The Baby In Your Dream

Your dream baby is very special to you. It doesn’t matter that perhaps the baby in your dream is the child of another woman, it is still the baby of your dream. Like any baby, it is something new and vulnerable that has come to life – come to your life. The important question is, what is it that is new and growing in your love, in your work, or in yourself? Or perhaps it is about vulnerability. Therefore the answers you give to the following questions are important in helping you discover the truth about your dream baby.

Example: I have had 2 dreams now where I am pregnant and there are 3 possibilities for the dad! 3. And usually its a pair of brothers (different each time) and another person (cant remember exactly who, once it was my ex bf I think). Weird right? Why would I have this dream? I am married and had a baby over a year ago.

Your dream baby is very special to you. Like any baby, it is something new and vulnerable that has come to life – come to your life. The important question is, what is it that is new and growing in your love, in your work, or in yourself? Such a baby is a new part of yourself that you have formed out of your life experiences and so is enlarging you. Take care of it and see what it adds to your life.

However, if you are pregnant or hoping for a baby at the time of the dream, your dream baby may be reflecting your hopes, fears or intuitions about pregnancy. Many pregnant women have very anxious or strange dreams about their baby. So do not feel that such dreams are predictions. They are often ways of releasing anxiety or of expressing hopes regarding your unborn child.

If you have given birth to a baby in a dream, it can represent a new phase of life; a new idea; new activity – as when we say someone has a new baby, meaning a new project or business. This ‘baby’ might be part of you that did not have a chance to be ‘born’ or express before. Or it may be things learned in a rich life that you could not put into practice because of circumstances. The baby in this aspect is the ‘you’ that could have been if you had been free from problems and past hurts.

How would you describe the condition or situation of the baby?

The baby in your dream might be hungry or ill. It might be wonderfully advanced and already able to speak. Whatever the condition, this is a description of what is happening with the newly emerging or vulnerable part of you. Therefore try to put into words what you see or feel the condition of the baby is.

As an example of this, here is a fragment from a man’s dream: ‘I am responsible for bringing up a baby boy. I feel very happy about it and feel committed to it.’ So in this case the condition of the baby is that of being loved and cared for.

What does it mean when I give birth to a dream baby without a father?

If you have given birth without any man involved, it suggests it is a virgin birth – i.e. no male partner was involved at the time.

So the dream baby born to you in this way a wonderful creative act between you and Life. It is a new part of you that if you let it gradually grow into your waking life as a new force, a new way of feeling about life and acting. Being pregnant like that is very important. Obviously you are not going to give birth to a physical baby, but dream babies are important too.

Many women dream of giving birth without any man involved. Virgin birth is normal part of dreaming. It means that the woman or young girl has conceived as a process of Life. Being a virgin represents the human soul or psyche and its possibility of dropping pre-conceptions, thus attaining an inner virginity and through that being receptive to the unseen or unconscious side of self. Joseph Campbell in his book “Myths To Live By” says – “There are myths and legends of the Virgin Birth, of Incarnations, Deaths and Resurrections; Second Comings, Judgements and the rest, in all the great traditions. And since such images stem from the psyche (from you and your dreams), they refer to the psyche. They tell us of its structure, its order, and its forces, in symbolic terms.”

For instance, the story and events surrounding the virgin birth, when looked as if a dream are not about a biological miracle, but about how as ordinary people, we can drop our preconceptions, our fixed ideas and beliefs and allow an entirely new and creative impulse into our life. This truth has been so venerated that we find virgin figures all over the world such as Maya the mother of Buddha born 500 BC; the virgin mother of Osiris, and of course the story told of Mary.

Being a virgin in this case is about having a mind free from previous ‘conceptions’ and so being open to Life itself fertilising you for a new and precious thing being born. If you are not a virgin because you have had children, that is not what virgin birth is about. It is about conceiving without any mental preconceptions, having an open and receptive mind or soul. it is about a wonderful human possibility.

Only a ‘virgin birth’ can bring forth the birth of an intuition, a new response to oneself and ones environment, that transforms ones life. This is a living relationship with the mystery which underlies our life. If we generate a child in this way, we are not held prisoner by habits of thought, stereotypes of behaviour, then we can begin to allow into our waking life what was previously impossible to know. This open state of mind and feelings, acts as a link between the identity or personality, and the deep unconscious life processes. This link allows a birth of realisations and inner change that brings healing and a possibility of experiencing the aspect of oneself that is our core self. Here is an example of a man giving birth to the wonderful child.

“Was in a basement where my wife and a woman I loved was giving birth to a baby, but I was somehow the one who gave birth to it without a doctor being there. It was a lovely boy. Its lower face was covered by a tight caul, but I pulled this off and it began to breathe. It opened its eyes and looked about, fully conscious; then said something about Jesus, and, “It is gone!” I asked what had gone, and it replied, “The other ego; where has it gone?” I explained that the spirit self it knew before birth was now gone so it could live in the body. The baby was then taken upstairs, and I felt it was a holy and wonderful baby. I was going to rest from the rigours of the birth, but on looking around saw how dusty and dirty the basement was. I began to clean it, and felt I would go upstairs and rest afterwards.”

This was a dream marking a real change in the man’s life. The man did work at cleaning his basement/unconscious and then began to go upstairs to his wider awareness.

Example:  “I had a baby girl, but I had no idea who the father was. I’m dating someone now, so I figured it was his, but she didn’t look like him at all. I remember I started going through this list of men I’d been with recently”.

A way to understand this dream is that you have given birth to a new part of yourself and your inner male is the father. This is said because of your uncertainty about who the father was, and that your baby girl did not look like the present partner. /so this makes it more certain that your baby was a creation with you and the processes of life in you, your inner male – or animus – which is a synthesis of all your male contacts.

What are your feelings or thoughts about the baby as it appears in the dream?

What you feel and think about the baby gives an indication of how you are relating to the new or vulnerable part of yourself, or what worries you are discharging. Clarify them to recognise what may be helping or hindering this new experience in your life.

An example of this: I had a dream that I had a child and had to cancel a test because I had to take care of the baby. I was breast feeding the baby, because it is healthier to breast feed than to give formula from a bottle. The person that I had been seeing wanted to know what I thought I was doing. The question was in an accusatory manner, like I had no business breast feeding my own baby. Then I left the baby with my friends and left. When I came back, they were feeding the baby Tabasco sauce because they ran out of milk. This shocked me because I thought my friends were more responsible than that.

So there are two issues here. The first is the struggle and strength to oppose what is felt to be right in the face of other people’s opinions. The second is that other people can injure your vulnerable and growing self if you let them take over your decisions. In either case it is clear that you have the intuitive knowledge to see what is the best way to nurture your baby.

Is the dream baby my own child?

If we are parents we often dream about our own children. Occasionally such dreams express concerns we have about our own child. We have noticed something ‘out of the corner of our eye’, and the dream puts this into focus. But often such dreams use the child to illustrate a developing part of you. This is because your actual child has characteristics unique to itself. They may be adventurous, playful, thoughtful or highly verbal. To understand your dream you need to define how you see and feel about your child.

For instance a woman dreamt she was sitting on a window sill and was frightened of falling. So much so she couldn’t move. Then she reached out and took her small son’s hand and climbed into the building away from danger. In describing how she felt about her son, she said he was courageous and confident. So her dream was showing how, by reaching out for her own confidence and courage, however immature, she could overcome her anxiety about falling/failing. Her child calls out her inner strength to meet the situation and overcome the danger.

Can I help the baby in any way?

This is an important question to answer because your dreams often present you with opportunities to change or to grow. If the dream is dealing with an emerging part of your nature, or a new love or project, protecting and helping this new dimension of your life is important. So, for instance, if your baby needs feeding or affection, sit quietly and imagine yourself feeding the baby, or giving it affection. Do whatever you feel is needed to help it. See Secrets of Power Dreaming

Is this an intuition about a baby’s or my baby’s situation?

Quite often we dream about awful events in connection with our baby or child. Because these can be incredibly disturbing it is important to understand their meaning. As a first step there are at least two types of dreams that deal with disturbing events. The first type of dream is called ‘representative’. And the following is an example of it.

I am on a country walk with my wife and small son. I look back to see my son fall down a deep hole. I rush back to see him drowning, and wonder whether I should jump down to help him. Then suddenly he is okay and with me again.

The father was incredibly worried that it showed a bad situation for his son. But as we explored it we realised that the son represented his marriage. He had a terrible row with his wife the day before, and he was frightened that it was the end of their life together. The son in this dream was the result of their marriage, what they had created together. So if the son had died it would have shown the father feeling their marriage had no hope of a future. But the dream showed the son fully recovered, showing that even when he was feeling bad, his dream showed him a different outcome. So it represented the father’s intense feelings and the possible outcome.

The other type of dream can be called direct insight or prophetic. Such dreams are usually not in any way symbolic and are highly uncommon. They do not include such things as are in the above dream which quickly switches from danger to ease. The following dream is an example.

One morning my wife woke and told me she had dreamt about the baby of two of our friends. The friends, a man and wife, were living about 200 miles from us. We knew the wife was pregnant, and about a week or so before the dream we had received a short letter saying their baby, a boy, had been born. We were not on the telephone at the time, so the letter was our only means of communication.

In the dream my wife saw the baby and a voice from behind her told her the child was ill. Its illness, she was given to understand, was serious, and would need to be treated with a drug taken every day of the child’s life. The reason for this illness and the drug use, she was told, was because in a past life the person now born as the baby had committed suicide using a drug.

In this dream very definite information was given that could be checked. I didn’t take the dream seriously, thinking it was some sort of personally symbolic dream. The dream was sent to the couple, and about a week later a letter from them said that the letter and dream had crystallised their already existing anxiety about the baby. It had not been feeding well and was fretful. On taking it to the doctor nothing definite could be found but special tests were made in hospital. From these it was discovered the baby was dying. It lacked an enzyme which was needed to digest calcium. To compensate it was given a drug, which it has had to take every day of its life to make up for the lacking enzyme.

The dream did not represent a situation, it described it clearly. Also it could easily be checked. So if you are uncertain, always go for the representative dream, as prophetic dreams are extremely rare.

So the questions to ask are: Is this dream making a direct statement? If so can I check it for accuracy? If it is a representative dream, ask yourself what it represents symbolically, and go through the questions above.

Summing Up

From the answers you have given to the questions see if you can recognise what new thing has come into, or is emerging, in your life. What do you feel vulnerable about? Is it to do with someone you love? Is it a new attitude you have to the way you express yourself? Or perhaps it is a new project you have undertaken.

When you can connect the dream with your everyday experience, consider what the dream is depicting in its drama. Is it saying the baby is healthy and strong? Does your baby need support? Is it nourished? Whatever you have discovered from looking at your dream baby, try to use the insights in your everyday life. Build them into the way you feel and think, and watch your baby grow.

See Being the Person or Thing;  Inner Baby and Child; also baby babies.


-Eilis 2015-12-14 10:28:05

I’m 23yrs old and just had a dream about being pregnant with and giving birth to a baby boy, whom I was struggling to name while placing them in a wicker basket with his head reasting on the leg a teddy bear that belonged to my mother when she was young, some one unknown distracted me and it jumps to the child being a toddler resting on my hip while I talk animatedly with family at a party , suddenly it jumps to the child being missing and I know he was taken from me and my partner by some sort of creature. I tracked this creature down and attempted to rescue my child. I managed to escape with the child to a busy Street and that is where the dream ended. I just can’t get over how real this child felt to me, like his image is ingrained in my head, my dark hair and my partner deep brown-green eyes, my high cheek bones. Just so surreal. Any idea as to why I had this dream when I am not pregnant.

-tara 2015-12-14 1:21:54

Please help as this was quite distressing for me.

I had a dream i was in a massive futuristic pool set out like a huge spa bath. I was hungover from a party the night before checking a few cool stuff out in the shallow end of the pool like lavender oil etc. when i see this coupple with a 8 month year old baby. They had a rope. I watched them get in the pool and slowly sink themselves they tied the rope around their necks and i swam to them in panic. I called out for help and as i swam down i tried undoing the ropes seeing the mothers face blank dead like and air bubbles slowly exiting her mouth. I told the male though dont do this i love you and could speak clearly to him under the water but as i tried it got harder i came up screaming for help and people rushed in i grabbed the baby and took her out of the water while everyone was trying to get the other two i had the baby clutching to me shaking madly then she looked up at me settled down and smiled at me i remember holding her tightly but not so tight to hurt her though. I woke up with that image in my head and tears in my eyes. Please help it has been the most vivid and life like dream ive had in a long time.

I have recently entered a new relationship after 3 years thats turning serious where we have discussed moving in together and thinking about kids and ive been searching for work and stressing about money but i dont know what this dream relates to because it was so damn distressing.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-12-19 10:01:04

    Dear Tara – Thank you for writing out your dream so well and for sharing some information about your waking life, for that is really helpful too.
    What I see in your dream – and please explore it yourself as well – is that you are having a look in the inner world of your mind and imagination. It particularly links with looking into yourself and becoming aware of what you are feeling or daydreaming.
    Feeling hungover from a party I believe expresses how you have first let go of self-control and “got drunk on the idea” of moving in together and thinking about kids.
    You then check out on something – some thoughts – that may help you relax again – lavender oil – and you are then willing to look at the effect of this discussion in your (inner) life about moving in and having kids.
    The baby in your dream is a symbol for this new project and she is a symbol of what you have created together on a non-physical level while being in a relationship with each other; he/she is the fruit of your relationship.
    You become aware that you are about to hang/kill your relationship with each other and you decide that this is not what you want, because you really love your partner.
    So you decide to save the child – and with that your relationship – by holding on to it but not too tightly.
    You give the relationship – and yourself – room to develop/grow further, before you get into the deep with each other.
    Did you talk with your partner about your feelings and insights yet?
    I ask because the woman in your dream shows an aspect of you that is not responding to the situation she is in; “seeing the mothers face blank dead like and air bubbles slowly exiting her mouth.”
    Anna 🙂

-marisa 2015-11-22 0:57:56

I had a dream about me holding a baby of my own. She looks just like me but she looks like she was a month or 2 but she does look like she was born a 3 days or a month. And I’m guessing I had a boyfriend or ex boyfriend or someone that was the father to my baby named her Ron and I was at a restaurant with my friends and I was holding her . What does this all mean ? Please and thank you

-Jazmine 2015-10-26 20:34:14

what does it mean to have a dream about saving a newborn from a burning building while pregnant??
I had a dream that an apartment I am looking caught on fire. I ran inside to make sure no one was in the home. A women was in her bed sleep I woke her up and sent her out the window. She told her 4 day old was in the next room over so I ran to get the baby I checked and made sure it was safe cradled it in my arms and went out through the window. I don’t know the gender of the baby in my dream and couldn’t see the face. I’m only 7 weeks pregnant, could that be my baby?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-10-27 11:33:25

    Dear Jazmine – Because you are the creator of your dream, it will be helpful to explore it for yourself as well, so that you can get a deeper feeling understanding of your own creation;
    What I see in your dream is that there is a part of you that is aware of what is going on inside your mind and it is this part that wakes you up – help you to become aware – and “saves you from the fire.
    The fire in your dream can be a symbol of destroying the old, what was alive or lived in the past, and releasing their energy. The fire is the growing power within you consuming old forms of living.
    Fire can also represent passion; sexuality; anger; desire; burning feelings such as resentment or frustration; our desire to destroy.
    Fire can show the process of growth or change in us that radically alters our old dependencies and viewpoints. Fire completely alters much of what it touches, so can depict big changes.
    The way I understand your inner fire is that you are going through enormous changes now that you are pregnant and it would be wise to allow for these changes rather than “saving” yourself from going through the process.
    Being pregnant and giving birth in your outer life is about an important period of transition; it is about growth in your inner world too.
    Anna 🙂

-Rachel 2015-08-14 15:44:41

Last night I had a beautiful dream about having 2 babies with my boyfriend. The whole process from the very start. Being pregnant, going to the hospital and having them (at the same time but whether they were twins or not never came up) and taking them home with him and our parents and looking over them fiercely with absolute love and devotion. A boy and a girl, MacKenzie and Marcus. I remember feeling so much insane love towards my boyfriend, total bliss. Holding our little ones and catching them if they were to trip and fall. Carrying them while gazing into their beautiful eyes. I even looked into his at one point and told him that our daughter had his gorgeous eyes. All in all it was one of the happiest and most stunning, vivid dreams I’ve ever had. My cat went missing a few days ago too and she came back in the dream and interacted with my baby girl. All very positive. The funny thing is that it made me want if, it was so overwhelmingly lovely it made me want that all to happen, I want kids one day but I’ve never felt quite like that.

-Jade 2015-08-06 20:29:38

Im 34 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 a little girl I had a dream last night that I was at the airport with my father and another man I don’t no. I went to the washroom and while sitting on the toilet I felt a lot of pressure and when I looked in the toilet I saw my baby I picked her up and she was alive i could see her whole face and she was still attached to me I yelled out to my dad that I had had the baby and we needed to go to the hospital then I woke up and my baby was moving ALOT PLEASE reply back

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-08-11 12:53:29

    Dear Jade – Dreams can have many functions like expressing what is happening externally or expressing what is going on in the physical body.
    So your dream could have been caused by your unborn child moving a lot and what you mainly felt in your dream is that you were not prepared to give birth yet; it came as a total surprise and you needed your inner father’s strength and support to deal with it.
    So perhaps the dream is also a signal that you will have to take some steps now to prepare emotionally for giving birth?
    A way to do that could be to find a birth care provider you are comfortable with and to figure out what extra support you’ll need during the process. You might want to talk about your personal fears in order to bring them to light and let go of them. To ease your fears, you need to learn as much as you can about the birthing process, which can help it seem more normal and doable and less frightening.
    See also
    Anna 🙂

-Cassie 2015-08-06 16:20:41

I had a dream that I was trying to breastfeed a newborn baby girl. I was with an ex in the dream and trying to find somewhere to feed the baby. I remember looking down at her beautiful blue eyes for some strange reason. We were in a car and I couldn’t get my bra off fast enough to feed her, once I finally got my breast exposed my milk was coming out really fast. What does this mean? I miscarried almost 2 months ago and have 2 children of my own with my husband.
Please help, I’m confused.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-08-11 10:33:49

    Dear Cassie – I can see a connection between your miscarriage and the baby in your dream.
    When we face times of challenge in our life – like you and your partner losing your unborn child – we are always faced – whether it is consciously or unconsciously – with the choice; “will I be broken down and defeated, or broken up and transformed”?
    I believe that your dream shows that you chose for transformation and for giving birth to something new in your inner world.
    You wrote “I remember looking down at her beautiful blue eyes for some strange reason”.
    The way I see it is that you are looking at a very beautiful part of you; your inner feelings which reflect the loving parts of yourselves.
    This is also expressed with your breasts filled with milk, for you have so much love and care to give.
    Many dreams received are about giving birth to a baby and breast feeding it, even though there may not be a man involved. This is about caring for a new aspect of you that has come into your life.
    I feel the ex in your dream is probably an aspect of you that learned to deal with loss.
    See also
    I feel it will be helpful to enter your dream again while awake and to explore it for yourself.
    For instance what did you feel or sense when you wrote down “I remember looking down at her beautiful blue eyes for some strange reason”? What was strange about it?
    Also what feelings are part of your experience in the car when you perceived that “I couldn’t get my bra off fast enough to feed her”?
    See also
    Does that give you a start?
    Anna 🙂

-Winnie 2015-06-07 12:38:05

Hello, I’m wondering if you could help me understand this dream –

I had a baby girl, but I had no idea who the father was. I’m dating someone now, so I figured it was his, but she didn’t look like him at all. I remember I started going through this list of men I’d been with recently, but in my real life I have been faithful to my boyfriend for the last 2.5 years… I kept meeting friends and family, but I couldn’t pay attention to them because I was so preoccupied with figuring out who the father was. It got so bad that I ended up dropping the baby at one point, as well as bumping her head on things several times.

Thank you for any help you can offer me.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-08-11 9:49:22

    Dear Winnie – I feel that the answer to your burning question in your dream is expressed in this part “I had a baby girl, but I had no idea who the father was. I’m dating someone now, so I figured it was his, but she didn’t look like him at all. I remember I started going through this list of men I’d been with recently”.
    The way I see it is that you have given birth to a new part of yourself and your inner male is the father.
    Your inner male – or animus – is a synthesis of all your male contacts.
    Most people are often totally unaware of the experience they take in and how it interacts with them when we love or live with or are friends with someone. In other words the memories and experience we gather unconsciously change us and are not lost. It is part of you and can be symbolised by the baby, because it is what you have created between you and the male friends in your life.
    If you feel like exploring this new part that you gave birth to and integrate it into your being, you can use “Being the baby” or “Talking as the baby”.
    Anna 🙂

-Prakriti 2015-06-06 3:16:27

I had a dream of having a baby of my own ( In real life I am just 18 and a virgin). I had no idea who the baby’s father was and I couldn’t even remember going into labor and feeling the physical pain when you give birth to a baby, I just had the baby next to me in my arms in my dreams and I knew it was my baby and I gave birth to him. That baby brought so much warmth, happiness in my life, when holding him I felt so happy the kind of happiness and warmth which was like very strong, I felt it from within and when I woke up after the dream I could still feel the warmth of holding that baby and how beautiful having a baby was.The dream was very confusing.
In my dream I saw that I had two babies and one was my own and the other one my family told me was not mine so after that I felt sad, but I still had one baby of my own so then again I was happy. The feeling good kind of feeling that this baby brought in my life was so precious. And I named the baby boy Jillian and then my dream ended and I woke up amd it was 8:30 In the morning.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-06-06 11:26:54

    Dear Prakriti – Your IP number shows that you live in Kathmandu, which is said to have a foot in two worlds; ancient and modern.
    I will come back to that later because of what your family told you;” I had two babies and one was my own and the other one my family told me was not mine”.
    First I like you to understand that giving birth in your dream is a sign of inner growth which is natural and so it does not always need to be perceived as painful if you can allow it as you did.
    In our inner world it is often resisting inner growth which can be the cause of pain.
    As you may have read in this article about “the baby in your dream” you do not need a father to conceive a child.
    A virgin birth, when looked as if a dream is not about a biological miracle, but about how as ordinary people, we can drop our preconceptions, our fixed ideas and beliefs and allow an entirely new and creative impulse into our life.
    Many of our beliefs are unconscious. They were absorbed in childhood and often remain without any conscious evaluation.
    Because awareness can transform your beliefs I like you to explore why your family beliefs that the other baby is not yours.
    Could it have to do with the other baby being a girl and the bias of a girl having less value in Nepal?
    Young women are pressured to give birth to sons, something that Raj described as “daughter aversion.” Researchers believe part of the reason behind this cultural bias has to do with finances, since men historically earn more money than women do.
    “But tradition also says sons take care of parents,” she said. “Daughters are supposed to leave the family and become the daughter of the in-laws, no longer the daughter of the parents. Practices like that are going to affect investment in your daughters.”
    Raj also noted that improved education standards in Nepal haven’t reduced the preference for sons, nor has the younger generation rejected this cultural practice – although they likely remain heavily influenced by customs of the older generations.
    So try to imagine yourself as the baby boy and as the other baby and explore again what you feel? Is there a difference in what you feel between being the baby boy and being the other baby?
    For help doing this see and
    I searched for the meaning of the name (a girl’s name) Jillian and it means “Child of the gods” which I think is a symbol of a virgin birth too.
    In dreams giving birth to a baby boy is usually about the principle of maleness entering your life. Maleness is like the sun, it expresses most of its energy outwardly to give life and so it is the birth or emergence of a new phase of self-expression in terms of activity or achievement.
    If you have given birth to a baby girl, it is usually about the principle of femininity. Femininity is about having the power of creating life within and nurturing its growth.
    Both baby boys and baby girls are very valuable in your inner world too.
    Whatever gender the other baby has – be it a boy or a girl – it is yours and it will be helpful to
    use Power Dreaming to claim it too.
    Good Luck and let me know if anything is not clear to you yet.
    Anna 🙂

-Sistine 2015-06-05 12:52:27

In real life I’ve had dreams of holding a baby, I knew the baby was mine and I knew the gender of the baby as well, I could never fully clearly see the image of the baby. As I am holding the baby I am happy, content and comforted by the person standing in a distance who is my brother (passed away) who in the dream is initially the one holding the baby and walks to me to place the baby into my arms and in that moment I know the baby is mine. I’ve had these dreams and then in real life I end up being pregnant. I don’t bother to ask the gender of the baby because I’ve already dreamed of my baby (dream felt so real) but every time I have dreamed of holding a baby my brother was always there so I’ve come to expect to see him when I dream of holding a baby or when in real life I end up being pregnant. My last pregnancy I had no dreams of holding a baby like I did with all my other kids. Almost all of my pregnancy have taken place after a member in the family has passed (brother, dad, uncle,etc) and my kids have been born either on siblings/family members passing (brother) or on their birthdays (grandma, father, brother). Is it a bad sign that my last pregnancy there was no dream of holding a baby ? we’re those dreams of getting over grieving ?

-Irma 2015-04-24 8:55:55

Hi, i had a dream about a 3 month baby girl that was in danger and i was trying to save her by getting her through an international airport and pass her off as mine. My 2 sisters were there too helping me. All of a sudden my sisters say..stay away from him. He’s dangerous. I asked who? She said Ad, my ex who just left me after we had a big argument. I hadnt heard from him in 7 months. I see him at the airport too. I pretend like i dont know him because i have more pressing matters with the baby. My sisters get through customs. Its my turn. They are taking mugshots of everyone. The security guard says i”ll hold your baby right here next to you while you take pic. Pic is taken & when i turned to get the baby, the man is gone with the baby. Me & my sisters run after the man. We get in a cab to follow the man. My ex jumps in our cab & starts asking me how i’ve been. I say ok but im trying to save a baby. He asks whose baby is it. I think about it..then say…shes my baby. He helps chase the man & brings the baby to me. The baby girl is so happy to see me. She kisses & hugs me like im her mother. Then i wake up. I am 45 & im not married nor do i have kids. Having kids haven’t been on my plans. However i have missed my ex since he left me. I think about him everyday however i hadnt dreamt about him since he left. Im guessing this dream is something related to him but im baffled about the baby girl. Any thoughts? Thanks & sorry for the long post. It was a pretty clear detailed dream i had. Lol

-Rosemarie 2015-04-18 12:20:33

My dream is i’m in the car and this older women in her 60 to 70 walk by holding a baby in the winter this baby is freezing. Looking like. The baby going to fall i ran out the car i crab the baby i look into the baby eyes when i look up the women is far gone

    -Anna 2015-04-21 9:46:06

    Rosemarie – This baby is a symbol of a part of you which was born, but which did not manage to develop yet.
    The frozen baby symbolises that you have shut off a part of yourself in a sort of cold storage – a freezer. Something what is frozen can be thawed, and so the frozen baby depicts potential, personal assets not yet used or brought to life.
    So take this baby in your arms and hold it close, nurture it, love it and feed it with the best in you.
    Anna 🙂

-Rika 2015-04-07 16:54:32

Last night, I had a dream about a baby girl named Kirklin. I was not pregnant at any time in the dream, but I had the baby in my arms and had the feeling I had recently given birth to it. Suddenly, the baby was no longer newborn, but a toddler. Amazingly articulate and astute, forming words well and actually having conversations. Brighter than any child I’ve ever met.
Suddenly a flash and apparently, my baby is missing. She’d been kidnapped because of her qualities. There is a sort of Amber alert on the news, and I am in tears, heartbroken. It’s a kind of blur now, but I think there was something about children being kidnapped and casinos. I remember specifically saying “I only turned around for a second to pay for something, then I turned around again, and she was gone!”
Another flash, and my child is with me again, unharmed, unphased. As if none of that ever happened. The anxiety I felt wasn’t even there, either. The strange thing was that, this time, my father was there. I hadn’t spoken with or seen my father in a couple years. He seemed different, happier. We were going for a drive in the snow.

When I awoke from my dream, I couldn’t make any sense of it. It was possibly just another one of those random dreams I usually have, seeing as the details are so warped and disorienting.
But why was my child so clear? I could clearly see her face and hear her voice. And the name Kirklin? I looked it up when I woke up… It’s apparently an Old Norse or Old Germanic name for boys. And generally used as a surname, not a first name. So why specifically a first name, and for a girl?!

I don’t know how this relates to my life at all. If I had to look at recent events, the only thing that happened, just the other day, is that I had a huge fight with my boyfriend of 4 years. We’re breaking it off, but he continues to try to contact me.

I don’t feel like the dream and recent events are connected, but I don’t know. It’s so strange to have them coincide one right after the other. Maybe they’re not connected at all. Maybe I’m just crazy. Or just have a wild imagination…

    -Anna 2015-04-08 13:43:49

    Dear Rika – It needs the right approach to be able to “put all the pieces together of your dream puzzle” so that you can come to a deeper understanding.
    You wrote: “It was possibly just another one of those random dreams I usually have, seeing as the details are so warped and disorienting”.
    For a better understanding of what dreams are, I like you to read
    A dream is something that comes from a deep part of you; it is something that is working upwards toward being conscious. As such it often, like a seed, takes time to break through to the surface, and then it has to grow. So often dreams are not recognised for their full meaning until later – sometimes months or even longer. The dream images are attempts to communicate something that has probably never been thought about or even been consciously thought about, so has never been put into common conscious thinking before. It is a communication from the depths, from beyond thought, and so any interpretations that are given by thinking may completely miss the point.
    But the source of the dream, which is a process of Life, is intelligent in its own way, and will take part in any attempt to communicate. So exploring your dreams by entering into their imagery and attempting to understand them will be a two way process.
    I like to thank you for sharing what is going on in your waking life, for it makes exploring your dream easier.
    I feel the child in your dream is an expression of what you were able to give birth to in yourself and what was able to grow while you were together with your boyfriend. Relationships are a wonderful tool for inner growth. Your child being kidnapped is about the fight you had and about you feeling captured by his forceful manner of approach; “but he continues to try to contact me”.
    In order to help you deal with ending this relationship and pulling it threw, you had to use other skills and so your good memories and feelings about him – Kirklin is a symbol for these too – had to be put aside for a while.
    Kirklin means “Church” or “Dwells at the Church”. (the name is a variant of Kirk.) What do you associate with “Church”? See and
    I think your father was happy at the end of your dream, because you managed to take care of yourself.
    The dream father may depict family or social conventions along with physical strength and protectiveness; the will to be and to do, and so your outgoing energies. As such he represent your confidence as you go out the door of your home into the arena of public life.
    I hope I was able to make you feel less “warped and disorientated” about your beautiful dream.
    Anna 🙂

-Anna 2015-04-06 6:07:23

Dear Robbin – I feel you have given me your own understanding of your dream, without maybe even noticing it, for you wrote: “Please replay”.
Thank you for sharing about the miscarriage you had 4 years ago, for now I can add these two together and give you some feedback on your dream.
To replay an experience which must have had a great impact on you – both getting pregnant and losing the child again – is a helpful decision from Life or from your dream creator, for
It gives you the opportunity to digest it.
Digestion is a very important function not just for our body but also for our mind and spirit. I have seen people become very ill in mind because they have not digested their experience or what they have learnt at school or the lessons and experience of a relationship long gone. And digestion is a Life function. Life in us is often greatly overlooked and our dreams are one way of showing us how we have not surrendered our life experience to that function.
When we digest, whether it is an experience, an idea, something we have read or learned, it has to be first surrendered to the life process. We can see this in our body – it is first chewed and swallowed, then broken down into parts and the useful stuff, the building stuff, can be taken into us and the rest is passed out. The important thing is that even if it is dead or living food, it is transformed into our own living being – in other words our living understanding. If it has not been transformed through digestion it is like something dead inside us. But to be capable of such digestion we must swallow the experience and allow our unknown self to do its work, as described in Life’s Little Secrets.
Anna 🙂

-Robbin 2015-04-06 5:09:42

Two nights in a row, I’ve been dreaming that I have a baby not sure male or female, but the baby is in a stroller, and I’m getting chased and I don’t remember much after that but that they kill the baby, and leave me alive. I have no children & I am 20yrs old, back when I was 16 I had a miscarriage … Please replay

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