Dreaming about being or seeing a widow if you are married shows possible fears or feelings about break up of relationship, or desire to break relationship. Feelings connected with someone you know who is a widow, suggests loss in a relationship, or feelings of loneliness.

May depict unconscious desires to be alone. Or can suggest you are not expressing your intellectual abilities and constructive thought, but depend too much on the emotions and irrational nature to guide you.

In a man’s dream it may point to desires for an experienced woman who is available.

In a married woman’s dream it can show the anxieties about being alone, or a way of meeting the husband’s death. Women know men often die before them as women are longer lived, so they dream of a husband’s death as a way of getting used to the loss. See Loss or Losing

Married woman dreaming of being a widow: Fears of losing husband, or maybe desire to be free of husband.

Unmarried woman dreaming of being or meeting a widow: Might refer to uncertainties or fears about a relationship you are in, or whether you will ever be happily married.


-Sony 2016-12-12 13:22:17

yesterday night i had a dream that i was with a (an Indian) celebrity ( Ranbeer Kapoor). but i was talking with him as a good friend. i hugged him ( as a good friend only.) and felt nice while hugging him and both were happy. he asked me about my marriage. i told him that i would marry at the age of 29 and at present my age is 32 (unmarried). and while talking he held my right hand and touching from elbow to palm.
suddenly after few minutes an old window (wore white saree) died at my house. (i did not see her while dying and i know that old lady and at present she is alive, her age is above 82-84) and i saw her funeral in my drawing room. i saw my all relatives then an unknown lady told me to called my mother and i went to my last bedroom. i saw my mother, she was standing in front of god and work shipping with pink rose petals.
i called my mother that all were calling her and then she came with me in drawing room with white flowers and she kept that white flowers to the feet of the dead body of old widow.

please help me.

thank you.

-Joy 2015-10-27 5:22:49

I can’t seem to find an answer to my dream. I am constantly dreaming of my husband, who passed away back in 91, at our old apartment. He is fixing it up and seems to be getting it ready. My ex inlaws are chasing me away and causing trouble. I wake up, just as we’re about to be reunited in the apartment. This is nearly every time I sleep. What does it all mean?

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