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Sexual dreams usually express hidden desires; the way we would like to express sexually, or problems in this area. Although sex is symbolised in many dreams, where it appears directly it shows that the dreamer is able to more easily accept their sexual urges and hurts. What is then important is to attempt an understanding of what setting or drama the sexual element occur in. Our psychological and sexual nature, like our physical, never stand still in development unless a pain or problem freeze them at a particular level of maturity. Therefore, our sexual dreams, even if our sex life is satisfactory, show us what growth, what new challenge, is being met.

Whenever a healthy man dreams, he experiences an erection, no matter what the subject of the dream. Women also experience such stimulus while dreaming.

While dreaming you can safely allow any form of sexual pleasure you desire. Don’t let the useful morals of waking life intrude into your dreams. If your sexual dreams are frustrating, or do not lead to deep pleasure, drop the fears and limiting attitudes that are blocking the full flow of your excitement and pleasure.

Your longing for sexual partners that isn’t openly expressed, will attempt to become real in your dreams. It doesn’t mean that you are dissatisfied with your present partner if you have sex with other people in your dreams. All of us have such secret longings, and it is healthy for them to be allowed as we sleep. What it usually suggests is that you are exploring other experiences or dimensions of sex that you can then bring into your waking relationship.

Sometimes sexual pleasure is depicted in dreams as a tidal wave, or a snake, or something you may be resisting. This is because full sexual bliss floods the whole body, releasing tensions, bringing peace and a healing action physically and psychologically. To achieve this, learn to let go of rigid self control and be ready to feel your emotions.

Enjoying sexual pleasure with an animal, such as being kissed or licked by a cat, is the way dreams describe your own sexual urges at their most uncomplicated and basic level. It doesn’t mean you are weird. In such dreams you are dropping the complicated social rules that usually direct how you express yourself.

The energy behind the sexual drive is enormously important. It can flow in many different ways. It not only expresses as genital sex, but also in caring for others. If it is blocked illness can result. Your dreams show in detail just how you are dealing with this most important area of your life, and what is standing in the way of satisfaction and health. Do not accept the ready made formulas of popular sexual norms. Your dreams will show your own intimate and unique needs. Remember your dreams and be enriched by them.

Having sex with friends sister or brother is a normal way of exploring what it would be like to have sex with them.



-cjez1320 2014-01-12 5:20:56

I had a dream last night that I was at a laundry mat with my bf mom and she was telling me that she went to get her cards read and they told her that my bf was gonna end up getting someone pregnant. When i found out I ran to the house went to the room where he was at. He was with my little boy(not his) playing around. We start wrestling and I tell him fuck me he looks at me and asks me what I said I told him again so we go at it on the floor. I was on top but he couldnt put it in so he gets on top and we start doing it. We end up on the bed me on top his mom comes in the room and tells us we were crazy and leaves the room we laugh and keep going at it..what does it mean??? **we haven’t had sex yet


-Katie06 2014-01-25 16:08:16

I had a dream that I was with an old friend from high school who I used to have a crush on. We were alone at a house and just hanging out together, but I was wrapped in a blanket naked underneath and kept re wrapping my blanket like I wanted him to see me naked. Eventually in the dream we started to have sex but then I woke up. I have a boyfriend who is not the old friend from high school, what does this dream mean?


    -Tony Crisp 2014-01-27 8:36:06

    Katie – We all have desires and needs we do not even admit to ourselves. When I was about thirty five, and really began to let my feelings surface, I suddenly had a dream about my female cousin from seventeen years ago. I had hidden my desire to have sex with her because she was a cousin. Well maybe I didn’t hide the desire, but the strength of it.

    You dream is fairly straight forward, you would like your dream lover to see you naked. Such dreams are simply ways we express our feelings and experiment with our sexual feelings. It doesn’t mean you are in love with the ‘crush’.



-16kc16 2014-01-28 0:34:03

My best friend (male) told me he has had sex with me (female) in his dreams more than he has had actual sex with his girlfriend. It doesn’t really bother me being asexual, but it seems to bother him a bit because he doesn’t really understand it. He really wants to know what it means because I imagine it’s awkward seeing me like that when we usually just play video games together. His girlfriend is awesome too, they get along really well and have a decent sex life apparently so I’m having a lot of trouble trying to help him understand them. He said that they are usually at our school where one second he’ll be doing work and then suddenly I’ll be there and stuff goes down. He said he’s had some about other girls, but none his girlfriend and most me. I think we’ve both liked each other at points, but have both long since gotten over it so we have no idea why he’s having them. Please help is make sense of them. Thank you.


-M 2014-02-06 10:11:51

I sometimes have dreams of sleeping with my bestfriend who’s a woman and she has a boyfriend, I am single myself. I never feel ashamed of it and it makes me happy in general. I remember one time of just lying there with her on top of me after and just feeling content. I’m not sure if I want to be with her even though sometimes I do like to admire her which I think is normal between a man and woman who are friends. One time she wore a particular outfit (just a casual one) and I found her very attractive, anyway in the least I know that I care about her personally. I just was hoping that you maybe help me understand the situation. Another thing that I think may be related is that I feel that I owe her a lot, she just makes me feel confident in general and helped me with quite a few things. Thanks


    -Tony Crisp 2014-02-19 12:08:01

    Matt – Dreams are often a way we can safely express how we feel about someone without any comebacks or commitment. So the question is for you to define what you want from the relationship. Do you want to try to separate her from her boyfriend and be her partner? Or is it more comfortable for you to stay as you are and maybe deepen your friendship.

    It is tricky because of the male and female sexual drive, so be careful and thoughtful about what you decide. But you could try honestly talking with her about how you feel and what she had brought into your life. See http://dreamhawk.com/relationship-sex/beware-of-love/



      -M 2014-02-20 0:29:20

      Are you saying that you think I may be in love with her?


-Gabby 2014-02-09 20:46:45

I had a dream where I was with my four best.friends and we were getting an assignment from someone we knew in the dream but I don’t actually know who it was anyway to complete the assignment we had to travel across the country and deliver some sort of package on the way me and two of my friends repeatedly had sex and all of us are girls I’mbisexual and it was really enjoyable but it was with two of my best friends and the other two friends were not a part of the sex


-Paul 2014-03-19 0:09:52

Well i had a dream that my girlfriend cheated on me by having sex with another guy. It was a morning dream. I dreamt almost the same dream in twice in a month about 7am* . Is there any meaning?


-Ashutosh Singh 2014-03-24 2:07:07

Good morning sir,
Tomorrow evening with my wife quarrelling then slept. I am starting in delhi an he is staying in other places. dream to sex in early morning in with my wife then wake up.
Note:-always quarrelling my wife with me she is not caring me.plz rly


    -Tony Crisp 2014-03-24 7:59:59

    Ashutosh – I am sorry but I cannot get a clear picture of your dream from what you have written. I would suggest you write it out in the language that you are fluent in, then put it in Google Translate – http://translate.google.com/ and translate it into English .



-liz 2014-04-09 11:36:58

I had a dream I was in school me and my bf were fine and then I get to hobby time which everyone has and he’s mad I sit there thinking what happened I go to try and find him when I do he wants to break up I started crying and telling him why we sat at the tables he told me hes talking to another girl then he tells me all the girls that he had sexual contact with while he was still with me I had another dream after that and same thing going to hobby time my friend was talking to me she says just talk to her ill wait for you but he leaves out of sight I texted him if he’s coming he said yeah ill be there in a bit but it was almost over he never showed up then I woke up. Does that mean anything I feel now like his cheating


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