Pregnancy & Childbirth

As a mother or father, you are the gateway for the future to enter and transform the world. Like a temple to the highest, keep your being clean and beautiful. Reach out to the highest when you conceive. And feed that new life not only with nature’s good substance, but with ideas, music, stories and love.

Adult Memories of Prebirth

Of course it's easy (and probably for most people the preferred option) to dismiss each story as the product of wishful thinking. I have no doubt that wishful thinking and creative imagination do play a part in some percentage of these experiences. ...More

Communicating with Your Unborn Child

From the top of your crown chakra ( on the top of your head) create a gold ring which encapsulates a "hello-I see you." Send that gold ring "hello" over to your unborn baby's bubble. Notice what your baby's reaction is to this hello. What happens to its bubble? Do the colors and/or images around you...More

Spiritual Versus Biological Paternity

News of the approaching civilization upset their peace of mind. The Unambal no longer attained the psychological "disposition necessary for the physical act of generation." In a sense, the Aborigines were suffering from a kind of psychic shock. As Lommel put it, the spirit-child dream might well be ...More

Messages From the Dream World

A receptive man brings the spirit-child home by securing him in his hair which is smeared with red ochre, drawn back and bound with hair string....More

Remembering My Birth

Why have I lost the simple pleasure of sitting in the sun, of walking in the warmth of the evening, of just being around other people. All the time I ached inside with such intensity I was robbed of any everyday pleasure or desire to be with anyone....More

Knowing the Baby Before it is Born

"He seemed to be continually tapping us on our shoulders, reminding us of his presence." Finally, and most moving, is the apparent purpose behind the couple's visionary experiences. Without them, they probably would never have chosen to have a child. Did Langston initiate the contact that led to hi...More

Music and Perinatal Stress Reduction

Initial anecdotal reports from a group of low socioeconomic mothers have indicated higher birth weights in the mothers exposed to this guided imagery and music (Hetty Watters, 1997). A large multi-center study is being initiated to explore these benefits to various populations....More

The Near Birth Experience: Talking with Jerry Bongard

Jerry Bongard's new book, The Near-Birth Experience: A Journey to the Center of Self, may be the one finally to engage "middle America." It presents the concept of pre-existence and the possibility of reincarnation, in user-friendly terms that yet fully reveal the transcendent nature of the self....More

Premature Birth and Postmature Birth

A postmature birth is any birth that occurs more than three weeks after the expected date of delivery, at which time placental transfer begins to fail, and the fetus receives decreased amounts of oxygen and nutrients. If birth does not occur naturally or is not induced, the fetus will die. ...More

Autobiography of a Premature Baby

I am now one of the silver haired males in our society. While I was still a dark haired young man I used to think I would end my days as someone extraordinary. The reason being that I was taking risks in unconventional ways, delving deeply into the unconscious, meeting things that most people try t...More

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