Shrewdness in dealing with what faces you in life; a tricky person or relationship; street wise; trickiness in regard to events or self judgements. This usually relates to ones mistaken interpretation or attitudes to the situation. It also might depict shrewdness or wisdom gained from life experience; unpredictable behaviour or the ability not to conform. See: coyote; trickster under archetypes.

Getting close to the fox means you are getting close to the natural and responsive in you and around you – being at one with life in you. The fox is the shrewd part of you, in touch with nature and the world. This is probably because the fox, although a wild creature, lives equally well in forest and in towns. So it can give you great wisdom and adaptability.

Example: I was in a park and saw a fox carrying something in its mouth. As it got nearer to me I thought it was a bundle of rags it held. Then when it was alongside the bush it dropped the bundle and I saw it was a cub. The fox looked old and gaunt, not sleek or streamlined. It’s fur was coming out in places. It turned and fiercely went for the dogs to keep them from the cub. Then, as they all got behind the bush they dropped all aggression and sat down peacefully together. I realised this was because they were out of sight of the men. The fox was now sitting at arms length away from me next to the bush. We looked directly at each other and a powerful sense of connection pervaded me. It felt as if I and the fox were one being. I reached out and laid my hand on it. It made no attempt to move away, but I realised this was not a respect of its wildness, and took my hand away.

I worked on his dream with the dream group I organised recently. The park and the path connected with my sense of communicating a ‘way’ to people, an approach to their own being that is a link between humanness and nature. The dogs represent my view of the games that many people play to exist in the world. We think or believe we have to be aggressive and forceful to survive – the strong dominating the weak. In my dream I play this game for the sake of other people. As soon as there is an opportunity I drop this and find myself at peace with others. The fox is the shrewd, old me in touch with nature in myself and the world. I am getting rather gaunt, thin, and some of my hair is falling out. I still have the parental urge, but am learning to drop this. I found a deep sense of love, a non-grasping love, when working on the fox. And the bush I experienced as a sense of being at one with the Tree of Life – the power of radiant self-existent life in humans and nature.


Useful Questions and Hints:

How am I feeling about the fox in my dream, and how does this link with my waking life?

I what way am I relating to the fox, and does this say anything about my survival instincts?

If I am in conflict with the fox what is the underlying problem?

In what way are my ‘street wise’ responses to life involved at the moment?

See Brain Levels and Dreams – Techniques for Exploring your DreamsAnimalMartial Art of the Mind


-Meri 2016-08-15 14:31:35

I had a dream last night like i had a little white baby fox as a pet. I had many pets also and one of them was a cat. The cat always wanted to hurt the little fox. I kept them separate. But once the were in the same room and i grabbed the little fox and she had bite marks from the cat all over her body. She was not dead. I picked her up and i showed my mom the bite marks and i held and kissed the fox.

No clue what that means. Any ideas?

-Jennifer 2016-08-06 4:03:06

Last night I had a dream me and my husband were on a walk and we saw an animal run by. We weren’t sure what it was. Then it ran by again and we saw it was a large orange fox. Just after that a baby one came up to me. At first I was nervous because I thought the big one might get angry but then it came up to me too and wanted affection. I was petting them both. Scratching behind the ears. They even let me rub their bellies. Not long after I noticed more and more of them. Soon we were surrounded by tons of foxes. All friendly. I felt at ease. It was pleasant. Then we left and went to my old house..which we seemed to live at in this dream. When I went out in the backyard there were foxes back there. We live with family and their dogs started to bark at them. I yelled no. And they stopped. The foxes were not agressive at all. They stayed close to me. I looked up stuff on other websites..and they implied that seeing and playing with foxes is a bad omen..but I felt so safe around them. Protected. I just wanted to know what this means..we have a lot of trust issues with and my husband often feel victimized. There is nothing I can actively do though. They are in a higher position of power and if I act on anything there would be spiteful consequences. They thrive on control. And get hostile when we try to do for ourselves. We have a daughter. And I am pregnant with another girl currently…I don’t know. I am having trouble deciphering this. It seemed like such a positive dream for us specifically.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-08-10 10:07:40

    Dear Jennifer – A way to explore the symbols in your dream is by using
    Before you – your inner child – are able to yell “no” you have to feel safe with yourself.
    The foxes seem to symbolise this ability within you and so try “Being the foxes”.
    What did your dream figure feel when the dogs stopped barking after she yelled no?
    You might be surprised to find out that respect from others happens naturally when you honour yourself and your personal boundaries.
    The primary source of feeling like a victim is the feeling of powerlessness and your dream may show that you are not as powerless as you believe you are; “Not long after I noticed more and more of them. Soon we were surrounded by tons of foxes. All friendly. I felt at ease. It was pleasant.
    Then we left and went to my old house which we seemed to live at in this dream.
    When I went out in the backyard there were foxes back there.”
    Many of our beliefs are unconscious. They were absorbed in childhood and often remain without any conscious evaluation.
    Occasionally a dream occurs that directly questions our beliefs, or even gives us experience of a completely different belief system; “I yelled no. And they stopped.”
    See and
    Anna 🙂

-Phil 2016-08-03 13:23:46

Hello im hoping you could help with my dream iv just woken from… in my dream it started in my room im sat on my bed and i see a hedgehog crawl along my ceiling, it then proceeds to ‘fly’ like a moth and lands on my back scratching it but not maliciously. I then turn to my right and see a Fox enter my room the fox is not threatening even tho i feel uneasy at first and again attempts to scratch and maul my back and head.. like a playful dog does.. all along i am enjoying the fox and the playfighting but still feeling cautious as i know it is wild and could have disease.. im struggling to understand the dream as a fox is not a good symbol.. can you help

-dorota 2016-07-17 6:47:17

Hi. I wiat very much understand my all dreams but for now I ask about one. (Sorry for my English is not so well) . I don’t remember all but i was in one old apartment with a bit dark light. I was trying to build something with wood that I could wash my baby. But it was always not enough safe…than into room come white female Fox with white baby Fox. I was not scared. But I show respect to and don’t look into eyes.than I saw that the adult Fox want wash her baby so I went to help her. Than the white female Fox answer in the way that she put her head in my neck to give careness. I was scared but after some seconds I enjoy the conection. Than animals disappeared and on chair I saw one woman with shadow of white with long hairs. But I don’t see her well… I just was having feeling that I can’t still trust her but like with the white Fox I will…my wood experimental building was in the time going apart. After this I go to change the place to build in other room.pretty confusing I know. But I belive that each dream have to do with magic of our spirit…just I don’t discover on me those skills to translate them for me… or maybe there is just not enough time… have a good day 🙂

-mounika 2016-06-16 12:29:51

me and my brother were chased by a fox and there were group of foxes also a red fox.we were chased by a fox to some distance and someone came and fight with a fox with fire to help us but we lost the fight with the fox and someone (we dont know know who was he) also disappeared amd suddenly we saw a red fox there and from other side we escaped from the fox and reached home.i was in the home and a fox came to our trying to open the door and the fox was in the down of our home

-Mimi 2016-06-08 17:17:41

A friend gave me two chicken who were a little sick. I fed them a mix a grain and clay which I put in an empty lot behind my house (the house where I grew up as a child) then a fox appeared, it was part of the house and had previously been ignoring the chicken. But now it attacks one of them and grabs it by the head. I grab the fox and try to force it to let go of the chicken. I succeed and take it inside the house. The fox is trying hard to escape me but I am holding it firmly with one hand while I close all windows and doors inside the house. Unfortunately, it jumps off and out a window I can’t reach on time. I am just hoping that my kids, who are outside with the chicken, will see the fox coming and will stop it from grabbing the chicken again. I try to yell at them but I woke up still hoping that they heard my scream.

    -mimi 2016-06-08 17:20:38

    Of course, this was a dream, I forgot to write it at the beginning. Often when I wake up from a dream, I try to go back to sleep to continue or resolve the dream, especially if I dream of my children. If I lost them in the dream, or if they are in danger I HAVE to go back and find them!

-Jennifer 2016-05-27 18:34:40

I had a dream last night that I walked into a busy room with desks and people everywhere. In the middle of the room was a large, beautiful, furry white fox. The tips of his large ears were black. People were rather apprehensive about the fix but he seemed very calming to me. Almost calling me over to him with his eyes. I walked to him un afraid and pet him. He rested his head on me. Then we left together. I’ve never had a dream like this and even less with a fox. Any thoughts?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-05-31 13:05:22

    Dear Jennifer –The fox sounds like an inner companion that gives you guidance in the midst of a very busy life situation; maybe even a tricky situation.
    If you follow the wisdom of the fox, you may be called to use or develop quick and clear thinking and adaptability.
    What does your dream figure feel the moment she walks into the busy room before she sees the fox;
    How does it feel to let the white fox be the centre of your attention; rather than the people and the desks?
    What does your dream figure feel when she decides to leave the busy room?
    Can you relate to any of the feelings your dream figure has as far as your waking life is concerned?
    See also
    Anna 🙂

-Shantel 2016-04-14 14:34:55

I recall a dream i had shortly after my grandmother had passed away. That morning i had heard her voice directly call out to me; and that night i dreamed of a familiar camp ground where my family and I used to go to each summer. Around the campfire where we all used to sit, sat members of my family – my grandfather, my aunt nicole, my great uncles and great aunts as well. Lined up in a half moon shape. It was rather peaceful; until i turned from the scene and saw my grandmother – i couldn’t speak, but she pointed me back to the half circle and there in all it’s glory was this beautiful fox. It was taller then normal; standing well over the shoulders of a sitting man. I thought it was beautiful and graceful as it moved; but was utterly shocked when it went for my grandfather’s throat. It left him to die – and as it began to race off towards the other side of the circle it stopped and did the same to my aunt nicole. I had this dream days before my grandfather passed away (which was 59 days after my grandmother had passed) and a month before my aunt nicole passed away (4 months after my grandpa had passed).

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-04-18 13:25:54

    Dear Shantel – Dreams have many functions and your dream seems to reflect your being aware of the approaching death of two members of your family. Kinship and love seem to be major factors in the way the unconscious functions and it may have caused your precognitive dream.
    I do not see that being aware in your dream means that you should have done something to prevent the death of your grandfather and aunt from happening.
    Moving towards death can be graceful if approached without fear and that is how I see the symbol of the fox; “I thought it was beautiful and graceful as it moved”.
    We move towards death every day and death may come as a shock when we deny this fact.
    So your dream may also reflect how your dream figure is exploring two ways of looking at death; beautiful and graceful and utterly shocked.
    See also
    Anna 🙂

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-04-18 13:51:38

    Dear Shantel – Dreams have many functions and your dream seems to reflect your being aware of the approaching death of two members of your family. Kinship and love seem to be major factors in the way the unconscious functions and it may have caused your precognitive dream.
    I do not see that being aware in your dream means that you should have done something to prevent the death of your grandfather and aunt from happening.
    Moving towards death can be graceful if approached without fear and that is how I see the symbol of the fox; “I thought it was beautiful and graceful as it moved”.
    We move towards death every day and death may come as a shock when we deny this fact.
    So your dream may also reflect two ways of looking at death; beautiful and graceful or utterly shocked.
    See also
    Anna 🙂

-Jessica S. 2016-03-10 23:50:09

I was walking my dog with my dad and my little brother when Isaw this beautiful blue eyed white female fox eith a strange tattoo on the inner thigh. A second one was playing with my dad, dog, and ny brother. They were really domesticated for some reason and it was calm and let me pet it and stroke her ears, eventually rolling on her back for me to see the tattoo. Then, I end up in a hallway in some mall sitting by a box. I look and suddenly I pull out a baby red fox the size of my hand. It was so adorable and I look around to see I was alone. What does that mean?

-Jennifer 2016-02-19 16:08:07

I dreamt of a grey fox trying to attach me, I try to ward him off then I woke up, what does this dream signify.

-Lendsi 2015-12-23 1:50:10

I had a strange dream last night, I am apache native American and so it’s not strange to dream of animals though a lot of times they have other representations I’m not sure what this is telling me, I saw a wolf with my soul in it, I could shape shift into it and there was a fox who was some girl who could shape shift also, I saw a dead body inside a fancy house that overlooked the sea and the shape shifting girl turned into the fox when I arrived into the room with the body and began to climb up some stone blocks right outside toward a catlike creature perhaps a cougar or bobcat, it was distant, maybe 40 ft away, I tried to run after her to interrogate her about the body and could not find her, when I reached the top of the stones I began following them about 20 feet or so along the top of the rocks and saw a room that looked like a hospital room, I hopped down into it and transformed back into myself where the next thing I saw was a premature born baby in an outstretched hand laying, all I could see was the arm up to the elbow, no body in my line of vision of who was holding the child but this baby I wrapped a receiving blanket around so he/she wasn’t cold, though the baby was not moving I assumed it was asleep and then I awoke..

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-12-28 14:58:51

    Dear Lendsi – What I see in your dream is that you are becoming aware of the Archetype of the Shapeshifter.
    The source of the shapeshifter power is not in its ability to move between different guises. That is only the external expression of something very profound. Form is only one polarity of our existence. At the other pole is formlessness, the spirit without physical shape, the void of Buddhism that is nothing but holds all possibility within it. At this level the paradox of sexual difference is resolved. We are male and female and more, so the idea of soul mates does not seem possible, for we are a whole being.
    As we mature and realise these paradoxical opposites of our nature, and as we identify less with the form we have as a body, the power of shapeshifter comes more fully into our experience.
    Please continue reading at
    To get a deeper understanding of the changing forms and symbols in your dream you can use
    Anna 🙂

-Tracey 2015-11-06 4:48:13

I usually don’t remember my dreams however last night I had a dream that I haven’t been able to get out of my head. I somehow think the dream symbolizing something important.
I dreamt that that I awoke one morning in very bright bedroom may have been a house I use to live in. I was laying in bed and as I looked toward the closet which was open, there was a small grey fox curled up on a towel looking at me and I at her. I went to get my partner to show him but the fox was gone. There was a jar of honey and a can of tuna nestled in the towel. My partner said the fox was preparing to have babies. That was it I woke up after that. Neither i or the fox were frightened. Any thoughts on what this could mean.

-cotillion 2015-07-28 15:13:01

I need help! I woke this morning from a dream. Me and my husband were both in it. It started out that we were at an apartment complex, I was sitting on the stairs that lead to an apartment door. I saw a big fox it was orange and white, it was female and it appeared to me that it was somewhat cartoonie/animated. It was like “look how pretty I am”. Just then my husband went up to the apartment for and did a knock and run technique like a jokester would do and it left me on the stairs to deal with the person who opened the door. I sat there and thought how silly of him but when the person came to the door I redirected there attention to the fox I had seen and said look at that “the Fox”. After that me and my husband both became foxes but we were still human disquised as foxes. I became the fox that I saw on the stairs. Like costumes, not like ones for Halloween. Fully inside of the fox as humans but fox coats on the outside. There was another animal but for the life of me I can’t recall for sure what it was. All three of us were climbing these ropes that hung from the ceiling and we were having fun and I remember laughing so hard at the stunts my husband was doing. Swinging from one side of the room to the other. While doing the climbing of the ropes it seemed that the point was to get to the top so I continued up and so was the other animal which I can’t recall and just as I reached the top my husband fell and all that remained was his empty fox skin. For me at the top there was a control room with people in it and I had to climb through the window and I heard people around making comments about my husband not making it and how unfortunate that was and one person said it’s too bad he was really good. Like he was a movie character and it’s to bad he is gone because he was really good.

-Teresa 2015-06-27 6:40:57

I am particularly interested in dreams with animals and your website looks so very interesting, you seem like a very sensitive man and I am grateful for your interpretation.

    -Tony Crisp 2015-06-28 7:54:07

    Dear Teresa – Thank you so much for writing and letting me know your feelings.

    I sense that your response to the Fox entry is a sign that you too have a sensitivity and connection with nature – within you and outside. It is a wonderful thing to have, because it slowly opens you to see or know much more about life.


-Jana 2012-11-20 20:32:10

My best bud called me this morning to tell me about a dream she had last night (she never remembers dreams). She told me she was driving a snowmobile up a large hill and a fax was attacking (mauling) her dog (older) and my dog (2 yrs old). I was at the top of the hill screaming. What does this mean? We do have foxes that roam our area. Also, her dog’s name is “Foxi.”

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