Shrewdness in dealing with what faces you in life; a tricky person or relationship; street wise; trickiness in regard to events or self judgements. This usually relates to ones mistaken interpretation or attitudes to the situation. It also might depict shrewdness or wisdom gained from life experience; unpredictable behaviour or the ability not to conform. See: coyote; trickster under archetypes.

Getting close to the fox means you are getting close to the natural and responsive in you and around you – being at one with life in you. The fox is the shrewd part of you, in touch with nature and the world. This is probably because the fox, although a wild creature, lives equally well in forest and in towns. So it can give you great wisdom and adaptability.

Example: I was in a park and saw a fox carrying something in its mouth. As it got nearer to me I thought it was a bundle of rags it held. Then when it was alongside the bush it dropped the bundle and I saw it was a cub. The fox looked old and gaunt, not sleek or streamlined. It’s fur was coming out in places. It turned and fiercely went for the dogs to keep them from the cub. Then, as they all got behind the bush they dropped all aggression and sat down peacefully together. I realised this was because they were out of sight of the men. The fox was now sitting at arms length away from me next to the bush. We looked directly at each other and a powerful sense of connection pervaded me. It felt as if I and the fox were one being. I reached out and laid my hand on it. It made no attempt to move away, but I realised this was not a respect of its wildness, and took my hand away.

I worked on his dream with the dream group I organised recently. The park and the path connected with my sense of communicating a ‘way’ to people, an approach to their own being that is a link between humanness and nature. The dogs represent my view of the games that many people play to exist in the world. We think or believe we have to be aggressive and forceful to survive – the strong dominating the weak. In my dream I play this game for the sake of other people. As soon as there is an opportunity I drop this and find myself at peace with others. The fox is the shrewd, old me in touch with nature in myself and the world. I am getting rather gaunt, thin, and some of my hair is falling out. I still have the parental urge, but am learning to drop this. I found a deep sense of love, a non-grasping love, when working on the fox. And the bush I experienced as a sense of being at one with the Tree of Life – the power of radiant self-existent life in humans and nature.


Useful Questions and Hints:

How am I feeling about the fox in my dream, and how does this link with my waking life?

I what way am I relating to the fox, and does this say anything about my survival instincts?

If I am in conflict with the fox what is the underlying problem?

In what way are my ‘street wise’ responses to life involved at the moment?

See Brain Levels and Dreams – Techniques for Exploring your DreamsAnimalMartial Art of the Mind


-Melanie 2017-02-15 13:52:00

I just had a dream about protecting a fox. I was being chased by people who wanted to hurt me. They were some type of farmers and/or hunters that wanted to kill me for protecting the fox. I felt like I had to protect the fox no matter what because it meant so much to me. I had to run through a forest, and I jumped into a swamp, swam across it despite there being many crocodiles in it (which was revealed at the end of the dream). I also reached a body of water which turned into some type of tsunami, throwing me and many other people around like rag dolls. I eventually found asylum from the tsunami, which also killed the hunters, and I was in what appeared to be my mother’s home (it is not her home in real life)…and the backyard of the home was the swamp I was forced to jump into..I went out to reminisce about how I had to run through all of it…and it is when I discovered the water to be filthy and thick. I then saw a crocodile staring at me through the tried to attack me but I managed to get away from it. Once I was inside the house again, I realized the crocodile was trying to attack me because it wanted the fox…it apparently had children with the fox?….then appeared these creatures that were a cross between crocodile and Fox (haha). The fox looked very happy to see her children…but nevertheless… I really don’t know what this dream means. I’ve never had a dream about a fox before.
Please help me interpret this! I would love to know why i had such a strong urge to protect the fox….is it my love for animals or is it because it is my spirit animal?
Thank you so much!!

-Rose 2017-02-13 5:43:46

I had a dream that I was in my home trying to teach a black baby eagle to fly and protect it from the cat that was trying to catch. I willed it fly and it worked successfully. I then hear a knocknat the door and it’s a sick baby wolf there just looking at me. Not sure what all this means.

-kate 2017-01-20 19:51:22

Last night I dreamt I looked out of my window and seen several window cleaners, all fussing about a fox, it had a white tip on its tail.. an then next thing I remember the fox was in my house and must have attacked my dog as I saw the fox in my house and next thing my dogs eye had been some what bitten. Although I didn’t see the attack, it was as if the fox had done it. Also the it wasn’t a pleasant fox.

My dreams somewhat scare me from time to time as they do reflect on my current situations. But never dreamt of a fox before. Please can you help 🙂

-Karla 2016-12-23 12:49:41

Hi there. I’ve been searching online for any implications to the dream I had and have been discouraged to find out that a fox is a bad omen. But my dream was a pleasant encounter with the fox. My mom (who I am currently not speaking to) was driving the car & suddenly a fox appeared. I love animals & foxes are one of my favorites. She didn’t stop the car when seeing him so I forceably took the wheel from her & stopped the car myself. I got out of the car to check on the fox & it was so adorable. It walked around me almost like a cat would when they rub against your legs & for some reason I thought the fox might have been hungry so I fed the little thing. I remember I bent over to feed him & he even put his paw on my thigh. And I pet him. It was really endearing

-Kay 2016-11-28 14:05:29

I had a dream about an owl & a fox. I was laying on the grass in a blanket & watching an owl flying by the trees. I think it was morning-just the start of a new day & me waking up. I was admiring it’s beauty & wished it would fly down near me, then it flew at me & grabbed my blanket in it’s beak pulling at it-I was quite scared, felt under attack-this went on for a bit. Then the owl changed into a fox & bit me on the hand. I felt the bite & I was scared & confused.

-Megan 2016-11-28 13:07:40

Hi there, I had a dream that I was sitting on my fathers front lawn and a fox came right up to me and curled up in my lap and I just sat there petting him. He was orange white and black.

-Laura 2016-11-24 14:30:15

Last night I dreamt of a fox in my dad’s garden, it turned and loked at me with lovely deep red fur and eyes, then it jumped over the fence to chase something (playfully) but then when I looked down at the floor the fox had rebounded from the fence and was dead in a pile of blood on the floor. I also recently dreamt about a mole in my dad’s garden hiding in a hole, and when I looked closer it was a human burrowed in there, dark and menacing. Do you think these two dreams mean anything? Especially as they were both recent? Thank you!!

-Nia 2016-11-13 13:53:37

Hi there,

I’m one to have few dreams but when I do dream, they have meaning and/or fore warn me of something to come. Just found out I’m 6 weeks pregnant and the father isn’t happy be about or accepting. He has his reasons but I do not agree with him and refuse to do as he wishes. I have other children and feel they’re blessings not burdens in any way. So my first dream was a friendly black cat days after I found out about pregnancy. But last night two white foxes came to me in my dream. I was out in the woods in a cabin (accompanied by mother and aunt) and these two little friendly, silly white foxes made their way into the room and wanted to be petted. I was a little apprehensive at how playful they were and kind of wanted them to go away but one came back and just wanted to be with me on the bed. I’d like to say it scratched or bit me a little but in a playful manner. I had no feelings of imminent danger during this dream just a little skeptical of a fox being so friendly. They were fluffy and a beautiful white in color. I’m hoping it’s a good dream but my current situation only signifies uncertainty. My partner and I have been on good terms, having our first child together a year ago. I’m just not understanding where his callousness is coming from or if I should fear him. His behavior isn’t what I would’ve expected. My baby isn’t to blame and I’m financially independent so I will care for us on my own. I’m assuming my dreams are signs or warnings and just need some perspective.

    -Tony Crisp 2016-11-14 9:17:46

    Nia – Obviously, your male partner’s not being happy about your coming child, wasn’t a good feeling for you.

    But the white foxes represent two mischievous children who want you to be their mother. But one left you, but the other was persistent and wants to be ‘in bed’ with you – wants to be born with your help and support.

    Foxes in dreams want to get their nose into everything, are curious and intelligent, suggesting that your child will be a lovable handful.


-Gabby 2016-11-11 9:58:40

I had a dream that woke me at 3:30am. In my dream I was at home and people where leaving me house. While closing the door someone let a fox in thinking it was my dog. I said oh no they let a fox in to the friend who was with me. It was a red fox with black paws. At first I was afraid to go near it as foxes can be dangerous. Then it walked up to me and started sniffing my leg then it started nibbling on my leg not hard just little nibbles as if it were only using the gums of its mouth. As it caught my attention I laughed at the feeling of the nibble then walked with it the front door and let it out of my house. It gave me no trouble it walked right out as I shut the door I woke from my dream and it felt like I was ready to be awake like I did not need anymore sleep and at 3:30 am I know I should be sleeping. What do you think that means?

    -Tony Crisp 2016-11-13 11:01:44

    Hi – I am sorry I cannot keep up with number of dreams sent at the moment. But I have described a way that you can get to the meaning of your dream. It only takes a little time to work at knowing the meaning of your dream.

    So please click on the link and find your dreams meaning –

    But the fox can never do any real damage because it is a dream fox and should made friends with because part of your many possibilites. Whenever we dream its images are not like real life, because a dream is nothing like outer life where things could hurt you, but is an image like on a cinema screen, so that even if a gun is pointed at you and fired it can do no damage – except if you run in fear; so all the things that scare you are simply your own fears projected onto the screen of your sleeping mind.



-Dan 2016-10-25 14:34:50

I woke up this morning around 4am from a dream where I was in my bedroom with my girlfriend and I noticed a large hole in the side of the mattress. Upon inspecting the hole, a nose appeared that startled me and immediately a fox jumped out and playfully leaped at me. When I noticed that it did not appear to want to harm me, my guard was let down enough to be somewhat comfortable with it in the room. I reached my hand into the hole and then woke up. I cannot seem to find a solid meaning to this and was wondering if you could help shed some light on it in helping me interpret its meaning.

-Jessica 2016-10-14 10:46:29

I had a dream that my mother died. I have no relationship with her at this point and in the dream I was very calm about it. I had to give the news to my brother who didn’t know she died and I had to give him support, and I also don’t currently have a relationship with him either. As I was cleaning out my mothers house there was a red fox in a box that I began to play with. I didn’t know why the fox was there but I was happy to play with it and felt calm but also in shock at the same time. Not sure what any of this means!

-Forrest Rooney 2016-10-02 3:14:30

I had a very epic lucid dream but my question is the meaning of foxes, in my dream I came across a dying fox both times the fox was just laying down looking dead other than a small bit of life left in its eye .. and theories would be nice

-Meika joseph 2016-09-16 14:16:28

I had a dream about two red foxs being in my room.. it was like my room was made of glass cause i could observe them playing and getting into stuff.. i didnt feel scared.. in my real life i would be.. they felt like my pets like two little puppy’s… but i had a since of setting them free.. in the dream my son said he was sick and needed to go to the hospital however i wouldn’t let that distract me from setting them free.. we walked down flights of steps and when i exited the stair well we were at the hospital and i remember seeing a security guard and letting the out the door… i remember feeling like thank God they are free.. i went to take care of my son but i had the feeling of missing them… funny thing is im terrified of wild animals… i had different dreams that night but i continued to miss them…

    -Tony Crisp 2016-09-18 11:35:44

    Meika – Your room was made of glass suggests that you were actually seeing what was taking place within you, not outside of you. Whether we remember or realise it, each time we sleep we create on apparently real world out of our remembered impressions, habits and emotions. And because a dream is our own creation, no part of it, no emotion contained in it, no flight of fancy portrayed, is other than oneself. Because of this, dreams are a magic mirror of ourselves. They reflect not only what is happening on the surface of our lives, but also the process of our deep-down growth and change, and the shrewd insights we have into other people.

    So the puppy like foxes are the playful, untamed expressions of your inner mammal nature. See

    Your young son was probably in your dream and needing to go to hospital – a dream place to heal ones inner problems. But your young son and the puppies may also refer to your own inner child, a child that max have been trained to be anxious about ‘wild things’. Puppies and kittens and young children, if they are not restrained, fight, get into the muddy puddles, love natural things, which makes them ready for the rough and tumble of life – “thank God they are free.”

    Well, in the dream you symbolised that – so maybe you need to live it out a bit.


      -Shannon 2016-09-25 15:09:57

      Last night I dreamt of a fox trying to climb up the gutter of my house to the roof.
      A few days ago I heard an animal on my roof, so would this simply be because of that?
      I then watched the movie “wild” 2 nights ago and the girl came across a fox in the forest. Could this be why I dreamt of the fox? Or am I seeing fox twice (one in the movie, one in the dream) because I’m being told something? I was trying to find something to spray at the fox (like how you would squirt a cat with water) in the dream in order to scare it away.
      A couple nights ago, I also dreamed of a large bear who came into a public function and we were all trying to run and get into whoevers vehicle we could to be safe.
      I have repetitive dreams like this where I’m running from something or someone dangerous, always seems to be that I’m being chased. Why?
      Any help you can offer is deeply appreciated.
      I’ve had your book since I was a teen, so you are always my go-to source❤️. Thank you.

-alicia 2016-08-30 13:46:29

ok I had dream of white fox sleeping in my garden,she had a trap on her leg ,so I removed it and she let me. never did this in my life,i live in a city.and then she ran off ,and in next dream she brought a homeless man to the I helped him.and the fox licked my face. what does this mean? I recently retired from one job and getting ready to start another.any connection.

-Andy quiles 2016-08-28 10:02:40

I woke this morning at 4 am from a dream , I was walking into a house I assume it was my home ,just as soon as I started to shut the door I seen a fox and it startled me at first then I realized it bowed down wagging it’s tail very excited to see me happily running towards me almost like a pet dog I was petting him then some one I can’t recall who came in and they where frightened also but I assured them it was friendly then I awoke . Please help me determine this meaning. Everywhere I look on the web notes different types of dreams and none like this one please help

    -Tony Crisp 2016-08-28 13:48:46

    Andy – A beautiful dream showing how you are changing your relationship with the natural and loving you. That is an important change because many people have not been able to grow up surrounded by wild creatures, and so often draw back from their own inner wildness. See

    Your friend may represent how you react to people when they approach you, but you are able to deal with your anxiety that is part of your wildness. It is natural to be cautious.


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