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Pregnant Pregnancy

This can point to the development of a new approach to life, a new project you are creating, a new outlet of expression, or new faculty.

If you are pregnant when you dream this, don’t be too worried by anxiety dreams about the baby. Virtually all women have them. Only get worried if they persist. A scan can quickly see if you are anxious or intuitive. See: pregnancyand dreams, and yourdream baby for a longer description.

But if you are not actually pregnant in waking life, or even if you are a man dreaming this, is it usually about a new area of your potential or personality developing; a deepening relationship with your potential is producing a new area of experience, a new talent or facet of your personality. If it is still unborn – i.e. not yet expressed outwardly – it is developing. It can also be shown in the drama of the dream, how you are bringing to birth a new scheme or creative idea is ‘hatching’.

In a woman’s dream: May refer to desire for a child; fear of being pregnant – i.e. in a relationship but not wanting to be pregnant. For a woman being pregnant may depict what is resulting from a relationship with a man she has become deeply involved with. The following example illustrates this.

Example: I dreamt I was pregnant and was certain the father was a man I feel a lot of love for. However as I was dreaming I realised he had a vasectomy so couldn’t be the father. This caused me to feel great uncertainty and I was questioning who the father could be as I hadn’t been with anyone else. Also I realised the pregnancy lasted 11 months and the baby was due. Angela.

Angela felt a great connection with a man who had told her he could never be her partner, and although good friends, had pulled away from any sexual contact. This caused great confusion in Angela because she had got a lot from the relationship, shown by the pregnancy. The confusion as to who the father was probably depicting her search for a man who could help her “give birth” to the new and positive direction in life that had arisen from the current but platonic relationship.

If pregnant at time of dream: If physically pregnant, then it most often refers to this, and the fears, hopes, attitudes, desires, ideas and physical condition regarding it. Carolyn Winget and Frederic Kapp researched on the dreams of 70 pregnant women. Those women whose dreams included a high percentage of anxiety themes were the ones who delivered their babies in the shortest time – less than ten hours. The conclusion was that by allowing feelings of anxiety in our dreams we are less influenced by anxiety in waking, and we can deal with situations more confidently. Someone else pregnant in dream: An aspect of oneself about to bring forth new characteristics; an intuition about that person. See: Example under girl; cave; third example under penis in body



-Cheryl 2013-11-05 8:53:48

I had a dream where I was put into protective custody because the guy that I got pregnant by killed someone and I turned him in and he put a hit on me. I was staying with an older female church member and her boyfriend at her apartment. In reality she lives in a house and is divorced. While staying there with her I was incredibly nervous always looking over my shoulder or out the door because I just knew that the guy that was trying to kill me would find me, and kill my baby. I knew in the dream that he would kill me to, but he focus was on my baby. The boyfriend gave me some nerve pills which I didn’t take right away. I asked my church member for side effect information to make sure it wouldn’t hurt my baby. She didn’t give me any, but said that the people who brought me there gave them to her. I had two pills I took one then the other, and went to the next room to lay down. I mellowed out and then I woke up. What does this dream mean? I’m in college right now and I don’t have any kids nor am I sexually active. I do however always call school my “baby.” I’ve had many dreams lately about someone trying to kill my baby or someone else s child dying. What does this mean?
Thanks in advance.


-Stephie 2013-11-09 16:56:10

I had a dream my cousin (who I rarely talk to) was pregnant. In my dream I vividly saw her pregnancy test which had 2 windows. The first window read “++” then the 2nd window read “+-” I told her that I thought I was pregnant too but I hadn’t taken a test yet.. She told my aunt that she was on her period so that my aunt wouldn’t suspect that she missed her period she even took out the tampon & said she “was on her period” What can this mean?


    -Stephie 2013-11-09 17:12:04

    Oh and where she told me was at my old house where I used to live 6 years ago.


-Fara 2013-11-12 5:23:56

I had a dream where there was a psychic and he ask to read my hand n he started to explain things and then he stop and said you pregnant and the child will b born the 18 October and u will name him Brian.. Please help me with that dream


-Hayley 2013-11-28 8:29:49

I had a dream last night that I was pregnant but people couldnt really tell. My bump was tiny.

The baby also never kicked or moved and I kept having to be reassured by doctors that I was pregnant. I had to be induced but it wouldn’t work and I was just convinced it had been a lie the whole time.

I’ve woken up with a feeling of loss and sadness though.


-Erin 2013-12-28 20:00:03

I had a dream that I was pregnant and my boyfriend who in real life us the sweetest guy but I’m the dream he just was really mean he threw 500 dollars at me and told me to get rid of the baby.. but I know in real life he would never do that. So what does that mean do I subconsciously think he’s a terrible person.?


-shauna 2014-02-15 17:11:24

im 8 weeks pregnant and i dreamt that i give birth to a really really tiny baby but she was ok but then i lost her and couldnt find her anywere what could this mean it really scared me .


-vany 2014-02-16 7:21:21

I m single and not married. The person who i suppose to get married left me and married someone else last week.
Two days back i dreamt dat i childhood fren came to see me and to tell me dat she is pregnant. Both of us was do happy in dat dream on dat news and we even went out for lunch to celebrate.
Again, last nite i dream dat i’m already married and pregnant for second baby. My first child in dat dream is boy.

I really dont know what all tis means as now i m really heart broke .


-inelda 2014-02-23 11:01:35

What does it mean I dream last night that my boyfriend have another girl and I have baby but im single im not married. Why I have baby..tnx Godbless


-daniree 2014-02-24 13:35:17

When my ex bf knows was pregnant he left me because he was not yet ready..but after 6 months of giving birth I have a 3 consistent nights of dreaming him..can you explain what does it mean??


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