touched my face and then oit of no where my “water” broke. I was mortified not knowing what just happened. I kept apologizing and crying. He said that it was ok. Then I ran off.

It freaked me out. Any thoughts?


-Yesenia 2014-10-12 16:21:17

I’ve hard different dreams that i was pregnant, but never did i know how far along i was. Until this last dream in which the “doctor” told me i was 11 weeks. What could this possibly mean?


-jordan 2014-10-18 10:57:44

I had a dream I was at work and was 5 months pregnant but I had no idea but all o f.my coworkers knew I was and I had not one idea I was pregnant even though you could see a baby bump.


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