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Pregnant in my Dream

A young woman send this dream, and there are so may like it.

I had a dream that I was 3 months pregnant. I don’t know who the father is but I have a feeling I know who. What does this mean? Will I get pregnant soon?

Many women get pregnant in dreams without any man involved. And in fact you are pregnant now – not in a physical way but within you – for you carry a new life, a new you that can be born if you treasure it. The new life is a part of you that wishes to become active in your life, a part of that that hasn’t had the opportunity to be expressed before.

Of course it is shown as a baby because anything new in us that is seeking life is vulnerable and needs to be cared for and nurtured.

Will you get pregnant soon? Well that depends on whether you want to or have the opportunity to. But the dream does suggest that you are ready for being a mother and that your dream is perhaps a practice run.

Example:I dreamt I was heavily pregnant and naked, lying on the floor of a dark room with one light directed on me. My ex-boyfriend was next to me, naked, stroking my hair, telling me everything was going to be alright. In the dream I felt physically sick but inwardly perfectly calm and at peace. But I am confused as I am only 15 and there’s no chance I’m pregnant.

Within the virtual reality of her dream, Sandra is experimenting with her ability to attract a man using her physical appeal. Having tried this out in her dream Sandra may or may not use this in her everyday life. The dream Joanne describes is common among young women. It involves either being pregnant, or actually giving birth. In both cases it is a way of gaining confidence and meeting anxieties about the possibility of pregnancy. It allows the dreamer to gain experience in an area that would be difficult, painful or dangerous to experiment with in waking life. In this and many other ways, your dreams allow you to explore without the risks you would meet in waking life. See: magical dream machine.



-Natalie 2015-06-08 13:50:34

I had a dream that I became pregnant with septuplets (7) and was extremely stressed about this. I had the babies and seemed to have a realization of “What have I done? How am I going to get through life like this?” All the pressure of childcare bills, work etc., came crashing down on me. Then time lapsed to a little in the future when the children were about toddler age and we were in a house and they were all entertaining each other. I thought to myself in the dream, this is great, this will be just fine they are entertaining each other, I can do this.
I have been going through a time of personal transition, trying to at least, dealing with my past and really trying to find who I am and true happiness. I have two children already and am married in a relationship I question daily. I went to a psychic the day after this dream and she told me, with much coincidence, that I have been having strange dreams and I needed to pay attention to them. She also said in order to have a spiritual transformation I need to become “pregnant” metaphorically speaking. She mentioned all of this and it had reminded me of my dream and is really what led me to this site to examine this.
Any guidance on the meaning of this would be helpful as I have not had much ease finding these specifics pertaining to pregnancy and dreaming.
Thank you!


    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-06-09 14:03:18

    Dear Natalie – I think that giving birth to 7 children is about initiation.
    Initiation is about the discovery of new levels of consciousness, and the opening to new power, wisdom or love. Initiations often link directly to a stage of growth, such as the shift from babyhood to childhood, and childhood to adolescence, but more so to the later stages of life.
    See http://dreamhawk.com/body-and-mind/every-seven-years-you-change/
    As your dream shows this process is not always easy and I salute you for having done so much inner work.
    You do not have to become “pregnant” metaphorically speaking at this stage of your journey, for you have given birth already.
    Your dream is an encouragement to accept and deal with some initial difficulties while growing into this “new you” and it is also a promise that times will get easier again.
    Please also read http://dreamhawk.com/pregnancy-childbirth/the-baby-in-your-dream/ and see the 7 babies as a symbol for initiation rather than as “an amount”.
    See also http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/seven/
    I do not believe in “strange dreams” and if you feel like exploring the wonderful gateways that they are, feel free to join http://dreamhawk.com/forums/index.php
    Good Luck!
    Anna :-)


-K 2015-06-19 1:44:37

My dream began with me lying on my back and I’ve just given birth – twice. (I have 2 teenage kids in waking life). I’m wearing colorful clothing – long skirts almost harem-like. There is a midwife standing at my feet and she has tears in her eyes and says “wow that was amazing. You’ve done a beautiful job so far.” And I know she is talking about my two kids thus far. So I say “am I done?” And she says ” no, there is one more but I need to take a little break first.” So I get up and I notice women and children all around me just going about life. All dressed colorfully and flowing. It’s such a joyful place. I start playing with some children who don’t speak with words but with tones.
A few weeks later I dream I am pregnant and growing rapidly. I’m so excited to be pregnant. Another few weeks pass and again i dream I am very pregnant and can see a hand pressing against the inside of my stomach. Again I feel so happy.


    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-06-20 13:02:45

    Dear K – What a joyful inner world you have created in your dream.
    Every image and person in your dreams is an expression of your own life process. As such it is alive and intelligent and is something sent to help you. A dream is like a projection from a movie projector, except that you are the projector.
    Everything you see as outside you is coming from you, your emotions, your fears, your beliefs, your joys and explorations and are all you, clothed in the dream images and drama.
    So the tears of the midwife symbolise your tears of joy and wonder and they also express your feeling satisfied about the way you have guided your (inner) children so far.
    See also http://dreamhawk.com/pregnancy-childbirth/the-baby-in-your-dream/
    Then your dream expresses the flow of life which is Life energy itself.
    See also http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/energy-sex-and-dreams/
    Our clothes, especially when we consider their colour, can also express our emotional condition and moods, or even our health. Constance Newland in her book Myself and I, gives the example of dressing in violet symbolising being inviolate sexually. As colours may be a vital clue to understanding our dream clothes, it is always helpful to look at the possible meaning of the colour.
    See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/colours/
    Your inner children communicate with tones. I believe this is about communication between your unconscious view of life and your waking self, or between an aspect of yourself that does not dominate your behaviour, and your mainstream self.
    Sounds in dreams are similar in impact to sounds we hear in waking. They carry information to you very directly. So you feel fear or pleasure depending on the sound. Therefore the important thing is to define what feeling reaction you have to the sound, and what information you gather from it.
    In your following dreams it becomes clear why you did not give birth yet to this third child, for it still has to grow and so you continue dreaming about being pregnant and at some point you will give birth to another (inner) child.
    Anna :-)


-Eve 2015-06-27 15:55:29

I had a dream I was on a ship and wasnt feeling well so I saw a doctor and they told me I was pregnant but I was shocked because I hadn’t been with anyone. A woman/mother figure told me it was a trick and told me I shouldn’t have the baby. Im not sure what this all means. Any significance?
Thanks in advance.


    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-06-29 12:59:06

    Dear Eve – There is no need to be with anyone in order to get pregnant in your dream.
    Many women dream of conceiving and giving birth without any man involved. Virgin birth is a normal part of dreaming. It means that you have conceived as a process of Life. Being a virgin represents the human soul or psyche and its possibility of dropping pre-conceptions, thus attaining an inner virginity and through that being receptive to the unseen or unconscious side of self. Joseph Campbell in his book “Myths To Live By” says – “There are myths and legends of the Virgin Birth, of Incarnations, Deaths and Resurrections; Second Comings, Judgements and the rest, in all the great traditions. And since such images stem from the psyche (from you and your dreams), they refer to the psyche. They tell us of its structure, its order, and its forces, in symbolic terms.”
    For instance, the story and events surrounding the virgin birth, when looked as if a dream are not about a biological miracle, but about how as ordinary people, we can drop our preconceptions, our fixed ideas and beliefs and allow an entirely new and creative impulse into our life. This truth has been so venerated that we find virgin figures all over the world such as Maya the mother of Buddha born 500 BC; the virgin mother of Osiris, and of course the story told of Mary.
    Being a virgin in this case is about having a mind free from previous ‘conceptions’ and so being open to Life itself fertilising you for a new and precious thing being born.
    Only a ‘virgin birth’ can bring forth the birth of an intuition, a new response to oneself and one’s environment that transforms one’s life. This is a living relationship with the mystery which underlies our life. If we generate a child in this way, we are not held prisoner by habits of thought, stereotypes of behaviour, and then we can begin to allow into our waking life what was previously impossible to know. This open state of mind and feelings, acts as a link between the identity or personality, and the deep unconscious life processes. This link allows a birth of realisations and inner change that brings healing and a possibility of experiencing the aspect of oneself that is our core self.
    Please gently ignore the voice of the woman/mother figure in your dream for I see her merely as a symbol of part of your conscious personality, thoughts, beliefs, upbringing and way of life, that are out of touch with your deeper and life giving self.
    Please also read http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/the-lifestream/
    Anna :-)


      -Eve 2015-07-02 23:54:34

      Thank you, for taking the time give your interpretation. It brought clarity.


-Asia 2015-07-24 6:58:24

I have a question

What if I keep dreaming about being pregnant but the first time was with my bf and the second one I was rape and once I told my mom I was rape she try to take the person to court once I found out but I couldn’t do it

Why are my dreams so hard to understand?


-Lize 2015-09-15 6:53:40

I dreamt that I was with a friend standing with my hand on my belly when I felt my baby’s foot and then I felt lower down my tummy and felt his other foot ( Somehow I knew it was a boy). My first though was that I didn’t know I was pregnant and that my baby boy had really large feet so he had to be big and I didn’t know how I was going to get him out of me without a C-section. My hubby was out of the country so my brother rushed me to a hospital and suddenly my hubby was back. I started to deliver my baby and when I was done I held him and saw the love in my hubby’s eyes for both me and our new born son. As far as I know I am not pregnant (but have not tested in a while) so what is the meaning behind my dream?


    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-09-24 7:22:02

    Dear Lize – The way I see your beautiful dream is that it expresses what you and your husband have created in your relationship; a healthy dream child reflects the fruit of your sharing and your love for each other.
    The big feet of your baby could indicate the strong basis on which your relationship is built.
    Any dream is a reflection of your ability to create too and it often shows more functions simultaneously – http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/function-of-dreaming/
    Dreams also often stand in place of actual experience. So through dreams we may experiment with new experience or practice things we have not yet done externally. For instance many young women dream in detail of giving birth. This function of what might be called ‘imagination’ is tremendously undervalued, but is a foundation upon which human survival is built.
    This is what I recognize in your dream as well; you practice giving birth to “know how to”;
    “I didn’t know how I was going to get him out of me without a C-section.”
    It could also reflect that through your loving relationship with your brother and your husband, you were able to give birth to a new part of yourself. A dream then merely shows how we also create each other.
    Giving birth to a baby boy is usually about the principle of maleness entering your life. Maleness is like the sun, it expresses most of its energy outwardly to give life whereas the female is like the earth, receiving and nurturing life.
    So it could reflect the birth or emergence of a new phase of self-expression in your life in terms of activity or achievement.
    Please also read http://dreamhawk.com/pregnancy-childbirth/the-baby-in-your-dream/
    And last but not least, it could also mean that you are pregnant. As I wrote before this does not mean that this is about an either/or understanding of your dream.
    Being pregnant and giving birth in your outer life is about an important period of transition; it is about growth in your inner world too.
    See http://juliakaradi.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/19/2014/09/Childbirth-as-Initiation1.pdf
    If you feel like it you could explore this dream for yourself as well to get a deeper feeling understanding of your own creation; http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/practical-techniques-for-understanding-your-dreams/
    Anna :-)


-Felisa 2015-10-24 15:35:38

I had a dream I was pregnant and we weren’t sure how far a long I was but everyone just kept saying 3 months.. then we wondered how I got pregnant my tubes are tied everyone kept asking how did thus happen….
What does this mean?.


-NaChanza 2015-11-05 15:52:02

My dream has me baffled, I was far along in my pregnancy, but then I was in front of an oven and when I opened it there was a chicken being baked on one side and to the left was a baby shape, I grabbed it and it was a baby girl but she was covered in something, then its like she opened her eyes they were green and she had black curly hair and started talking. This dream made me feel really weird. What do you think?


-lhyn 2015-11-24 4:15:24

i had a dream that a woman whose wearing a black clothes says i need to rest because im pregnant and she said that she saw me standing right from a woman that is wearing a black dress to and said that ill be going to miscarraige after 150 days. Then i ask her how can i change the curse . the she said ill wrap my stomach a plastic. im crying that time and said to her that let us do it now then as we walk by i saw that woman in front of me walking and she is wearing a white shirt then i grab her hand and the other lady whose wearing a black clothes grab my hand too. then they are pulling me. and then i woke up and i found my self i cant move so im yelling and yelling.


    -Tony Crisp 2015-11-24 10:03:27

    Ihyn – You cannot move not because of a curse, but because it has now been found that while we dream our muscles are paralysed so we are unable to move. You were suddenly woken while still dreaming so that’s why you were unable to move.

    Many things in the past were not understood about our inner dream life, and so they gave rise to many fearful beliefs. Like the curse.

    If you are actually pregnant, it is now known that women have terrible dreams that their babies are not well. These dreams are the result of the woman’s fear about her baby. Also such dreams are way the woman releases tension, which make the birth easier.

    So stop driving yourself into terrible worries and so stop yelling, because it is only fear.



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