We often use weather and scenes to depict our moods. A relationship can be ‘stormy’ for instance, and someone’s disposition can be ‘sunny’. So, in trying to understand nature in your dreams consider how you would use what appears in your dream if you were making a film. What mood or emotion might it portray?

What aspect of your character or life would it illustrate? So, weather can illustrate one’s changing external situations – or internal response to situations; our moods and emotions. See Idioms for indications of the meaning.

The changing external situations of your life – or your internal response to situations, so your moods and emotions. See: blizzard; rain; flood; cloud; snow; lightning; thunder.

Sunshine usually represents happiness, life-giving energies, growth, positiveness. Cloudiness is akin to despair, fear, depression, emotional unhappiness, gloomy attitudes. Raining can be a release of emotion in a pleasant relaxing manner, or a flood of emotion that overcomes you. Storms are anger, violence, release of emotions in a dramatic way. See: Rain; Storm; Sun; Earthquakes; Tsunamis

Example: Dreamt I am looking out of the window and it is a very stormy day, raining heavily. I can see the storm and the rain are the way the world adjusts itself all the time. The weather is the world’s means of self-regulation. Through earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, the earth manages to regulate itself. In that way it deals with the enormous forces playing on it from the cosmos, from within itself and from the immense influence of humans on the earths balance. It also has to deal with the influence of the life forms it carries, such as ourselves, pouring out poisonous gases and carbon dioxide.

I have a feeling that occasionally the earth needs to make massive adjustments, as when the earth was hit by the huge comet 124 miles in diameter 65 million of years ago when the dinosaurs died out. Such adjustments are difficult. Some species die out, others that survive, then develop further. What survives flourishes, because it has what it takes to deal with catastrophe and change. It has learned how to survive dark times. So, we too need to learn how to survive and be a part of personal earthquakes and meteors entering our lives. Perhaps we need such extraordinary tragedies to move us on. See Opening to Life

Idioms: Sunny disposition; things don’t look so bright; things will brighten up; it never rains but it pours; like living under a cloud; things are a bit rough/ stormy/ overcast; don’t rain on my parade; every cloud has a silver lining; throw caution to the wind; a breath of fresh air; on cloud nine; stormy weather; raising a storm; eye of the storm; weather the storm. See: blizzard; rain; flood; cloud; snow; lightning; thunder.

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